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The priest was nailed to a tree, the iron butchers executed with an arrow

Damage of the mill

They hissed, the equines won, however they declined to consume from the stream. The two bikers didn'' t comprehend. What makes awesome backs cool down since'they ' ve been parched after a lot galloping? Among them took a look at where the water was leaking between the two hillsides. He frowned, gazing intently at a larger shrub on the coast, after that pulled his dagger in a sluggish movement to make no sound. The securely wrapped leather band holds conveniently right into your hand. On the other hand, his partner eliminated his bow from the saddle as well as put an arrow on the nerve.|His partner removed his bow from the saddle as well as put an arrow on the nerve. After that he responded.|He nodded. The blade young man slowly, very carefully came close to a thick, brown-leaved shrub that prolonged its longer branches above the water. He tipped a few thoroughly, brushing aside his feet on the rattlesnake, after that stepped behind the bush. Then he quit.|He quit. His buddy, that covered the young boy with a bow, saw that he was eliminating the blade. So he went after him.

| He went after him.

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Behind the bush, on the ground, was a guy. His outstretched right hand went into the water. A long, cut wound on his arm bleeded into the stream. Well, that'' s what the equines really felt! His face was stubborn, light, with frightening dark circles under his eyes, his eyes shut. He used a torn, coarse-knit tee shirt, a footwear of the exact same material. Both items of garments were torn, torn as well as filthy, bloody at the shoulders as well as sides|sides as well as shoulders. He might have gotten away since there were injuries in the narrow strips on his limbs|legs as well as arms, triggered by the blackberry, the blackberry'' s tendon, in those that were carelessly relocating the woodland. There was only one leg of birch bark on one leg, lost on the other.

– – Is he to life? The bowman asked his companion.

– – I put on ' t understand, Ernye. However if he is alive, he is not extremely

– vibrant.|If he is to life, he is not extremely

– livelyVibrant – A week back! He stated to the injured guy, after that trembled his

shoulder. The ordinary guy opened his eyes, however he didn'' t seem to understand what was taking place around him. Currently one more two bikers arised from the trees, two cable equines. As soon as they saw the two moored equines as well as the motion next to the bush, they established out on their method.

– – What did you discover, Family pet?

– – A single person is lying right here

–. – What type of person?

– – I do not understand.

Sebes. On The Other Hand, Endre Forgács reached the injured.|Endre Forgács reached the injured. Then the injured moved.|The injured moved. He clinched his clenched fist as well as opened his eyes once again. She was frightened to see the weapons and after that relaxed, seeing the two-handed needlework on the grey mantle of those around her, standing for a silver double cross in a red area. He that is a king'' s guy can not be an opponent.

– – Don ' t harmed me,

– sir. – We put on ' t mind! That you are? – I'' m outrageous, sir.

– – What ' s your turn, Gyenes

–? He asked Endre. – I come from the castle individuals of Mr Mizdo ' s spouse.

– – What makes you ill?

– – Two Tatars chased me. I got back from the mill when they assaulted me.|When they assaulted me, I came house from the mill. They took my chariot, my train as well as wished to eliminate me, however they shed my impact.

“They put on'' t wish to anymore, “Endre nodded, then relied on Family pet. – They simply encountered us. We brought their equines as well as their tools. – Oh! That is a huge issue!

– – What are you, unpleasant?

– – Bringing a dead Tartar to the village!

– – Which village

?” Well,”he explained behind the lads, “there is Sárfő, the diocesan of Mizdo.” And after that Korláthfölde as well as additionally away Gerse, the land of Vasvár buddies.

“I discovered the living Tatar to be in difficulty!” The lots of dead Tatars are excellent! Well, sit down, I'' ll connect your wound! He tore an item of bed linen from his bag.

– – Where are you from?

– – I ' m Gersei. I would certainly go house if my feet can manage it.|If my feet can handle it, I would certainly go house. I have to prevent a lot, since the following valley, at the Stage whisper Springtime, has an abusive Ganszi camp.

