For the third time in six months, the Freebox Revolution is sold off. Until 30 June on vente-privé, the subscription is €9.99/month instead of €39.99 for one year. The discount is not as large as in previous operations – the subscription was then at €4.99/month – but this time the TV by Canal Panorama option is included. This option adds 50 additional TV channels (including Eurosport, Cartoon Network and OL TV) and gives access to the myCanal application.

Internet access is ADSL, with the possibility of migrating to fibre depending on line eligibility. There is a setup fee of €49 and a refund offer of up to €100 on the termination fee of your current ISP. The long duration of the promotion suggests that there will be no Freebox v7 before the start of the school year.

If you have been staying away from Free because of the poor connection to Netflix, you should know that the situation seems to be improving recently.