The Dns Server Does Not Respond

Good morning, sir,

I’m on a laptop (Acer Aspire E 17), windows 10, ethernet cable connection to a freebox.
I play online on a very small server (subscription at 7 € month) with about 50 players on it (yes it is very small and has no interest).

Every night (or almost every night) I lose my internet connection with the message : The DNS server is not responding.
The time slot is from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am (approximately) but there is no specific time at which I lose my internet access.

After 20 calls to 3244 (free) I’m told either that I’m a victim of a ddos attack (netstat doesn’t show ip starting with 127 and 192, AntiDdos doesn’t show me anything either) or that my machine is hs (except that if I connect 2 other devices (a pc and a phone) I get the same error message), what’s more I had my machine checked less than 7 days ago and everything is fine for it, the computer scientist tells me to contact my ISP.

I did almost everything I could do: ipconfig/release – renew – flusdns… / Change DNS in TCP/ipv4 protocol / Reset the pc connection / Complete reinstallation of windows 10 8 days ago / Reboot the freebox / Reset the freebox to factory settings (done 3 times in 1 week) / netsh winsock reset all… / ping. In fact the only thing I didn’t do is pass the pc and the freebox through the window :smiley:

So here’s the thing, could someone help me with this, please?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hello Shafou,
So, between 7pm and 1am you don’t have a connection … only with your game server or on all existing sites in the world ?


Good evening, Palou,

I don’t have internet access anymore, either with Google Chrome Firefox or IE, my game server, etc… I’m actually connected to my freebox but the yellow triangle on the co indicates “no internet access”, the problem resolution invariably ends on : “The DNS server doesn’t respond”, it’s misery and it’s been going on since January 22nd (which explains all the manipulations already done).

The time slot is 7pm / 1am, but the decorating time is never the same, but usually after 9pm I don’t have access anymore.


Hey, guys,

when you do an ipconfig /all at the command prompt, don’t you see your DNS?


Hello koala06,

The DNS are visible during this manipulation. But the problem solving is always the same: “The DNS server doesn’t respond”, in addition there’s also : “Please contact your network administrator” or “It appears that your pc is configured correctly but is trying to access an incorrect or non-existent DNS server” (these may not be the exact terms exactly).

I have the free DNS by default as well as the Google DNS ( //

I also tested those of Open DNS, Orange, SFR… But nothing answers.

The computer specialist contacted tells me that it is up to Free to solve the problem (but some operators admit their inability to deal with and solve it).
Free tells me to have my machine checked by a computer scientist.

As you understand, I’m locked in a vicious circle and don’t know what to do about it.

Ps: In the tests done, I also temporarily disabled my firewall, my anti-virus, tried a wifi connection (connection is done but the resolution message is the same), tried to search for capitals for my drivers, put back the default settings in TCP/ipv4 and I certainly still forget things ^^ ^.


The strange thing is that with other DNS, the problem remains the same and the same with other machines.

Do you have around you a Freewifi Hospot, or a neighbour who can let you connect to his network?

Otherwise If you have a smartphone, you use it as a modem, connect to your smartphone via wifi, start your connection to the server and see if it works.


Unfortunately my neighbor’s network is too far away (I had retrieved her network name and mdp for a test) and I don’t have any other neighbors in my close circle.

I have a phone that can share its connection, but I don’t have the right plan, I’m waiting for it to be unlocked for a 4G plan and to make this test, this is my latest solution to have H24 internet…

Otherwise my phone can also connect in wifi to my box, but just like my pc, it does not have internet access :confused:

I think that something or someone is blocking my internet access, via the server or the central, but I’m just a little bit afraid to sound paranoid if I mention it ^^.

Another precision: the internet access unlocks “by itself”, I mean without any other manipulation around midnight/1 o’clock. That’s what makes me think that my connection via the phone line is interrupted by someone, but I don’t know if it’s possible, that’s why I avoid talking about my deep thought :wink:


In fact, with your smartphone, this will eliminate the PC. You must try it on another network than yours. I’m leaning towards the freebox. Have you checked the configuration of your booth, if there are no times when the wireless network is interrupted?


The freebox is “new”, i.e. delivered on 10 February 2017.

For the pc, it’s ok, checked by computer scientist (and that wouldn’t explain the 2 other laptops I tested during a decorating, they show me the same DNS message that doesn’t answer). I’m currently logged on and on my freebox.

As for what you’re telling me about the freebox, I’m going to check its parameters and let you know, I think the freebox operators could have told me this kind of information but it doesn’t cost me anything to take a look :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for your help koala06, I really hope to find a solution.


I’ve just been poking around in “freebox OS” and can’t find any parental controls enabled or network outage times.

On the other hand, in “network devices of the box”, I have 18 different “machines” (in addition to my devices), they are “grayed out” and the addresses are like : 0C:55:4D:00:28:8D, 2A:6D:19:54:14:4C… I have no idea what that is :etonne2:
If I do “properties” on one of them, it just says: PC Fixed / Reachable: never.

Do you have an idea, please?


Hello Shafou,
I recently had a similar case and the subscriber had just activated the IPV6 protocol via their subscriber area.
The connection was subsequently re-established. I suggest you do the same and we’ll see what happens.
Feel free to signal
Good day.


These look like Mac addresses. Each Network Device has a mac address (its identity).


Good evening, lackie,

The IPV6 protocol has been disabled for about a week, it hasn’t changed the problem…

koala06: Yes it looks like that, but I don’t see what it does in my freebox OS… Especially since they all look disabled since “grayed out”.


As far as your wifi is concerned, no worries about cracking it? Wpa minimum?

The fact that you turned V6 protocol on and off, wasn’t that what triggered your concern?


The problem was present when the V6 protocol was activated and persisted after its deactivation : confused:

The wifi connection I do not use it (except on the phone), I prefer the ethernet cable, but I also tried to switch to wifi during the problem and the problem is identical, nothing changes.

Tonight is an exceptional evening, I still have my internet access and it’s 9:15 !


You’re not answering my question. Is your wireless key wpa encrypted? Wpa2? Since you have pc’s that have logged on to the freebox interface.


Oops, I’m sorry, you’re right, I didn’t answer that question:

  • Protection : WPA (TKIP)
    The key has a total of 41 letters/digits/signs.

In the settings, I can change it but I don’t have WPA2 in the options, only : WEP // WPA (TKIP + AES) // WPA (TKIP) [current configuration] // WPA (AES/CCMP).

Ps: The identities of the pc’s on freebox OS could maybe correspond to the number of people I’ve had at free, maybe it’s a stupidity I’m saying, but it would correspond to the number of calls I’ve had at them.


You still have a connection at 10:21. Have you tried logging on to your game server?


Yes koala06, when I have my internet access I can access it without any worries, it’s been 2 days since I’ve had internet access denied, as long as it lasts, but I’m a pessimist by nature, so I’m not shouting victory yet.

I’ll get back to you when it happens again, thanks again for your interest :wink:

Ps: I went to sleep right after my last message, so I didn’t see if the internet was ok or not all night.




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