– – That is Ganszi

–? – Who is Ganszi? Ruin the poor point! That ' s an adversary, a damn, dog-head-spoiling! Gyenes whined, after that proceeded even more comfortably. – – The head of the Tartars. You call yourself Han or Khan. Khan of Gansi. The adversary brought him right here a week back. He included a huge group. He established fire to the church, the village of Gersen, eliminated the priest as well as everybody he understood. However just a few people were discovered since we ran out right into the mountain, right into the woods.|Just a few people were discovered since we ran out right into the mountain, right into the woods. There is a Hungarian in his camp. The language that promotes us, our language, to comprehend. However he is a rogue like the Tartars!|He is a rogue like the Tartars! And even larger! An unclean filly, for certain!

– – Hungarian? Endre Forgács asked.

– – That ' s it! To shed when you feel best.|When you really feel best, to shed. Stroll like an evergreen in the temple.

– – Since what was he doing?

– – Well, it hangs, as well as it

sheds! I chuckled. On the other hand, Pető took a look around, after that stated,

“Well, Gyenes, where did you leave your wagon, your livestock?”

| Pető looked about, then stated,

“Well, Gyenes, where did you leave your wagon, your cattle?”

“At the end of the little road at the Mill in Alger,” he indicated a narrow path in between the trees that led up to the cross valley.

– – Well, allow ' s see! Pető recommended,” Is that mill then far?

– “– An arrow, possibly, from the right-hand man at the end

of the path. Endre Forgács as well as his slave went to the mill with the gradually stumbling Gyenes. The traces of Gyenes as well as the Tartars were well noticeable in the lawn that was simply increasing. As well as one more hint that misinformed the Tatars. Perhaps it was a deer. As the water filled up the taps, it was difficult to differentiate one trace from the various other. The Tatars followed this path rather than Gyenes. That'' s exactly how he escaped it

. Quickly they reached the bend. Beyond the roadway, the water of a little stream drifted down capital. Upwards, at the foot of the hill, there was a beam of light, as well as on its side a water wheel sculpted from boards was driven by the inflamed water of the brook. The miller stood at the entryway of the mill home. An ox was grazing quietly in front of your home, sometimes embracing it on its two-wheeled cable.

“God, sibling,” Gyenes stated to the miller, still had something to state, however he attacked words.

The miller stood as well as gazed|gazed as well as stood at him someplace with a vision. That he hadn'' t fallen was just stopped by a short spear extending from his breast. With a lot pressure, somebody had actually tossed her not only to eliminate the regrettable however to nail her body versus the wall of the log cabin. Endre checked out the open door. He saw 2 drab bodies in the kitchen area next to the still smoldering fire. A lady in torn clothing with cluttered hair was resting on her tummy with her throat cut, an infant in the corner, a bloody mass at her head. His foot might have been hit by an awesome against the wall. He went across Endre. Then he turned out of your home.

–|He transformed out of the home.

– – Passed away.

Both.”The miller had four kids, sir.” Are they all right here? Asked Gyenes.

– – No, right here ' s just the lady as well as a decrease|a decrease as well as the lady.

– – What occurred to the various other three?

“There was Bese, the older kid, Blossom as well as Cherry, which kid, Küsid,” Gyenes directed towards your home.

Endre went behind your home as well as came back with a darkened face.

– – Which is the larger, Blossom or Grape?

– – Blossom. She has such long brownish hair, huge laughing, eco-friendly eyes. She was little, blonde haired, as well as was constantly bitten by her mom.

– –'After that it ' s Snape. He drowned in the water unless he was suppressed.

– – Bese ' s obtained it as well! The voice of Endre Forgács spoke with your home. – – He ' s behind the table. Impaled. He tried to combat as well as captured a knife when he was killed.|When he was killed, he attempted to combat as well as caught a blade. After that just the bigger woman, Flower, is missing out on!

–|Only the larger woman, Blossom, is missing!

– – Wait, just! There ' s a stack-like cut to the shore. He should have gotten away!

