‘The Good Doctor’ Season 4 Episode 12 ‘Teeny Blue Eyes’: Fatherhood and future vision

Each season of The Good Doctor takes Dr. Sean Murphy (Freddie Highmore) on a journey of relationships and self-disclosure. Seasons 1 and 2 saw how a brilliant self-taught surgeon proved himself almost constantly in his medical profession while living an independent life. Season 3 brought Sean romance, intimacy, and the joy of being a man, but also the biggest heartbreak of his life, including the final breakup with his father, who offers no forgiveness after an olive branch in the grace his son gives him.

This week, on the 22nd. Mars, running in the 12th. Season 4 episode, Teenage Blue Eyes, all about The Good Doctor and Leah (Paige Spara).

While the mother-to-be deals with morning sickness and big questions about motherhood, Sean checks his blood pressure, makes an appointment with a night nurse (does that exist these days?), and thinks about how he will emotionally connect with his baby while struggling with every emotional interpretation. A brilliant surgeon who shows all the signs of the ASD spectrum becomes a patient in The Good Doctor. This gives a glimpse of what Dr. Murphy could have become without the key people in his life and his drive to get better.

I’m already losing sleep over Good Doctor.

Lea sits up early in the morning fretting over whether everything is ready. It’s on when Sean breaks the news to Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) in the morning.

This touching scene perfectly demonstrates what makes The Good Doctor the most amazing series on television. Mentor displays an exquisite combination of attentiveness and gentle joy when he hears the news and immediately hangs up the cable TV. Having a child changes everything, Glassman says. He looks like a father who has loved and lost his daughter.

Parenting is a constant mix of excitement and wonder, fierce love and fear. Dr. Brown (Antonia Thomas) plays a confidante and friend to both parents who wisely advises them to deal with the big issues and work on the small details.

Christian Clemenson poignantly plays Dr. Chambers, the legendary surgeon who doesn’t care if someone is asleep until he gives him back his right arm.

Dr. Enrique Guerin (Brian Mark) tells Chambers that as a freshman he was inspired to become a doctor by his rescue work in Haiti. Chambers only response is to wear a student suit. The patient comes into conflict with the good doctor when Sean points out to him that he has multiple behavioral characteristics on the ASD scale. Chambers stares at Murphy with his young blue eyes, trying to prove that he did make eye contact. But Sean knows what he knows, and he knows what he sees. The team gets treatment and accepts a radio transplant suggested by Claire.

On their own medical front, Dr. Park (Will Yoon Lee) and Dr. Resnick (Fiona Gubelmann) struggle with a patient whose face hurts so much he can’t kiss his wife.

It doesn’t take long for Park’s old police side to take over, and he believes Oscar (John Hemsley) is only in it for a long-term opiate takeover in this story from The Good Doctor. Morgan finds a viable spinal cord injury as the cause of the neuropathy. On the relationship front, Alex Park admitted to Morgan that he had feelings for her. In her typical way of not believing anything that is true, she tells him to move.

Broken chalice and life on the good doctor.

Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) warns Sean to stop talking about autism. But the good doctor lives on, especially after discovering that Chambers suffers from musician’s dystonia, a habitual position of the wrist when standing upright.

Detection is another similarity to the ASD indicators. Dr. Guerin witnessed the brutal attack on the good doctor by Chambers. The patient calls the surgeon a child who dresses up, and everyone plays along. Guerin says he no longer respects Chambers. A new resident asks Claire how many changes it takes to become a surgeon. I want to change what’s happening in the world around me, he says mischievously. It’s clear he’s making a big change.

After Sean confirms that Silas Chambers meets the criteria of the ASD scale, the patient gets into a heated argument and yells at the good doctor when he backs down. The yellow cup that Chambers always has in the scrum. Not only does Dr. Murphy return the next day with an exact copy of the original – it doesn’t look like a repair – but he also brings his own story.

The good doctor says his journey began when Dr. Melendez told him he would only vacuum out and nothing else. He explains the importance of his brother Steve’s toy scalpel. With vulnerable honesty, Chambers tells his father how he held a cup of cocoa in his hand after every business trip. His father understood this. When he tells me that people only tolerate him because of his character and his many faults, he admits that no one cares about me. Do I care, replied the good doctor. It is precisely the lessons Claire gives Sean as clues that he can be a very good father that are evident in the performance. Chambers had only one career and one reputation. Sean has learned his lesson. He has figured out how to build relationships, and his most important relationship will be with his child.

The good doctor takes the cup from Chambers’ hand for the final treatment. Chambers thanks his doctors before he leaves for his new life.

In the evening, Leah and Sean compare their lists for the parents. The good doctor is a good father to them both. Leah still has her doubts. Sean tells her he wants her to be happy, so they arrange a meeting to end the pregnancy.

Paige Spara, for her part, doesn’t reveal any juicy details about the family’s fate. As Cinema Blend and Digital Spy noted on the 22nd. Mars noted on MSN, the star reveals that the pregnancy is presented honestly, but dramatically. A lot can happen during pregnancy, especially on television.

Happy and hasty decisions for the good doctor.

Oscar completely forgives his wife (Onaya Rodriguez) for believing that drugs were the cause of his physical problems. He wants to be good and holistic and not put them in a caregiver role forever. After a failed operation, he decides on a procedure that is very risky, but can bring relief. His first touch was to press his hand to her cheek. This time, instead of pain, he felt only love and a slight shiver. In many ways the good doctor conveys the power of grace. By the way: Morgan Resnick is washing up to make sure the operation is successful.

Leah can’t remember what her name was in the clinic. When Sean warns her, she explains that she’s been defending this decision as the right one all day.

Instead, she just feels very, very sad. The good doctor replies: I feel the same way before the parents begin a close embrace – one that fans will likely watch over and over again. We’re having a baby, Sean said with tears in Leah’s eyes.

It’s time for Park to move on, but Morgan confronts him with a question and a passionate kiss to see if she’s confused about the situation. A fire has been lit for these two….. Let’s see where that takes them.

Enrique says goodbye to Dr. Brown. He makes dreams of surgery to train doctors to work in developing countries. He tells Claire to do something for her once in a while. Another resident went to the good doctor. Mavis Staples performs while Claire takes a musical trip to Paris.

Good news for the fans. At least we only have to wait a week for the next episode.

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