This is one of the most awaited series of the moment, but also one of the most expensive: The Lord of the Rings should begin shooting next month.

And concerning the release of the first episode on the Amazon Prime Video platform, it could be on a particularly symbolic date: mid-December 2021.


Amazon could thus broadcast the first episode of the series on the anniversary of the original trilogy launched in 2001 with The Community of the Ring directed by Peter Jackson, 20 years ago.

A birthday that doesn’t really make us any younger, especially as the saga has evolved by focusing on the adventures of the Bilbo with a new trilogy.

The Peter Jackson trilogy won 17 Oscars and recorded over $3 billion in revenues from the first three films.

The series produced by Amazon will be filmed in New Zealand starting next February, two seasons have already been confirmed out of the 5 planned in total. The story will take place in Middle-earth but it will be a prequel to the original trilogy. The series should be an opportunity to learn more about the creation of the rings of power and the emergence of Sauron.

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