The Dark Descent –

from Friction Games: Dark Descent was an incredible success that took the world by storm thanks to millions of viewers watching YouTubers like PewDiePie lose their marbles in a horror game.

Amnesia was just perfect for this medium.

And the support for custom scenarios has been a big part of keeping the game relevant for so long.

These fantastic expansions are a sea of possibilities and make a return to Amnesia a refreshing experience even years later.

So if you’re looking to get back into the game, check out these fantastic models that will awaken your love for Dark Descent from its slumber.

15. Controller’s stamp and minor improvements

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Not all players use the same gamepad.

And those of us who choose to reuse our PS4 or Nintendo Switch controllers deserve specific recognition.

This clever mod from RavenFeather helps you dive into the game by displaying the correct button mapping when you use your DualShock 4 or Nintendo Switch Pro controller to play Amnesia.

It also includes other minor improvements you might need, even if you don’t have a problem with the gamepad buttons.

These include better fonts and several new cross-linking options.

14. La Casa

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Developed by the Ninja Samurai team, La Caza is a fun and entertaining mod that won the Best User Story award at the Friction Games competition.

I wouldn’t say he deserves that title. But this CS was one of the first that was truly entertaining.

The custom music is great, and the developers managed to use Amnesia’s vanilla assets to create a whole new experience.

Despite the simplicity of the puzzles, La Caza excels in visual storytelling and exploration.

It might even scare you a little if you’re not careful.

13. Sleepless Night

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Inspired by the sinister atmosphere of games like Silent Hill, White Night explores the dark shadows of the human mind and the mysteries of the subconscious.

After creating this fashion, designer Tansel Altinel wrote the story in a romantic format and published it in his home country of Turkey.

This is a testament to the fantastic story of White Night, which offers a whole new sense of psychological dread.

Unfortunately, the voice acting is a bit disappointing in this installment, which really detracts from what could have been a first-rate story.

It’s still a great mod and worth a try.

12. Things of the night

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You wake up on a dark and stormy night and there is a knock at the door.

All you find outside is a note. It’s from your brother.

It seems your father has gone off the rails, and you are the only one who can save your family from his dark magic.

Doom 2299 Things in the Night is one of those fantastic mods that covers all the bases.

The imagery is incredible, the setting is deeply disturbing, and while the story is no Shakespearean tragedy, it is gripping and easy to understand.

11. Follow-up of a death

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Creator JMFStorm turns Amnesia into an action game with Followed By Death, which features simple puzzles, fast-paced action, and plenty of monsters to run from.

Once you’re trapped in Old Harman Castle, you have to find Francis Harman (the castle lord) and figure out how to get out of the dungeon alive.

While the story is nothing special, the game’s level design is excellent.

Everything and every note is where it belongs. And they lead the player well through the scenario.

It’s short and sweet, and the voice acting is pretty good, so there’s no reason to miss it.

10. Four Horsemen

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If you like heavy custom adventures, Titan Core’s The Four Horsemen is a must.

You play as Alastair, an explorer in the 1800s who becomes obsessed with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

When Alastair receives reports of their arrival at the end of time, he decides to take matters into his own hands – and find a way to stop them.

This story is very creative. And it has a fantastic design that is a testament to the development team’s attention to detail (and more importantly, patience).

The puzzles are challenging but accessible, and the graphics rival the best.

9. Amnesia: Through the gate

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One of the most original story ideas I’ve come across while testing Amnesia user stories is Through the Portal by DamnNoHtml, which explores what might have happened immediately after the game’s portal.

It starts right after you pass through a portal to an alien world, where you learn the secrets of Orb, the Guardian, and Alexander.

The surroundings are far from the dark corridors of Amnesia.

Instead, you seem to expect Doctor Gallifrey’s home planet to look like Doctor Who.

This is far from a normal, scary story. But the images are fantastic and the notes tell a nice story.

8. Penumbra: Notification of death

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The development team at CounterCurrent Games liked Penumbra by Frictional Games so much that they decided to develop an unofficial sequel as their own story on the Amnesia engine.

Obituary begins where Penumbra ends: Requiem has been left out, and you’ll encounter some classic enemies from the original series.

The puzzle design is clever, although finding the right path to progress seems to be the most difficult puzzle due to the few clues.

Still, it’s a must-see if you liked the first Penumbra.

7. Penumbra: Dawn Archaic

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So, if you like obituaries, you should follow Penumbra: Twilight of Archaic, the final chapter of the sequel developed by CounterCurrent Games.

It works as an add-on for Necrologue, so you have to install it first.

And this story begins where it ends. And the voice is even better this time.

While it is shorter than the first chapter, it is also more focused and overall better.

This model looks more like a real penumbra than an obituary. The setting is atmospheric and shows the progress the developers have made between the two games.

6. The Awakening of Destiny

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Creator Umbakarna presents the first chapter of the Destiny – The Rise duology.

This famous CS Amnesia finds the right balance between horror and entertainment.

You’ll be involved in most of a four-hour campaign full of custom monsters, new items, and creative new maps to explore.

The last meeting with the boss is also a highlight.

They will also play as monsters for a few scenes in the campaign, which is a fun and memorable touch.

5. Destiny returns

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Released two years after the original, Destiny Revenant features more creative level design and high production values.

This is one of the longest custom themed stories, with over 48 maps to explore and about seven hours of content spread over nine chapters.

There are also a large number of side missions that showcase the creativity of Umbakarna’s creator.

The graphics are also sensational, better immersing you and adding to the gruesome aspect of these dark and desolate environments.

4. The key to freedom

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One of the most complete stories I’ve come across is The Key to Freedom, which provides the haunting atmosphere and detailed design necessary for a truly exceptional Amnesia experience.

The history is fascinating, and the old building is the perfect setting for an intense and emotional horror story.

There are even a few jumps here and there – but none of the cheap stuff from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The Key to Freedom benefits greatly from the creativity of developer MXDash, which is evident in the various tricks and mechanics you’ll encounter in this adventure.

The ghostly statue that follows the protagonist is a creepy touch straight out of It Follows (2014).

3. Amadeus

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Amadeus tells the story of Cornelius Campbell, already a theater magician, who delves into the occult to create an act that will bring back the audience.

He’s creepy, haunting, and has the best voice I’ve heard in Amnesia CS.

The developer has put a lot of detail into each note to reflect the background of Cornelius’ predicament.

The puzzles are also challenging and unique, so if you like solving puzzles, you’ll love this game.

2. Amnesia: Dark Descent traded for

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When a developer recognizes the importance of a fan-made addition, you know it’s special.

Amnesia: Dark Descent Remastered is a complete visual update of the classic horror game.

It replaces the game’s basic textures with high-resolution alternatives and significantly improves particle effects and fog.

Now there are also reflective floors that are a real treat for the eye.

Cockroaches are no longer radioactive, and glass windows are, you know, really transparent.

Nowadays we take a lot for granted.

1. Good work

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Rarely has a fashion been so well described by its title Great work.

In this wonderful story from The Cabinet of Damascus7, you step into the shoes of Charles Longden, an archaeologist investigating an abandoned walled city in Germany.

When your partner Jane disappears after a series of underground tremors from the castle, you decide to dive into the jaws of the beast.

The Great Work makes excellent use of atmosphere and tension to immerse you in a terrifying mess.

Well-written notes enhance the story, and the voice recordings add a lot to the experience.

With four endings and over seven hours of gameplay, this CS feels more like an official expansion than a mod.

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