The Deal of the Day: The new Nintendo Switch is minus chre with this coupon code

The 2019 version of the Nintendo Switch is discounted for sales. You can find it today with a 30 euros discount thanks to a coupon code on Rakuten, with an additional 15 euros free on your next order.

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Released in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch was a massive success with the general public. Nevertheless, the first version was not flawless, especially with its rather weak autonomy in nomadic mode. However, the shot is corrected in 2019 with a new version of the hybrid console.

Instead of 299 euros, the (new) Nintendo Switch is now available for 269 euros on Rakuten after using promo code CR30. In addition, you will receive 15 euros free on your next purchases when you join Club R for free.

Note that the hybrid console is sold by the dealer Micromania on Rakuten. Therefore, the 2-year warranty is obviously part of the package. Your 50 franc gift card won in 2002, on the other hand, is probably not accepted.

To better understand the offer

  • What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system that can be used in three different ways. You can play it anywhere and anytime in portable mode. Then simply unhook the Joy-Con from the sides to use it in tablet mode, ideal for use in trains or planes, for example. Finally, the dock allows the console to be connected to a TV set, going from HD to Full HD (depending on the games) at the same time. It’s simply the best system to play alone or with others, especially if you’re a fan of Nintendo licenses like Mario, The Legend of Zelda or Animal Crossing

  • What’s new in version 2019?

The new edition of the Nintendo Switch obviously comes with its own little set of improvements. First of all, the Tegra X1 chip that powers the hybrid console is now etched in 16 nm for significant energy savings. In Breath of The Wild, for example, the old 2017 model lasted 3 hours, while you can now travel the lands of Hyrule for more than 5 hours with this new model. And that’s not all: the heating is better managed so that the switch’s fans are triggered less often and, as a result, it is quieter than before. Then, this 2019 version integrates a new screen. It is brighter than the old one (318 nits against 291 nits) and especially better calibrated on the color side.

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