Between today and tomorrow, some of the best offers without obligation expire. These include the 60 GB package at 12 euros per month (for life) at both B&You and RED, but also the 100 GB package for less than 10 euros at Cdiscount mobile. Find all the details below.

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The winter sales will end tomorrow, but it is still possible to take advantage today of the best offers without obligation offered by the various mobile phone operators during the event. On the one hand, we have B&You and RED fighting a battle by offering the same package for (almost) the same price, namely 12 euros per month for life. On the other side, we have Cdiscount and its 100 GB mobile plan at less than 10 euros per month for a year, then 20 euros. Which one to choose?

The Deal of the Day: last days for the 3 best mobile sale packages, from 60 to 100 GB

By subscribing to one of the offers, you will of course have the possibility to keep your mobile phone number. Just call the voice server at 3179 to get the RIO number of your line. Don’t forget, you will also need to add 10 euros to the bill to get your new SIM card.

To better understand the offer

  • What is the best 60 GB package between B&You and RED?

Whether B&You or RED, the mobile package includes unlimited calls, SMSes and MMSes in metropolitan France and from the DOM and Europe to a French number, as well as 60 GB of 4G in France and 8 GB abroad.

On paper, the non-binding B&You offer seems slightly more interesting. First of all, the price is a penny cheaper, even if the calculation of lifetime savings is insignificant. Secondly, Bouygues offers a few advantages over RED, including 90 days free access to Spotify Premium.

Beyond the price and benefits, you should check the network coverage around you before making your choice. See you here for more information.

  • What to do with 100 GB of 4G data?

As far as the Cdiscount mobile package is concerned, it also offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in metropolitan France and from the French overseas departments and Europe to a French number, but with 100 GB. Having so much Internet data may seem ridiculous to some, but highly useful to others. Such a 4G data envelope can indeed serve several purposes, including connection sharing with one’s smartphone, intensive streaming at lunch break, or simply having Internet at home via a 4G box.

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