‘The Overlook Hotel’: Mark Romanek Reflects On the Ambitious ‘Shining’ Prequel He Almost Made

Years before Mike Flanagan took us to the Overlook Hotel last year as part of Dr. Sleep, it was announced that the director of photography Mark Romanek Shining would preach for Warner Bros. This was in 2014, although apparently the project was never carried out.

At that time, the former director of The Walking Dead Glen Mazzara submitted his prequel project based on Stephen King’s original prologue to The Shining.

It’s already been reported in 2014: The film tells the story of the establishment of the Overlook Hotel through the eyes of its first owner, Bob T. Watson. As a baron of thieves in the early 20th century In the 19th century, Watson climbed the remote peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to build America’s most majestic resort, the place he and his family would call home.

So you’re wondering what happened to the Marc Romanek Overlook Hotel? This week, during an interview with Collider, the director thought of an unfinished project.

I think it’s a great script, said Romanek on the website. It was based on a prologue to a novel by Stephen King, and then that prologue was cut to length. So it’s based on Stephen King. It’s not just something somebody made up, it’s more of a story of origin… almost like Western or wilderness history, going back to the construction and desecration of Indian tombs and the building of the Hotel Overlook and its importance on the opening night.

He moved on: The problem is that it’s very expensive. It reads like a scandal or a heavenly gate or something, and I think they wanted to try Doctor Sleep to see if there was a Shining Universe that would have a financial life because of them or an artistic life with the audience. And I think Dr. Sleep is pretty good, and because our scenario is so expensive, he’s a little dead in the water right now. But you never know, it’s a funny thing. It’s a very good script. I’m proud of the script.

Romanek pointed it out: I wasn’t afraid of his attitude towards The Shining because it happened decades ago and there is little specific visual overlap. It was exactly as I thought it would be, a beautiful story based on Stephen King.

From what we discovered, Warner Bros. had high hopes that Dr. Sleep would pave the way for new chapters in the Shining saga, but the unfortunate distribution shortage may have put an end to those plans. At least for now… sleep,shelley duvall

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