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The Masked Singer: Best Guesses About Who’s In the Costumes

The Masked Singer: Best Guesses About Who's In the Costumes
[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Masked Singer.]

Just five if-you-say-so-lebrities stay on The Masked Singer, the reality competition that made TV history by being the first of its type to be each weirder and extra satisfying than the real-life information cycle. With LaToya Jackson, Ricki Lake, Tori Spelling, Margaret Cho, Terry Bradshaw, Antonio Brown and Tommy Chong all sent back to their pre-existing ranges of recognizability, The Masked Singer nonetheless has Rabbit, Peacock, Lion, Monster and Bee placing on these beautiful getups every week to stump the viewing public in the solely TV-related puzzle virtually as as gripping as no matter the hell is occurring with Jussie Smollett. Who might be behind the masks? Let’s dive in.


The Masked SingerThe Masked SingerPhoto: Fox

The hints: Rabbit has stated he’s been on stage rather a lot but was never alone, and when judges straight-up asked him if he was in a boy band, Rabbit stated he’s in a band — a not-at-all delicate dodge that just about confirms he’s a boy bander. Rabbit has made a number of references to ‘N Sync, and lately admitted that he has 17 tattoos, which looks like a merciless thing to do to a rabbit, however OK.

Best guesses: Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Donnie Wahlberg.

Worst guesses: Justin Timberlake. Justin’s voice is instantly recognizable, his clean moves are unmistakable and, based mostly on the the caliber of talent revealed to date, it’s protected to guess Justin didn’t make himself obtainable for this if asked.

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It is in all probability: Joey Fatone. Rabbit’s nods to ‘N Sync make it sure he is certainly one of the once spikey-haired musicians. Rabbit’s admission that “he loves to sink his teeth into a big, fat Italian ice” needs to be a tip to his position in the My Massive Fats Greek Wedding ceremony films and his Italian roots.


The Masked Singer,The Masked Singer,Photograph: Fox

The hints: Like Rabbit, Lion has teased that she’s been henceforth recognized in relation to others more so than for her solo work, however versus being in a gaggle, she’s teased that she’s Hollywood nobility and there are lots of ladies in her delight. Lion is one in every of the greatest singers in the bunch, with a full-throttle voice, but her revelation that she’s displaying her true self for the first time suggests she’s not knowledgeable, full-time belter.

Best guesses: A member of Fifth Harmony, Michelle Williams or Kelly Rowland of Future’s Youngster.

Worst guesses: Woman Gaga. Come on now, be critical.

It is in all probability: Rumer Willis. As the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she’s absolutely a Hollywood O.G., and since she has 4 sisters, that makes her remark about the ladies in her sphere resonant. As well, she’s a Leo, has (or at the least used to have) a lion tattoo, and she or he’s been on Empire, where she hung around with the Lyon delight. Case closed.


The Masked Singer, with Nick CannonThe Masked Singer, with Nick Cannon

The hints: A soulful singer from the South, Monster has stated he was as soon as at the prime of his recreation and the recreation turned on him — a positive signal that is someone who’s been off the A-list for a minute. He’s made a couple of allusions to sharing his “true” voice with the world, and thrown in some references to maybe being an athlete — perhaps a golfer or a boxer — particularly when he stated he was going to return out swinging.

Best guesses: Gucci Mane and Lil Jon.

Worst guesses: Mike Tyson, Tommy Davidson and Diddy. Monster can truly sing, which guidelines out Mike Tyson’s distinctive pitch and Tommy Davidson’s nasally whine too. Diddy is a non-starter since he is not solely from New York, however would never voluntarily rob the world of a chance to see his face.

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It’s in all probability: T-Pain, the singer-rapper who rose to great heights in the early aughts however has fallen out of favor in the rap and R&B world. He is from Tallahassee, and his onetime reliance on Auto-Tune as part of his schtick provides his notice about displaying his actual voice context. No one’s actually heard him sing some other approach, Monster appears to be saying, even if his voice is unmistakable. Additionally, T-Ache was famously concerned in a reasonably dangerous accident in a golf cart once, so he very properly might be the golf aficionado nobody knew.


The Masked SingerThe Masked SingerPhoto: Fox

The hints: She’s obtained 10 Grammys, collected throughout her lengthy profession she stated goes again to the 1950s. In her phase where she had to convey out an merchandise to tease her id, she confirmed bakeware.

Best guesses: Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Patti LaBelle have been floated — all of them affordable stabs.

Worst guesses: It isn’t Diana Ross as Robin Thicke as soon as stated. Diana’s hair will not even slot in that costume not to mention her massive diva aura.

It’s in all probability: Gladys Knight. She not solely has a mixed 10 Grammys — seven as a solo artist and three extra with the Pips — however she is the solely different singer alive who might sound nearly as good as Bee does that’s been round since the 1950s and is understood for cooking. (Although closed, Gladys Knight’s Hen & Waffles was once an institution in Atlanta.) Whereas Patti LaBelle additionally sounds good and cooks, her unmatched voice sounds a lot totally different than Knight’s.


The Masked SingerThe Masked SingerPhoto: Fox

The hints: He says he is been in the recreation a minute, making his stage debut at age 5. He’s been seen enjoying with a deck of cards, twirling the inside his cape to disclose a rainbow-colored flag and enjoying piano, so he’s completely a showman. Considered one of his largest clues up to now was his admission that it’s in all probability been a while since “your mom had posters of me on her bedroom wall” — a breadcrumb heightened by the admission that he’s executed a magic act in the previous.

Best guesses: Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and Donny Osmond.

Worst guesses: Elton John, who’s loading a gun filled with sequins to shoot at those that recommend he’d do that.

It’s in all probability: Donny Osmond. A toddler star, pianist and one-time winner of Dancing with the Stars, Osmond is the preeminent showman on the reality circuit, and Peacock’s nice strikes on the flooring square up with the performer’s wide-ranging skills.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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