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One of the most under-appreciated anime out there is “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!”, meaning “(The world of) exceeding happiness. ” This series is a long-running (16-episode) comedy about a girl named Tsubasa who is reincarnated into a fantasy world as a sword.

It’s been seven years since the latest film in the Dragonball Z anime franchise, the well-regarded Battle of Gods. While the series has gotten progressively worse over the years, something about the franchise remains appealing. The recent Ball Super has done a lot to bring the franchise back to its roots, but what if there was something even better that you could check out?

Hi, I’m one of the writers on this blog. We’re a group of people who come together to review the best and brightest anime of all time. If we like it, we write about it. If we don’t, we don’t. Check out our other shows (listed below) for more recommendations.. Read more about underrated animes and let us know what you think.

do love a good comedy anime. And if you’re an educated person or a mom, I’m sure you’ve seen the biggest hits like Konosuba, Saiki and the biblical version of Gintama. However, there are many hidden gems in the comedy community that you may not have noticed. Let’s take a look at some of these forgotten gems of humor that will make you laugh.

10. Senuu.

This series is very short and sweet. It takes a basic formula about the descendant of a hero going out to conquer a demon king and applies it to the letter. The show mocks this trope so much that even the intro to the show is not always coherent and is reduced to a crude skit. The characters are also very funny. And the plot is pretty exciting, although the level of absurdity is off the charts. From the pedophile knight to the manliest man in the world, the cast is truly exceptional.

9. Isekai Quartet

word-image-12501 Chibi programs are not new. Many popular television series have their own version, including Attack on Titan But I felt that Isekai Quartet was their master. It’s like a big joke between all the members of the Isekai fandom. The series features four, then five, isekai of the highest order – and much of the humor comes from the interactions between the characters and references to their respective histories. You never know how much you’d like to see Subaru and Kazuma together until you see it.

8. Girl Luck!

word-image-12502 This show starts out pretty ordinary and then takes one of the biggest turns I’ve ever seen. While swimming in the ocean, the man cramps up and begins to drown. That’s it. At that moment the mermaid appears and rescues him. Sounds like a Disney movie, doesn’t it? But then we learn that the mermaid belongs to a Yakuza family and that the protagonist must marry her or be killed on the spot. This turn of events is not predictable.

6. I do not understand what my husband is saying

word-image-12503 Since we’ve already talked about marriage, let’s introduce some integrity. This series tells the story of a very maladjusted couple, whose husband is a passionate otaku and wife is a businesswoman. At first I thought the series would be reduced to a mockery of otaku culture. But it actually has much more to offer. With great personalities in the cast and fairly ordinary situations transformed into extravagant ones, the show is full of funny material.

5. Saints☆Youth

word-image-12504 If you’ve ever wanted to find a South Park episode that was about religion without being banned by the church and then became an anime, look no further. In this show, Jesus and Buddha rest on earth and relax as roommates in Tokyo. If that doesn’t help you get involved in the show, I don’t know what will. The film has many subtle jokes that can make religious people laugh, but there are also broader comic elements for everyone to enjoy.

4. Kemono Michi : Hoisting

word-image-12505 Many anime have an iconic scene that makes me believe in the whole series. For Big Blue, this scene was as simple as opening and closing a door. And in Kemono Michi, the guy suplexes the chick who just transported him to another world. Yes, it’s isekai, but it’s nothing like what I’ve seen before. Not only is he a wrestler, but his main motivation in life is to open a pet store. There are so many twists and turns in this story.

3. Neesan Plastic

word-image-12506 So, Plastic Neesan is one of the shortest animes of all time. And it’s absolute madness from start to finish. Imagine a fun high school anime like Asobi Asobase, then remove anything that isn’t a joke and you have Plastic Neesan. Here everything is chaotic, nothing is explained, and in a way this keeps the attention. It’s also great when you’re competing with your friends. Try not to laugh. From a bra-wearing vigilante to a general in a gun hat, this series is everything I imagined it would be for drugs.

2. Be a hero

word-image-12507 Here’s another cartoon series that, to be honest, is just as weird as the last one. I think the absurdist comedy got to me. The movie Being a Hero tells the story of a handsome plumber who loves to pick up women. But then the feminist gods punish him and make him fat and ugly by dragging him through a toilet pipe. But of course, because they didn’t want to be too harsh, he now has superpowers. Even after seeing it, it’s hard to understand exactly how this series of events happened, but what the heck, we’re here to laugh.

1. Prudent Hero: Hero is too strong, but too careful

word-image-12508 I know there are a lot of series in the isekai genre here, but I have to mention Cautious Hero. It’s a real gem. It’s like KonoSuba at its best, and even has a decent plot that could bring you to tears by the end. If you haven’t guessed the plot from the title : It’s about a man who goes to another world to become a hero – but he’s extremely cautious. How careful is he? Blow up an entire village to make sure the slime monster is dead. You know, that level of caution.A lot of people don’t really understand what “anime” is and what it entails. They think it’s just some kids with blue hair and big eyes watching a show about a guy in a school uniform who has no idea how to have a relationship with a girl. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m here to tell you that anime is more than that. It’s an art form with far more depth and complexity than you’d expect. It’s got action, adventure, romance, drama, comedy, and tons of other things.. Read more about comedy anime 2019 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most underrated anime?

There’s a lot of anime out there that get great reviews and very high ratings on sites like, but that don’t get the popularity they deserve. So what makes these anime so underrated? There are a ton of anime series and it can be difficult to find the ones you really enjoy. But, what about those anime series that you really enjoy but never get enough attention? Here are a few recommendations for series you may not have heard of but are worth checking out.

What anime should I watch comedy?

Anime is an excellent way to get away from reality and find yourself in a different world. However, sometimes, you need to go out and look for that world, and the best way to do that is by watching anime. The best thing about anime is that it tells a story in a very different way from our western world. If you have limited time to watch TV shows, anime would be better than most. It is not like a regular TV show. It doesn’t end after one episode. It continues for many episodes or seasons, and that is what makes people want to watch more and more. Anime can give you what you want. You can be in a different world, and you can tell a story which is unlike ours. ~~ Anime is an art form that is generally overlooked by the average human being. Some people may not get it, or simply believe the hype. To these anime fans, there are some anime that are underrated. These anime are ones that everyone should take a look at, because they may just surprise you in their comedy.

Throwing a party where only some of the guests show up is a drag, but if you’re really lucky, some of the attendees will be people you’ve never met, people who show up just because they like you. And, if they’re people you don’t know, maybe they’ll be interested in what you have to say, or you’ll get a chance to tell them about yourself. No one thought a movie about a show that nobody had heard of would do well, but “Samurai Champloo” was born out of this idea. On the other hand, there are some anime that have one hundred percent of the fandom against them in every way imaginable. When you tell people that you like anime, they immediately assume that you have to be a hardcore fan of the genre, and that the majority of anime is bland, uninspired, and mediocre. However, there are some anime that are a lot more underrated than they are popular, and if you dig a little deeper, you will find that some of these have amongst the most hilarious anime ever made.

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