The Deal of the Day: Apple AirPods Pro are 42 Euros cheaper than habitude

Instead of 279 euros, the AirPods Pro are now available for 237 euros thanks to a coupon code on Rakuten. A great deal for Apple’s new wireless noise-reduction earphones.

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At the end of 2019, Apple updated its range of wireless headphones with a new model: the AirPods Pro These have the particularity of incorporating features previously unseen by the Cupertino company, such as transparency mode or active noise reduction

They are now available at reduced prices on Rakuten. By using coupon code CR20, the AirPods Pro drops to 237 euros. In addition, you will receive 12.85 euros free on your next order when you join Club R for free.

Delivery from China in 15 to 20 working days. For security reasons, we recommend that you always use PayPal to make your purchases. The platform facilitates the reimbursement of the order in the event of a dispute.

To better understand the offer

  • What is the main new feature of the AirPods Pro?

For the first time, Apple has integrated ambient Noise cancellation into its wireless headphones. This feature, which allows you to cut yourself off from the outside world to help immerse the sound, is also amazing on the AirPods Pro. Silence is never complete and the result is not as good as that of headphones, but it must be said that outside noise is already muffled enough to avoid distractions.

The design of the headphones has also changed. They generally take up the shape of the old models, but with a shorter stem and an oval head, leaning to the side. Silicone ear tips that now fit in the ear recess promote passive isolation and thus the proper functioning of the CNA.

  • Do AirPods Pro offer any other new features?

Yes, and probably the most interesting of these is the Transparency mode. In practical terms, this is the opposite of noise reduction allowing you to hear everything that’s happening around you without having to remove the earphones. There is also the presence of adaptive equalization to distribute the sound ideally according to the shape of your ears.

  • What else should I know about AirPods Pro?

First of all, the autonomy has been improved compared to the old models. With its recharge case (wireless charge compatible), the AirPods Pro offers a total autonomy of 24 hours. The earpieces alone can last a little over 4 hours. Second, Apple’s new wireless headphones are also IPX4 certified to ensure they are waterproof in sweat and rain.

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