The Legend of Vox Machina: Who Is Vox Machina?

Vox Machina, a team of five players in the online game Dungeons & Dragons continues to be one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. With over 700 episodes and eight seasons under their belt, Vox Machina have become an internet celebrity. But who are these characters? What’s it like being them? Let’s take a look at some facts about this group of adventurers!
1) How They Met: Vex was running low on health when he heard “Help me!” He found Keyleth calling for help from behind him. She had been attacked by an ogre while she was trying to find flowers in order to heal everyone else with her transmutation spell
2) Their Goal: To live peacefully without fear or prejudice- something which they will never achieve as long as they’re playing D&D
3) How Many Seasons Are There?: Eight

Vox Machina is a game that was released on the PC in 2015. The game has been ported to the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch Vox Machina tells the story of five heroes who must band together to defeat an evil overlord.

The heroes of The Legend of Vox Machina are a bunch of misfits, and has a full breakdown everything you need to know to jump into the new series. Later this month, Prime Video will launch The Legend of Vox Machina, an adult animated series based on the first Dungeons & Dragons campaign of Critical Role. Many viewers of Critical Role are likely familiar with the bumbling heroes of Vox Machina, as the show launched with the characters back in 2018. The Legend of Vox Machina leans into this familiarity a bit, with the core cast of heroes having already come together before the events of the show takes place. While most of the cast receives a bit of backstory during the early episodes, a lot of the details are left unsaid. 

Keep in mind that you may watch the program without understanding anything about Critical Role or Vox Machina and still enjoy it. If you’re not a Critter (the self-descriptive word for Critical Role fans) but want to know who the main characters were before the series began, you may find our short explanation helpful. 


vax.jpg(Amazon Studios photo)

Vax’ildan (or Vax, as he’s affectionately called) is a half-elf rogue played by Liam O’Brien. Vax is a broody loner who prioritizes looking after himself and his twin sister Vex. Despite his reclusive demeanor, Vax has a decent heart and is willing to put himself in harm’s way for his friends.

Vax is a skilled thief that wields a slew of daggers on his person. Because of Vax’s unusual expertise and lockpicking ability, he often sneaks ahead or goes on covert missions, putting him in perilous circumstances. Vax doesn’t have any magical abilities when The Legend of Vox Machina begins, but he does have a few useful magic objects, including a pair of gloves that force any knife he throws to return to his hands and a belt that changes into a snake.



vex.jpg(Amazon Studios photo)

Laura Bailey’s half-elven ranger Vex’ahlia, or Vex as she’s known, is voiced by Vex’ahlia. When it comes to diplomacy or negotiating, Vex is one of the main “faces” of Vox Machina. She never pays full price for anything and has no qualms about her brother Vax snatching whatever she desires.

Vex is not just a skilled bow hunter, but she also has some minor magical talents that aid in the enhancement of her arrows. Vex’s most well-known “weapon” is arguably Trinket, her pet bear who she’s owned since he was a little cub. Vex has a primitive relationship with Trinket, allowing her to give him instructions that the bear would follow without question.



grog.jpg(Amazon Studios photo)

Travis Willingham plays Grog, the goliath barbarian. Grog is Vox Machina’s main muscle, wielding a large fighting axe and the ability to enter a “rage” condition that dulls the agony he may experience from injuries. Grog is a simple guy who enjoys fighting and drinking, and he often serves as comedic relief when he isn’t slicing his opponents in two. Grog’s favored fighting technique is to rush in and murder everyone, which might be a problem when the rest of the team favors a…more nuanced approach.

Grog has an especially tight relationship with Trickfoot Pike, the party’s cleric. When Grog was kicked out of his herd, Pike and her grandpa rescued him and nursed him back to health. Although Pike enthusiastically joins in Grog’s regular drinking binges, the two have a sibling-like connection, with Pike serving as a voice of reason.


Trickfoot Pike

pike.jpg(Amazon Studios photo)

Trickfoot Pike is the gnome cleric voiced by Ashley Johson. Pike serves as the primary healer and protector of Vox Machina and draws her magic through a sacred connection to the Everlight, a goddess of redemption and healing. Pike uses those abilities to heal and to cast magical shields that can block attacks. However, Pike can also summon a mace made of light that allows her to stay on the front lines to help her friends. Prior to the events of The Legend of Vox Machina, Pike was killed in battle by a demon. While the rest of Vox Machina managed to get her to a priest that resurrected her, her hair changed from black to white as a result of the death and subsequent resurrection.


Shortstop Scanlan

scanlan.jpg(Amazon Studios photo)

Shortstop Scanlan is a gnome bard played by Sam Riegel. Bawdy and lecherous, Scanlan is perhaps the most unhinged member of Vox Machina. He largely conforms to the stereotypes of bards, as he’s always looking for his next fling and always ready with a song for any occasion.

Scanlan is the most versatile of Vox Machina’s spellcasters, with a broad range of abilities that he employs to confuse opponents and aid his friends. Scanlan can project a large hand that can interact with (or crush) items, or he can construct sophisticated life-like illusions. Scanlan concentrates his abilities by using music, either via his voice or his faithful instrument.


Rolo, Percival

percy.jpg(Amazon Studios photo)

Rolo, Percival, or Percy, is a human gunslinger voiced by Taliesin Jaffe. Percy comes from a noble family who died under mysterious circumstances prior to him joining Vox Machina. As such, Percy is a bit more refined than the rest of the party and often finds himself at odds with the constant lechery and drunken state of his counterparts.

Percy is the most ordinary of the bunch in terms of ability. Except for his wit and intellect, Percy has no special abilities. He’s a skilled inventor who created “The List,” a specialized pepperbox pistol. His firearms have a habit of jamming at odd moments, but when they do, they may cripple an opponent.



keyleth.jpg(Amazon Studios photo)

Marisha Ray plays Keyleth, a half-elf druid. Keyleth is the most innocent and naïve of the Vox Machina members, having grown up in a protected environment before meeting Vox Machina. She belongs to the Ashari, a group of individuals tasked with protecting four elemental gateways scattered around the globe. Keyleth only left the Ashari on her Aramante, a ritual journey to see whether she was worthy of leading her Air Ashari clan.

Keyleth, being a druid, has a natural affinity for nature and can induce vines and plants to grow quickly. She also has a variety of magical powers, including the ability to wild shape, which enables her to temporarily turn into an animal. Keyleth’s favorite form is that of a sabretooth tiger, which provides her with an added set of attacking powers that contrasts with her normally shy attitude.


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