The Heart Has Its Reasons

What is this? Le coeur a ses raisons, it’s a Quebec series that started in 2005; for the moment there are two seasons of 13 episodes of 20 minutes each (the third one is in preparation)!  

What’s it about? It’s a parody of soap operas (like the fires of love, love, glory and beauty and other nonsense in the genre) and it takes up all the themes: family stories, betrayals, love, hidden children, plots … Oh, this is serious business! No! It’s totally LOUFOQUE (some will say stupid… it can be sometimes too ;-)), there’s never any seriousness, it goes into absolutely wonderful and enjoyable deliriums, and I think I’ve never laughed so much in my life (I even almost died watching episode 6 of season 1 because it didn’t stop!


 Well, there are two reasons why I wanted to talk to you about this excellent series: the first is that I want to make it known since there is a question of rehabilitating it in France (I wonder why, given the quality of the original series … without any accent in addition, so quite understandable!) in addition the DVDs exist but impossible to find); and the second reason is that you have the possibility to watch the episodes on the net (in all legality) since they are hosted on an online video site and I’m going to give you the link on the spot: (to be watched in order of preference (because there is a real story anyway ;-))))

 Meet Brett, Brad, Criquette, Ashley, Ridge, Crystale, Madge, Lewis and many more! Well, I wish you all a good viewing; split your pear well, and if you feel like it, come and talk about it on this topic (lines, impression etc…)!!!! here you go!!! To the bientoche!

 P.S. You also have the right to find it all rotten (but in this case, we’re not going to get along !!!)

————— That’s like trying to use a croissant as a fucking dildo. It doesn’t do the job, and it makes a fucking mess! She jingles when she walks!

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