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There are so many anime characters out there that you could write a whole book just about them but it’s so hard to pick just one . Wait, that sounds like a good idea, let’s just write a whole book about the most overprotective anime characters of all time.

Most of us know that anime characters are talented at a lot of things. But, what about the things they are bad at? Well, it turns out many anime characters are very bad at being human beings. There are some characters in anime that will do anything to protect their loved ones and never backs down from a fight. Take for example the main character of “Love Live! School Idol Project”, a show about a group of girls that form a school idol group in order to inspire the younger generation. It turns out she’s not only talented in art and singing, but is also a great cook.

It seems almost every anime has some kind of protective character. Whether it be because the protagonist is a little kid, or they’re a member of a certain guild, or come from a certain family, it seems as though everyone has someone to watch out for them. Now, what does this tend to indicate? It indicates the anime audience is an incredibly overprotective bunch of people.

can make us do crazy things, that’s true for everyone.

But some people go to the point of madness and become overprotective of their loved ones.

God knows there are a lot of cute/crazy characters in the anime, but which ones are the most unusual?

Let’s meet a few of these overprotective characters and see what drives them.

15. Koro-Sensei

Anime: Murder class

Given Koro-Sensei’s background, it makes sense that he values his students more than life itself.

And it doesn’t just show up when they’re threatened or anything. In fact, his daily behavior shows how much he cares about his students.

He goes out of his way to prepare his students for everything life throws at them, even writing entire books to keep them from getting lost in a new city.

He’s one of those rare cases where he’s just adorable, but I can see how that can be too much for some people.

14. Albedo

Anime: Overlord

Albedo didn’t have much to say about it, as she was literally programmed to love Ainz with all her heart.

And let’s just say programs aren’t very nuanced when you ask them.

I have no doubt that Albedo would rather eat his own limbs than cause Ainz discomfort, and all women within a 100 meter radius are in grave danger.

She is extremely possessive and jealous, so much so that I wonder if she hasn’t strangled Ainz yet because she accidentally got so attached to him.

13. Scion

Anime: When I turned to mud

Shion is in the same category as Albedo, but I decided to rank him higher because he was possessed on his own merits, not because of the program.

Everyone in the village worships Rimura like a god. But Shion is the first in my opinion, because she’s even willing to disobey Rimuru’s orders if it means she can’t be there for them.

Thus, she 100% prefers the possibility of the mission failing to the idea of Rimuru going out alone and getting hurt – or, God forbid, falling in love with someone.

12. Mototsugu Shirahama

Anime: Kenichi! The most powerful student

Mototsugu is just adorable in his overprotection.

It’s not like he loves his son every second. But if you dare insult her boy, be prepared to taste witchcraft.

The slightest provocation can make this person draw his weapon.

And I found it hilarious and believable.

This is the kind of person you fear as a teacher, because you would never dare give your son/daughter less than a 10++.

Violence is usually not a solution, but for some reason this guy makes it work.

11. Togame

Anime: Katanagatari

This is a bit of a questionable choice when you look at the end of the series. But that’s not what we should be focusing on.

As for the danger, Togame can’t protect Shichika in any meaningful way.

He is, after all, her sword.

But when it comes to overt jealousy and possessiveness, she’s right there.

Even asking Shichika to train with a woman makes her pull her hair out at the mere thought of them getting close.

She also uses her brilliant mind to protect Shichika as best she can in a serious fight.

10. Ruijerd Supardia

Anime: Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation to unemployment

This case is a little different because love does not appear anywhere in the equation.

On the contrary, Ruyerd really wants to improve the image of his people.

This leads to him being overly cautious when it comes to accompanying our two main characters, as he is willing to kill anyone who might pose a threat.

This may seem normal, since our protagonists are children.

But you also have to consider that one of them is a sword master and the other has S-magic.

So it’s not like they really need protection.

9. Hestia

Anime: Is it wrong to hit on a girl in a dungeon?

And we’re back to the joys of love.

Hestia is pretty extreme when it comes to what she’s willing to do to protect Bella.

Even if he is an experienced warrior, she will hold him back in battle, ready to die herself because she cannot survive if he is badly injured.

