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After the Avengers, another team of superheroes is about to arrive on the big screen. Warner Bros has officially announced production of The Justice League for release in 2018. You will finally revel in the adventures of Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, all united under the same entity.

If you’re a fan of Comic Books especially DC Comics superheroes, you’ve already dreamed of a movie adaptation of The Justice League . Well, your dream is about to come true! Warner Studios, through its President of Worldwide Production, has just announced the production of The Justice League in the next few years for release in 2018 minimum. As far as direction is concerned, the studios entrusted the task to Zack Snyder A logical decision as the director was already at the helm of Man of Steel last year andBatman vs Superman (working title) in 2016. The script is being written.

On the character side, this is probably the part that interests you the most, we will find Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck will return the Batman costume after a first appearance in Batman vs Superman, as well as Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.As for the other characters like Flash, Green Lantern, John the Martian, Hawk Girl or Aquaman nothing has been announced for the moment concerning their presence nor the actors who could wear their costumes. Is Ryan Reynolds going to return the green ring after the failure of Green Lantern in 2011?

Warner Bros still has time to polish up all the elements surrounding the release of The Justice League in the Dark Rooms but is already preparing the sequel. A possible spin-off from Wonder Woman could also be created. We can’t wait to find out more, but DC Comics is lagging behind Marvel, which regularly offers new films and whose agenda is set to last until 2028.

Discover a trailer of Batman vs Superman directed by a fan : 

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