The Master Chief Collection –

is a lot of variety in the SPF genre.

But when it comes to SPF sci-fi titles, Halo is something we all know.

And the Master Chief Collection is great – it offers a collection of the first 6 games in one convenient package.

The changes have allowed players to enjoy these games even more by adding lots of new content and custom game features.

Here are some of the best ones you can try for the Halo MCC.

20. Fox Mod – Skip 343 intro

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If you’re like me, you open the game and want to start now.

In the age of SSDs, load times aren’t usually a problem anymore – what is irritating is when you start a game and have to go through a bunch of introductory videos that seem to take forever before you even get to the main menu.

The ShiroFox mud simplifies the process by removing it completely.

If the mod is installed, Halo works: The Master Chief Collection now skips the introduction of 343, allowing you to get into the game much faster.

19. Halo Reach – Final Audio Repair

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The MCC games are even praised for looking and sounding much better than the originals. But apparently not all games received the same attention.

Halo: Reach was a much newer game than most of the games in the collection, and didn’t get the same audio updates as the older games.

Luckily for us, the imperiousMarxist2 modder had other plans to share his own audio repair module for the game.

This Halo Reach – Ultimate Audio Overhaul mod replaces most of the game’s sounds, including weapon shots, reloads, foils and steps, all with their own custom audio files.

18. All character parameters have been released

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We all want to individualize the characters.

It’s amazing how much time you can spend looking at all of your character’s noses.

Halo may not have a wide variety of cosmetics, but it’s always nice to have extra options.

Unfortunately, many cosmetics in Halo are unlockable, which you earn as you progress through the game.

But if you want to unlock the cosmetics cabinet earlier, install this mod and unlock everything.

17. Helmet visor Application

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It’s a really original fashion idea. And if immersion is what you’re looking for – it can work very well.

Changing the helmet overlay increases immersion by making you feel like you’re wearing a helmet, like they introduced in Halo 4.

It adds overlays to make it look like you’re seeing the world through your helmet visor, and even offers a variety of designs to choose from.

Some may think it is too inconvenient, but I suggest you try it and see for yourself.

16. Halo Reach Third Person Campaign

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A change of perspective is always an interesting idea in video games, as long as it’s done well.

And Halo: Reaching out in the third person is certainly interesting.

This model is remarkably sophisticated, almost to the extent that it gives the impression that this was in fact the intended perspective for the game.

And it’s a blast, if I do say so myself.

15. Halo 2 Anniversary RTX

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The version of Halo 2 in The Master Chief Collection was already an anniversary edition, meaning you’re already getting a remastered version of the game.

While the remastering is already very nice (especially compared to the original), it remains one of the oldest games on the compilation.

If you want an even better visual experience, I recommend you try Halo 2 Anniversary RTX.

The mod is actually a ReShade preset inspired by RTX technology and uses a total of 22 effects to bring visual effects to life.

14. Not detected – Shotgun – No visual error

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In most games we encounter unique NPCs, whether they are allies who are just way cooler than the MC, or enemies who are just incredibly strong and would be fun to play.

Well, Kamaitachi96’s Hunter mod allows you to do exactly that – make hunters available for use on the Firefight Unearthed map.

While other mods do the same, this one claims to have fixed all the visual bugs when using the game as a hunter, making it a game worth downloading.

13. Guta FireFight Mod

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Guts are among the most terrifying creatures you’ll encounter in Halo.

They are huge beasts that trample the ground around them and basically destroy everything in their path.

What could be more fun than adding to it?

Guta FireFight is a modification of the Beachhead map for Firefight, where nothing can spawn but Gutas.

As the mud itself warns:

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Ghouta.

12. Halo Reach – Ultimate Forge World

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The forge has always been one of the most fun features of Halo, as it gives you a sandbox to spawn just about anything you want.

One of Forge’s biggest shortcomings was that many vehicles were not included.

Mud RejectedShotgun corrects this by stating that his desire to fly Pelicans and shoot them with the Scarab Gun never died.

Modern adds tons of campaign content to the Forge, including a Scarab cannon, rocket launcher, Pelican, Phantom, Spirit, and many other vehicles to play with.

11. Covenant Mod Series – Failed Corvette V1.0

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The Elites are among the most powerful beings in the Halo universe. And this mod lets you play in unison.

With the fallen Corvette, you embody the Convention’s last elite and battle the hordes of UN Security Council troops trying to get their hands on your ship.

As an Elite, you get access to all sorts of new skills, including a powerful mêlée attack, access to powerful Convention weapons, and even dual-purpose weapons – which is always a lot of fun.

What makes this mod even more exciting is that everything happens on a corvette that also falls from the sky.

10. destruction – large scale combat with themachine

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While Halo allows for intense combat, large-scale vehicular battles have never really been an option.

Until the disappearance is introduced.

This mod map gives players a huge open playground and access to dirigible beetles and flying long words, pelicans, ghosts, and more.