The jealousy doesn’t stop there either, as she is willing to do almost anything to make sure Bell stays with her (and only her) for the rest of his life.

8. Subaru Natsuki

Anime: Re:ZERO – Starting a life in another world –

Subaru is usually very caring when it comes to the main characters, but his level of simplistic authoritarianism increases dramatically when it comes to Emilia.

This man literally had to take a beating just because someone dared to say something bad about her.

And every time she gets into trouble, he’s willing to kill himself countless times so he can finally redeem himself.

I have no doubt that if Emilia fell in love with another man one day, Subaru would either go insane or become an inveterate killer.

7. Maes Hughes

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Maes is like Eminem in anime because he will end your career if you mention his daughter.

This may seem excessive. But he pulled a gun on a group of three-year-olds, so nothing is off limits for this guy.

And while that last sentence may sound intimidating, he is the sweetest, most loving husband/father you could wish for.

It’s obvious that he loves his daughter more than anything, so it makes sense that he would also destroy anyone who might pose a threat.

6. Mikasa Ackermann

Anime: Attack on Titan.

It’s not unreasonable to say that Mikasa only lives for Eren, which the final season will even confirm to some extent.

Whatever Eren’s problems are, Mikasa will somehow get through them and save her dear childhood friend.

Others needed a whole epic to accept that they now have to kill people. and Mikasa just said they hit Eren, so that’s the only logical outcome.

Seriously, she doesn’t have a shred of peace of mind.

And her passion made her a bigger threat than a werewolf titan.

5. Kumagoru Saiki

Anime: The unfortunate life of Saiki K.

Before watching this series, I never realized how funny the words tsundere and grandpa are together.

Kumagoru is probably the biggest tsundere of all, as he constantly acts like a cold and uninterested man, but he loves his daughter and grandchildren dearly.

We even saw the scene where he took all his money and went to God knows where to give the ransom to Kusuo – even though he knew it was a joke.

But just in case it’s true, …..

And don’t get me started on the comedy of his hatred for his son-in-law. This material never gets boring.

4. Dale

Anime: If it were for my daughter, I would even defeat the Demon Lord.

Since the title of the series refers to Dale’s passion for being a father, it’s not hard to see why he’s so high on this list.

The best part is that it’s not even his biological daughter, but the problematic daughter he adopted.

And yes, he would defeat the demon lord if it meant keeping her out of danger.

Even when there’s no danger, Dale imagines threats and foils them to make sure his little angel is okay.

3. Yuno Gasai

Anime: Mirai Nikki

The Yandres characters are already a crazy bunch.

But even among them, Yuno stands out.

To call her obsessed would be an understatement, because she’s the kind of person who would be willing to kill her friend’s mother if Freud was right after all.

She would kill anyone who tried to harm Yuki or come between them, and maybe kill herself if it meant saving her lover.

It takes her a long time to relax and realize that Yuki can protect herself, and even then she feels empowered.

2. Sosuke Sagara

Anime: Total panic!

You can’t help but feel sympathy for this man.

Because war is such a big part of his life, the number of injuries on his back is ridiculous.

It made him feel overprotective, because he didn’t want to lose any more friends in this world.

He’s always quick to pull a gun or blow something up when his loved ones are in danger, and it takes a long time for him to trust a newcomer to his ranks.

But once he confides in you, you are with him for life.

1. Rev

Anime: Black Lagoon

I wanted to put Revie first, not because she is the most extreme of all these characters, but because she is the most believable.

Like Sosuke, she suffers from a violent past and severe trauma, making her fundamentally incapable of dealing with people.

In fact, she often argues with Rock in the first part of the series.

But when she realized that he didn’t want to hurt her and was only interested in her, she became very caring.

She literally beats you to death if you so much as lift a finger towards the Rock – and she does not take kindly to those who distract her.They may look tough and strong, but these are the anime characters that we as fans adore the most. These are the characters who would never leave their loved ones in their time of need, they are the ones who are always there to give them encouragement. An anime character’s sense of responsibility for others is one of the most significant aspects of their personality.. Read more about protective female anime characters and let us know what you think.

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The most insane anime character is probably the protagonist of Death Note.

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The best main character in anime is Naruto Uzumaki.

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