The Good Corner: the Scams Multiply, a User Gets Robbed

Maj. March 30, 2018 at 12 h 11 min.

The Good Corner is the site of bargains par excellence but also the site of scams. Last month, a user who wanted to sell his car decided to place an ad on the site for sale between individuals. Unfortunately for him, nothing went as planned since the user in question was unfortunately robbed.

The Good Corner: the Scams Multiply, a User Gets Robbed

Scammed and robbed by selling his car on The Right Corner

When Philippe Usannaz decided to put his car on sale on Le bon coin, he certainly had no idea how events would turn out. Everything seemed to be running smoothly. He had just met his buyer and the deal was about to close. The only thing he didn’t suspect was that his buyer was actually a bank robber and a crook.

While they were both in a shopping street in Grasse in the Alpes Maritimes, his alleged buyer offered him to enter a room to sign the sale, when he found himself with a gun pointed at him. Wanted for several months by the police, the man had already robbed more than fifty people before selling the vehicles he had taken care to steal from them in Italy.

As confirmed by the head of the criminal investigation department of the city of Nice to France TV Info, the suspect was eventually arrested. Still, scams continue to multiply on The Good Corner, to the point that police services themselves are worried. For the time being, the B2C website has not reacted to this new case.

The Good Corner that members would like to tax is a very practical site when you want to sell an object quickly and well but you need to take a few precautions when it comes to meeting your buyer.

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