2 plum trees covered the door lined with boards. The stack was a chamber cut into the coast instead of an underground pit. Gyenes had a hard time, however he unlocked. You might listen to somebody inside previously. The noises of hissing breath were strained. In the dark cave, in front of the shelves secured to the wall surface, a huge feline was bending on the floor. Her gown was a solitary pendulum that had a completely muddled, bony, thin shoulder as she tore the gown. The woman enjoyed the door open with her eyes broad open. Weeping in front of the armed figure, he wept. Gyenes extended his hand, however the little woman pulled back in fear. He had actually torn brown hair, his huge eco-friendly eyes barking with fear as well as scary. He pulled back as well as practically stayed with the wall surface.

– – Do not hesitate! We'' re great people! Appear! No one wishes to harm you!

She trembled her head, sneezing.

– – I'saw it! I ' ve seen! They stifled Cseperké right into the pond! He shrieked.

– – We saw. You were laid off. You can ' t remain right here since what will certainly occur to you!|Since what will occur to you, you can ' t remain right here! – Alone? The woman asked, however she appeared not yet familiar with what she had heard. After that he appeared of the chamber gradually, uncertainly.|He came out of the chamber slowly, uncertainly. Her legs were trembling. He saw the figures moving your home. Frightened.

– – Who are they there? He pointed to the shapes around your home.

– – Great individuals. The others will be hidden.

– – Everyone passed away? My father as well? My mom as well? My mommy simply heard her shouting. However Bese'' s obtained it!|Bese'' s obtained it! So – smart, definitely … – after that he quit as he took a look at the two – guys ' s deal with – Bese?|– smart, definitely … – then he quit as he looked at the two – guys ' s deal with – Bese? – Bese as well. He attempted to combat, I believe he safeguarded your mom, however he was killed, “Gyenes responded.

“Bese, as well,” he repeated, then, as if he might not see anything, slowly, stumbling toward the mill.

They gathered whatever that might be utilized, making little crosses from the woman'' s branches to the 5 tombs. Although he wasn'' t weeping, his cruel gestures seemed to lock him in sadness.|He wasn'' t weeping, his cruel gestures appeared to lock him in sadness. A hr later on, the little caravan headed for Gerse. Getting to the valley of the mud, they saw a number of thick columns of smoke over the trees.

– – There ' s Khan Gansi ' s camp. It will be great to prevent.

They searched the creek as well as fell|dropped as well as searched the creek into the forest below the Korláthföld. Significant oaks as well as tannins comprised the thickness of guy, as well as occasionally a couple of well-grown beech. The little, two-wheeled cart ran rather difficult, as well as had to hang a great deal of the worn out animal.

“It might have occurred to me first,” Pető stated, “you must capture the two Tartar equines!”

– – Sure,'he ' d simply have a device! – However he does! There were 2 harnesses in the miller'' s company!

Although the two Tatar equines were macarooned, the livestock might not be diverted as well as their new proprietors did not regret the whip.|The 2 Tatar equines were macarooned, the cattle might not be drawn away as well as their new proprietors did not be sorry for the whip. So they got on their method quicker now.

| They were on their method quicker now.

It was already gray when they left the woods as well as walked previous plowed parcels and after that decreased a deep course.|When they got out of the woods as well as walked previous raked parcels as well as after that went down a deep course, it was already gray. It was absolutely nothing greater than a large tramline laundry at the foot of a high hillside. At the top of capital is a little church with a burial ground around it. They saw motion behind the fencing of the cemetery, so they got hold of a tool along with their servant, Endre Pető as well as Endre Forgács, as well as came close to the wicker fence from both sides. Don'' t let some concealed Tatar struck them! Peto as well as his servant came close to noisally, clattering branches, as well as drew in the interest of those hidden in the cemetery. Obviously, they stayed very carefully among the trees to ensure that they might not be seen or targeted by arrows. On the other hand, beyond of the burial ground hill towards the village, Endre as well as his team silently reached for the fence, after that skillfully climbed up over an otherwise high bush wall.|On the other side of the burial ground hill toward the town, Endre as well as his team silently got to for the fencing, after that smartly climbed up over an or else high bush wall surface. They right away saw two numbers looking across the forest to the opposite of the fence. Next to them, a stack of branches was collected near to the chapel, as well as next to it was a flame of candle light lit in a ceramic tile dish.

