Patient engagement is fast becoming the buzzword in healthcare. When you consider the immense benefits it accrues for both patients and healthcare providers, it is not hard to figure out why. Like most concepts in modern healthcare, patient engagement is also fuelled by technology. One such technique is the electronic health records software. Read on to see how this software is revolutionizing patient engagement.

Enables Patient Satisfaction

Patients today want to interact more with their healthcare provider. They want to learn about their lab results without having to show up physically at your practice. They want to be updated about their health via digital channels. In short, they want to be engaged in their health on a digital level rather than on the traditional personal level. Electronic health records software makes all this possible via the patient portal.

On the one hand, the portal enables physicians to send reminders on hospital appointments and follow-up care as well as educational resources to their patients. On the other hand, it allows patients to submit questions and requests, schedule, and even change appointments. In a nutshell, it enables them to be actively engaged in their care at the touch of a button, hence facilitating patient satisfaction.

Promotes Transparency Between Doctors and Patients

In the past, patients had no say in their treatment. They would visit their physician, get tested, and afterward, would be slapped with whatever treatment the physician felt was best.

However, the empowered patient wants to be more involved in their care. They want to know what exactly they have been diagnosed with and the treatment options available. They also want to know what criteria the healthcare provider used to select the recommended treatment option. Thanks to EHR software, this is now a reality.

Since the medical records are stored online, patients can see their diagnosis, review the treatment options provided, and choose one they feel suits them the best. They can also review resources offering more input about their diagnosis and have honest interactions with the physician. It leads to better outcomes, strengthens the patient-provider relationship, and promotes overall patient retention.

EHR Software Facilitates Premium Quality Personalized Care

Modern patients expect you as the healthcare provider to not only understand their individual wants and needs but also to deliver services that meet and exceed their expectations. The only way you can do this is if you have enough data on the patient. Luckily, with electronic health records software, data is no longer a problem.

The software collects, analyzes, and organizes patient data based on clinical data, behavioral patterns, psychographics, demographics, and a slew of other categories. It makes delivering high-quality patient-centered services a walk in the park as you already have all the information you need on the patient at your fingertips.

Promotes Patient Safety

Not only do electronic health records software store medical records, but they also make it easy for physicians to keep track of all the patient’s clinical history. It means that crucial medical information is easily accessible. How does this promote patient safety? Well, by having access to the patient’s medical history, new doctors can know what to and what not to prescribe to the patient. If the patient is in a critical condition, they can check out their medical history and make life-saving decisions.

Patient engagement is the key to growing your practice in the era of the empowered patient. You can enhance it by deploying high-performance electronic health records software.

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