If you’re looking for epic battles on a grand scale, then this mod is for you.

9. Halo Reach Campaign with Master Chief (voice of Steve Downes)

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In Halo: Reach, you take control of Noble Six, a member of an elite unit of super soldiers.

This mode redefines the entire halo : Run a campaign where you play in the boss’ shoes.

You’ll be able to simulate Master Chief’s gameplay, as the mod includes all of Noble Six’s voices playing with Master Chief’s lines.

Even better: All of the Master Chief’s lines are spoken by Steve Downs himself, which makes them even more believable.

8. Halo 3 Sangheilos Swords

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Alternate reality mods are always interesting.

Halo 3 Swords of Sangelio presents Halo 3 as if the swords of Sangelio existed during the campaign.

In this mode you play as an elite named N’tho ‘Sraom and have Grunts, other elites and Hunters as allies during the game.

The mod introduces several new weapons that you can also play with.

7. Halo 3 ODST Fire Crew Campaign

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The story of Halo 3 ODST Fireteam takes place in another alternate universe.

The Spartan program never really existed here. Instead, Master Chief, Arbiter, Johnson and a few other Marines have become some of the best ODSTs in United Nations Space Command.

It’s an original idea. And the modder has clearly taken the time to refine some details, such as using ODST weapons instead of the usual Spartan weapons – all in all, the mod is definitely worth a try.

6. Restoring the ruby halo 3 Campaign

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If you’re looking for something not too far from vanilla, Ruby’s rebalanced Halo 3 campaign is an excellent improvement on what’s already good in the core campaign.

Ruby rebalancing mods are also available for some of the other Halo titles in the collection, and are very popular in the community for their playability.

This mod is meant to make a more fun game based on making decisions. It certainly does with all the extras like weapon customization, vehicles and AI.

5. Avalanche AI Battlefield

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Halo never allowed players to create their own large-scale battles until Halo 5, when Warzone was introduced.

But Avalanche AI Battle also gives you access to large-scale battles with the MasterChef collection.

The mod allows you to conceive almost any AI campaign unit, so you can pit beasts and jackals against each other in a match in an epic FFA.

It also works in multiplayer, which should be a lot of fun. Especially when playing with friends.

4. Halo 3 custom games (removed from 360)

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As with many online multiplayer games, game types and custom maps are always a good idea.

Halo has had some crazy moments in the past, and modern Dunrox147 has taken the time to pull out his personal Xbox 360 collection and share it with everyone.

This mod includes a long list of mod maps and game modes to work with, including Jaws, LEFT4DEAD, Paintball and Hide/Seek Town.

Don’t forget to try it on and see what you think!

3. Luxury Halo 3 Campaign Remake

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The Halo 3 campaign is not considered one of the best by most fans.

Modder Dunbass2 thought there was still hope, as his remake of Halo 3 Campaign Deluxe looks a lot better to us all.

The mod introduces a fairly long list of new content, tweaks and improvements. Look at the mod notes, but it’s almost like a new campaign.

It was only released in 2021 and more updates have already been promised for the near future, making it a great mod to keep an eye on.

2. Elite Campaign

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Many fans consider Halo: to be one of the best Halo campaigns in the series. Improving it will therefore be a fairly important task.

KableInstinct took on the challenge, and this mod will not disappoint.

The campaign has been rearranged, you don’t take control of Noble Six, but play the game as an elite.

Many changes have also been made to the gameplay of the campaign, making Halo completely unique: Perform the experiment. If you like this title, you should definitely check it out.

1. Evolution of the halo range

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While the Elite campaign is a great alternative to Halo: It’s still a long way from the original.

Halo: Reach Evolved tries to stay as close to the original as possible, except for the best part.

Much better.

The mod, of course, adds a long list of tweaks, mostly focused on achieving a much more specific goal for each weapon in the game.

In addition to weapons, the mod also affects vehicles, characters and collisions.

Simply put: Halo Reach Evolved is the best campaign for Halo: Hold out your hand. A must for the main collection.

frequently asked questions

What is in the Chef’s collection?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a collection of Halo games released on the 11th. November 2014 for $39.99 on Xbox One. The compilation includes Halo : Anniversary of the Battle of the Commonwealth, Halo 2: Jubilee, Halo 3, Halo 4, and all their original multiplayer modes.

Why isn’t the Halo 5 part of the Mastermind collection?

What’s not to like? Well, unfortunately, it’s Halo 5. Apparently 343 Industries didn’t bother bringing the 2015 Halo game to PC. After confirming that Halo 4 will get a demo for Halo Insiders, the latest blog update also confirmed that this will be the last game to be added to the Master Chief collection.

Is the MasterChef collection worth it?

Yeah, it’s worth it. MCC is a collection of 6 games Halo, Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST, Halo : Reach, and Halo 4. … This version of MCC is also available for $40 (including ODST this time). And on PC you only pay $10 for the game if you don’t want them all.

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