The Free 2 Euros Package is Not as Social as a : Package 2 (0 for Freebox Subscribers) – Forum

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Under the guise of fake philanthropy, a real scam?

2 package: very risky

This is Free’s other package, the so-called “social” package; under cover of this adjective, which is in fact sympathetic and almost philanthropic, is a dangerous offer.

If it prides itself on dividing by five the price of the “RSA package”, negotiated between the government and the operators, which Free describes as a “Racket Super Scam”, it could well turn into a “super scam” as well.

Under these airs of good samaritan, Free was not mistaken because unlike the unlimited package, there is no way to block his package to prevent himself from making a beginner’s mistake with data (or calls abroad).

And yet if there is one package that should have been blockable it is the one that Xavier Niel says, with tears in his eyes, having reserved for the poorest among us!

Tear of crocodile tears, too, a poverty-stricken crocodile?


Several local residents have stated, in comments under this forum, that it was possible to block Free’s “social” package. Rue89 asked the question to Xavier Niel who answered us this Thursday morning by e-mail : “Not to this day. »

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