The Man in the High Castle: Surprising Trailer of the Tv Series Where the Nazis Won the World War!

What if the Nazis had won the war? A version of the story that will come to life in a series produced by Amazon. Since the success of Transparent , which was awarded at the Golden Globes Amazon Studios hasn’t stopped!


What if the NAZIS and the Japanese had won the war?

The pilot of this new series called The Man in The High Castle is really promising, but we let you judge :

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To accompany this new production, Amazon has surrounded itself with a great team including Ridley Scott as executive producer.

This series starts on a good basis since it is inspired by the cult novel of the same name (in French: Le Maître du haut château) written by a master of the genre, Philip K. Dick Connoisseurs will recognize the man behind many film successes such as Total Recall or Blade Runner…

Here is the summary of the series:

It’s uchronic, quite startling. For it was the Germans and the Japanese who won the war. The winners shared the world, the West Coast of the United States is under Japanese sovereignty, and life goes on. … But one little book causes a stir: it “deals with an alternative present. Like many science fiction novels,” and claims that it was the Allies who won the war.

What if it’s true? If what some people sometimes sensed – “We live in a psychotic world” – was correct, what nightmare, what delirium creates this impossibility of access to reality? Dick, and this is the most beautiful, does not propose a solution: he is content to sow confusion.

For the time being this series will only be available in early 2016 for Amazon Prime subscribers. No Release Date in France has been indicated but in our opinion it will be quickly available on the other download networks!

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