The Iron Throne as the Author Imagines It to Be

Through his official blog, George R.R Martin unveils the pictorial version of the Iron Throne as he imagined it. And this one turns out to be quite different from the show.

Game of Thrones is the series of the moment. Exploding all the audience and piracy records (this is the most pirated series in history), it features the conflict between 7 kingdoms to take back the crown and sit on the Iron Throne. But originally it was a series of books (still in progress) written by George R. R. Martin. Although fans of the series have become accustomed to the visuals presented in the television adaptation, the author didn’t really imagine it like that and let it be known.

Through his official blog, the writer presents his version of the Iron Throne as he imagined it with the help of the illustrations of Marc Simonetti. More imposing, more asymmetrical, it is composed of many more swords (thousands if one refers to the books). Of course this version will remain in the author’s imagination, it is difficult to see the series suddenly change throne. In any case, this version is inevitably different because everyone has their own vision of things when the imagination is solicited. For fans of the series, season 4 is currently being prepared and is expected to hit American screens in 2014. Patience!

The Iron Throne according to George RR Martin

The Iron Throne Series




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