The end of the Clone Wars explained

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended with the last episode left by the Fandom Star Wars The final bow of the Clone Wars answered the long-awaited question of how to bring great characters like Ahsoka Tano, Darth Mol and even the clone paratrooper Rex to life; the 66th anniversary of the clone troops. Then, until the last episode of the series, some final contradictions in the story of the revenge of the Sith forearm may be connected – including the sharp episode that follows the events of Episode III! If you’re wondering how the end of the Clone Wars has anything to do with the great Skywalker Star Wars saga, let us explain!

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In the last episode of Victory and Death, clones Ahsoka and Rex try to escape the Stardestroyer, where they are still being held by regiments of parachute clones on the 66th anniversary of the death of the Ahsoka clones. Ahsoka freed Mol to distract the soldiers while he and Rex made a move — but Ahsoka underestimated Mol’s evil strength. The criminal uses his dark powers to destroy the ship’s hyperdrive and drag it into the gravity of the nearby moon.

When the ship crashed, Maul fled into hyperspace on the shuttle, while Ahsoka and Rex escaped unharmed on the ground. Ahsoka and Rex bury the fallen clone soldiers of the 501st. Special unit of the Ahsoka Legion on the moon for leaving the bomber’s renovated Y-wing to go underground.

The final scene of the Clone Wars is an epilogue in which Darth Vader (probably years later) hunts for a failed destroyer when he and the clone graves were covered in snow. Father sifts through the snow and finds an artifact: a light sword with a small note that Anakin Skywalker gave him. When Father finds the sword, he hears the bird’s cry from above and looks up to see it before he leaves.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars began with the introduction of Padawan Anakin Skywalker to Ahsoka Tano and a study of her stormy relationship as a rebellious, independent Jedi and her equally rebellious, independent protege. The series, which ends with an echo, recalls the complete cycle of this journey, in which Anakin’s paths are visible and plunge him into darkness, while Ahsoka’s independent character leads her to the true Light of the Force, even as the Jedi Order falls around her.

The closing scene of the Clone Wars raises the question of the controversial new roles of Father and Ahsoka with the reappearance of the convertible Morai. Morai was the symbol of the girl, the being on Mortis, who represented the light side of power and provided Ahsoka with her essence during the Arch of Mortis. Anakin, for his part, has become more like the son who represents the Dark Side of the Force, but he will eventually fulfill his destiny to become the father, rather than a balance in the Force.

…but first Father and Ahsoka will meet in this epic duel of Star Wars rebels!

For Star Wars fans who have been following a deeper mythology of the anime series for years, this finale of course had the emotional impact that director Dave Philoney and the co-writer of the series had hoped for!

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