The Hairy Bikers’ Dave Myers gives you his best binge-watching tips

Episode What I'm Drunk

Dave Myers tells us about his best relaxing TV shows (borrowed from Greg Paproki).

Welcome to What I Binge, a daily and deep immersion in what the stars are watching on TV. So we have some ideas to observe during the self-isolation of coronaviruses.

After a busy week of grilling like Scarlett Moffatt, Emily Attack and Alison Hammond, we start the weekend with Dave Myers of Hairy Bikers – who likes to spend time at home, even though it can get a bit boring.

My comments about self-isolation are an attempt to take advantage of it, Dave said in an interview with If you are at home with time and you are not sick, try to make the best of it and believe that you are lucky.

For me, I cook and plan every day, more and more ingenious with what’s in the pantry, he added. I tell myself that I only have to check the news twice a day because it’s really intrusive and counterproductive. Keep an eye on the box.

These are the programs he recommends.

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER: Simon King and David Myers aka Hair Bikers on BBC at 1. September 2015 in London, England. (Photo by SAV/GC Images)

That’s what the Hairy Bikers are finding out now… (Photo by SAV/GC Images)

What are you looking at now?

I’m looking at the blind woodpecker. I started about a month ago, and now I come to the end of episode five.

I feel like this is coming to an end, and I’m sad. As far as I know there are two episodes left to shoot, although the shooting of the sixth episode has been delayed because of the coronavirus.

I’m thinking about getting a haircut like Tommy Shelby… …but my wife thinks I look like an idiot.

TV program: Peaky Blinders IV – TX: n.a. – Delivery: n.a. (# n.a.) – Images : Thomas Shelby (Killian Murphy)… Karin Mandabah Productions Ltd. 2017 – Photographer : Robert Wieglaski

Look again, you know what you want. (Photo: BBC)

What show do you always come back to?

My failed and safe show. – Come with me for lunch. – I love him and hate him just as much.

I often learn Hairy Bikers’ recipes, and then I see how people make a dish out of it.

It’s like watching a fascinating car accident when you realize that the candidates in the last episode are hungover, tired of it and hate them both.

What was the last show you saw during a session?

It was World War II: In color. I was born and raised in the late fifties, and my parents talked a lot about the war.

Seeing a newsreel come to life in colour seems much more convincing than a grainy black and white. People become as real as the rest of us, and we can learn a lot from them.

Portrait of actors (from left to right) Nicholas Lindhurst, David Jason and Lennard Pierce on the set of the BBC comedy Only fools and horses, c. 1983. (Photo by Don Smith/Radio Times/Getty Pictures)

Nothing beats the classic comedy Nur Narren und Pferde (Photo: Getty).

What was the last show that made you cry and laugh?

Only madmen and horses were an episode of the Pekham spring water. I have a well in my house and my own well. I call my water the Peckham spring!

But I’m in Kent. I liked to watch the inevitable chaos. It’s an endless comedy.

What was the last show that made you cry?

The last program that made me cry was the documentary film Auschwitz.

It was hard to watch, but I felt I had to watch to realize what was going on.

I went on tour a few years ago in Treblinka, a combat camp in Poland, and I was very impressed. We must never forget that and we must never calm down.

Colour photographs of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Look, look, look, look, look, look. SWNS Copy of SWOCauschwitz : This revolutionary new documentary presents new and colourful archives and moving testimonies of survivors of the AUSCHWITZ concentration camp. Two-part documentary film about Auschwitz not told: In Flower, the award-winning 76-year-old Sir Ben Kingsley will tell the story. For the first time, spectators will witness the black and white colouring of archive material that breathes new life into the unprecedented horrors of the Second World War prison camp.

The story of Auschwitz made Dave cry (Photo: SWNS).

You have a show you didn’t expect her to fall in love with?

I thought I hated the Benidorm show, but I didn’t – I got addicted and loved the show.

We used to have a family party every time there was a show. Writing is magic, characterization and fiction.

I don’t understand why it’s over. The audience was excellent and the number of fans was large.


Benidorm was a popular surprise for Dave (Photo: ITV/REX).

What show do you think people should watch now?

I think more people should watch all the reruns of the Hairy Bikers show taking place right now!

For C. and I, it’s like receiving our memories and a photo album to show the nation.

Some of the old exhibits are 15 years old. I look at it and I think: God, the food looks good, but I don’t remember cooking it!

Happy fruit, Dave (Photo: Channel 4).

What show are you gonna watch, but you didn’t get that far?

I wanted to see the fairy tale of the virgin. He got great reviews and he’s on the list.

There’s something wrong with me… …but one day I’m gonna look into it.

More information on this subject: That I’m walking around

What’s the best tip you ever got?

My wife made me watch Good Wife. That’s brilliant. The stories and dialogues are so clever, and the stories and actions are so exciting. His suite A good fight is just as good.

Characters you grow up lovingly and hating. Looking at them, I was really lost.

I had a big fight with my wife when she slipped away and saw a few episodes waiting for her.

The culinary book of the hairy wonders of the one-legged motorcyclists has already been published.

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