Momentarily, both peers felt the mountain drop on them. However only Endre as well as his servant jumped on them, as well as on their backs, they both hit the ground.

–|Just Endre as well as his servant leapt on them, as well as on their backs, they both struck the ground.

– – Currently, talk! What were you doing right here at the cemetery?

“Sir Court has actually sent us to view the Tatar stride as well as signal when they come,” the reduced groaned, gazing sternly at the dagger'' s suggestion before his eyes. – From right here you can see the valley practically to the Tatar camp.

– – Do you understand Gersen Spider as well as Genesis?

“I put on'' t understand that Crawler, however I understand Gyenes,” the greater reacted. – – Israeli serf of Mizdo.

– – Best of luck! There is no spider named Gersen.

On the other hand, the various other two were up.

–|The various other two were up.

– – Well, what type of birds did you capture?

– – Songbirds.

– – I believed they were captive birds.

– – Ah, we would ' ve plucked them! Endre Forgács smiled.

He let go of his two hand rails.

– – Have those dog-heads ever before done this?

– – So they went! The day before yesterday. They removed all the cattle as well as equines|equines as well as livestock they discovered. With the three Bük women, they did points that couldn'' t be stated. Their dad shouted there, connected to a tree. Then they were murdered by these terrible ones.|They were murdered by these terrible ones. Yesterday we hid the whole day. All individuals of 3 homes. We had to dig nearly 2 lots pits. We burial grounds. Without a priest. It was him that was hidden initially.|It was him that was hidden. Poor Daddy Carolus! The taller looked in front of him. – – They were nailed to a tree like our Lord Christ. However that was simply hoping.|That was just praying. Then their ladies shot at him with an arrow.|Their ladies shot at him with an arrow. They stated that since people in skirts have to shoot in skirts.|Since individuals in skirts have to shoot in skirts, they stated that. He wouldn'' t be worthy of a guy. They licked him up until the blood came out of his mouth. After that they left.

| They left.

“As well as these adversary bastards chuckled.” Chuckling! Just a neck would certainly fall under my hands! Exclaimed the lower limitland people, totally distressed by remembrance.

– – Is there a Tartar in the town now?

– – No. – We ought to get over it.

– – There was an unsightly globe there as well! However you will see it anyhow.|You will see it anyhow. There was a fight at the courtyard as well as at the temple. In the long run, both were heated.

– – Do you have Gerse yet?

– – There you are! However not quite!

–|Not extremely much!

– – The alder mill was likewise robbed. The miller was killed together with his household. Just this little woman was left behind – – he nodded at the Blossom beside the

– cart. – Let ' s go! – Endre Forgács stated. They slowly came down from the Burial ground Hillside. Beside the smithy, they reached the slim, dirty road. The top of the workshop was scorched, the bellows ripped apart, as well as the anvil was in the mud in front of your home. That couldn'' t mean much great. There is no blacksmith if his hands are undamaged so as to leave his devices out, regardless of what the hell. “Perhaps the town doesn'' t have a blacksmith anymore?” Pető believed when he saw this.|When he saw this, pető believed. On getting to the narrow roadway, they saw the crows. Great deal. The golden might not be seen well, however it is presumed that they were suggesting on a remains. Endre Forgács went down an arrow in between them. They depended on this. As well as truly. The body of a guy, maybe dog-struck, was on the edge of the road. An arrow in his back showed that he had gotten to fate throughout his getaway. There were huts as well as stacked homes along the roadway. Whatever seemed to be deserted.

György Pintér: Chronicles of Hegyhát 2.

Homeland For lease Gencsapáti/ Szombathely

| – Bese ' s got it as well! – smart, certainly … – after that he stopped as he looked at the two – guys ' s deal with – Bese? – There ' s Khan Gansi ' s camp.

– Well, allow ' s see! – He ' s behind the table. – smart, definitely … – after that he quit as he looked at the 2 – guys ' s deal with – Bese? – There ' s Khan Gansi ' s camp. – Let ' s go!

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