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The New York Knicks are a team on the brink of the long-awaited playoffs. They haven’t made the playoffs since the 2012-2013 season, but have a real chance to do so this season, as they are currently 7th in the Eastern Conference. For Knicks fans, it’s an exciting sight.

The New York Knicks are currently in playoff position, but they can always improve their roster. The New York Knicks have a promising group of players, and one more piece could take them further into the postseason. There is one player in particular who could be a good target for the Knicks: Buddy loved the Sacramento Kings. The Knicks have been linked to top shooters like Victor Oladipo in the past. Buddy Heald is a wanted man. Here’s a possible trade package.

New York Knicks host: Buddy Heald

Sacramento Kings Reception: Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, future first round pick, future second round pick.

Sacramento Kings commit to rebuilding

There are several reasons for this trade on the Sacramento side. His team is currently 13th in the Western Conference. The goal for the Sacramento Kings is to finally win. The Sacramento Kings have not made the playoffs in 15 seasons. The Buddy Hield – De’Aaron Fox duo has failed to turn the corner in recent years, and it may be time for a change. Buddy Hield is also 28, which doesn’t really fit into Sacramento’s rebuilding schedule.

With this trade, the Sacramento Kings receive two young prospects, Frank Ntilikin and Kevin Knox. Knox is a solid forward with plenty of length and can shoot fairly well from the three-point line (40.0% from behind the arc). Frank Ntilikina is a defensive specialist whose offense comes and goes: If the Sacramento Kings can get him to play regularly offensively, he could be a great two-way player. Future choices will also contribute to their recovery: The first round pick is the main attraction here, while the second round pick is an add-on to close the deal. It seems like this package could give the Sacramento Kings a chance to win in the future.

New York Knicks add a 3-point shooter

This New York Knicks team is good: The emergence of Julius Randle was the key to their success. Julius Randle is an offensive player who plays well with protection on the floor. Buddy Held Stakes: Over his entire career, he has shot 40.6 percent beyond the arc, and 38.2 percent this season. Buddy Hield is the definition of a 3PT slugger: He is in the top three in terms of three-point attempts with 10.5 per game. Buddy Hield is an elite 3-point shooter who can bring a new dimension to any attack. Buddy Hield moves well when he doesn’t have the ball, he’s an elite player in the catch-and-shoot game. However, it can also create a perimeter if needed.

Buddy Hield may take on some of the scoring role alongside Julius Randle and RJ Barrett. It could provide the greatest distance between bridges and also have the potential to be an additional marker. His move to the New York Knicks will also benefit players like Derrick Rose, who can find an open shooter while driving to the rim. Buddy Hield would actually be a player who could give his teammates more space because he is an outside threat. If the New York Knicks are looking for an experienced player to boost the team offensively, Buddy Hield is the right choice. The New York Knicks would also give Buddy Hield a chance to develop, as they have good offensive threats that could divert attention from him. This looks like a good match for both sides: While nothing concrete has happened yet, Hield would clearly be a good fit for the New York Knicks.

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