Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time. With countless classic moments, clutch shots and breathtaking pasta – all with his tongue in his mouth – Jordan captivated the world of basketball and dominated the Chicago Bulls for a decade, consolidating his legacy as the greatest of all.

Many would pay tribute to Michael Jordan for the six NBA Championships in Chicago in the 1990s. But even Son Air couldn’t reach the top alone. In fact, he failed again and again in the late 80’s before finally winning his first ring in 1991.

The GOAT certainly needed the support of excellent teammates, even stars and asterisks, to reach the top of the mountain. Here are Michael Jordan’s top 10 teammates from his incredible NBA career.

10. John Paxson

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time


When I look at John Paxson’s numbers, I wonder why he’s on that list. But if he’d gone to jordan himself, he would have taken paxson without hesitation.

Paxson really wasn’t a star, and he didn’t put up any numbers that jumped out of the newspaper. In fact, his statistics were very boring at best. But a six meter long defender played his role as well as possible and, together with Jordan, gave the bulls a reliable shooter. More importantly, he stood firm, even when it mattered most.

Paxson is actually Steve Kerr of the top trio in Chicago. Like Kerr, Paxson dropped a clutch bull in 1993 to secure his first three-stage race.

9. Bill for car makers

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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Bill Cartwright, already in his thirties, joined the Bulls in the 1989-90 season. Despite the fact that he was already in the prime of his life, a man with a clumsy eye for jumping gave Chicago a much-needed veteran presence.

Cartwright started every match in the three seasons in which the bulls won their first triple match. Despite the fact that his minutes decrease with age, the great veteran ensured a stable presence of the bulls inside.

8. Ron Harper

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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Ron Harper played just over three seasons with Jordan from 1995 to 1998. At that time the 1.80m defender was no longer in his top and he was no longer the 20 point scorer he had been in the first seven years of his career. Yet the five-time NBA champion, as a starting partner in the backyard, became one of the main sponsors of the second Chicago Triathlon.

With an average of just 7.7 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2.7 assists in almost 25 minutes before the game in the 1995-96 – 1997-98 seasons, Harper’s figures obviously did not jump off the map. However, as a role-player in a team with intense attacking skills, Harper has also made other contributions through his versatility, long defensive time and great basketball intelligence.

7. Lukas Longley

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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Longley served as a launch pad in Chicago for his second trio. No wonder Longley spent most of his career next to Jordan without any problems.

In the 1997-98 season, the Australian center averaged 11.4 points and 5.9 rebounds in just over 29 minutes. Although the Aussie was more effective near the basket, it also had stable jumping power over a medium distance. In addition, the 2 meter long chassis gave them a very attractive appearance to the interior and a high level of rim protection.

6. Steve Kerr

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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Steve Kerr was deputy playmaker for the Chicago champions from 1996 to 1998. Kerr certainly benefited from playing with MJ, because he was probably the best he ever played with bulls. In three seasons with Michael Jordan, Kerr averaged 8.1 points and scored a crazy 50.4% out of court and an absurd 47.8% over three seasons.

Most of them will cling to the defender in the 6th minute in the 1.80m clutch jump. 1997 last match against Utah Jazz. Before he won the race, Kerr Jordan said during his sternum that he would be ready to shoot if the 5x MVP 5x Jazz Doubles team would shoot. The doubles team arrived and with all confidence in the world Kerr pulled the trigger and eventually finished fifth. NBA title in Chicago in seven seasons.

5. B.J. Armstrong

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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BJ Armstrong played almost five seasons with Michael Jordan. Originally, Armstrong didn’t sit on the bench for the first three years of his career, but in the 1992-93 season, which marked the end of the first three bullfights, he eventually became the first quarterback of Chicago.

Despite the fact that there was nothing noticeable in his game, he still made a contribution as a sports bullfighter. Armstrong was an effective attacker and a confident long-range shooter. The important thing is he had M.J. take the bullet. After the sudden stoppage of Jordan’s game, Armstrong made the jump to the All Stars team for the next season in 1993-94.

4. Tony Cook

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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Tony Cook was Chicago 6 in the second third. The Croatian attacker has flourished in the second division. He even won the title of sixth man of the year in the historic Bykow season 1995-96, in which he averaged 13.1 points, 4.0 rebounds and 3.5 assists.

Although the Kukoch was 1.5 m high and 10 m wide, it had a horseshoe handle that matched its size. Also his ability to create and play for himself like others relieved the pressure on him when he left the field. His versatility as a sleek, athletic and capable little vanguard certainly gave Phil Jackson many opportunities to ski. Lefty reminds you of Lamar Odom when he was in the Lakers, doesn’t he?

3. Subsidy Horace

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

Horace Grant was one of Chicago’s key players, with his first game on three. Grant, produced by Bulls in 1987, played with Jordan for six seasons. During his second election campaign, the 10 of 1.80 m. Man is the starting force and has succeeded with Jordan.

The subsidy provided the bulls with a total head start, which gave them a solid inner life. Between 1988 and 1993 the average was 13.1 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 1.2 interceptions and 1.1 blocks, with 53.4 percent of shots fired outside the borders. Like Armstrong, Grant made the All-Star team once in his career, but that happened after M.J. started playing baseball.

2. Dennis Rodman

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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Dennis Rodman only played for three seasons with Michael Jordan. However, there is no doubt that, given its importance for the Bulls in their second trio, it belongs here.

Originally Rodman was a fierce rival of Jordan in the late 80s with the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons. Rodman’s main task is to keep the bull’s superstar and he gave Jordan everything he could in their grueling playoff matches.

When Rodman arrived in Chicago, they put their past behind them and immediately flourished as teammates on the field. The double defender of the year is purely professional, and his enthusiasm and turnout among the elite was certainly the main reason Michael Jordan won three more championships.

1. Scotty Pippen

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

Seriously, who else could have been at the top of the list?

Scotty Pippen is undoubtedly Jordan’s best teammate. Of all the people on this list, the only permanent resident of all Michael Jordan’s champion teams is a 6-foot, 7-mm star from Arkansas. Although most of the six Chicago titles are awarded throughout Jordan, many would have noticed that none of these championships would have taken place without Scotty Pippen.

Pippen was the perfect runner for Jordan. The highest of all defenders, the seven-fold All-Star, has always defended the opponent’s top scorer. In the same way, his versatility in attack and his ability to handle the ball and get in shape also helped to take some of the pressure off Jordan’s shoulders.

The Legend’s Ten Best Teammates of All Time

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