The CW Releases New Image of Jordan Fisher as Impulse

The CW just released a new promo image of Jordan Fisher as the titular character in the CW’s new series, The Flash. In the series, he will play the speedster known as the Flash, who is also known by the name “Barry Allen.”  Fans of the show will remember that the character was played by Grant Gustin in the previous seasons.  In the upcoming season, Barry Allen will be introduced as the new principal at the high school that Iris West works at.

The CW has released another image of Jordan Fisher in his costume from the upcoming TV show The Flash. In the photo, we see a closeup of the character’s chest, which is covered in circuitry and blinking light. The image is meant to give us a sense of the character’s powers, which he displays by generating blasts of electricity.

The CW just released the first official image of Jordan Fisher as the new superhero Impulse. After the events of the midseason finale, Barry will be taking a break from his duties as the Flash, and when he returns, he’ll be greeted by a new face: his future grandson, Henry Allen II. Henry will be portrayed by actor Jordan Fisher, who is best known for his work on Fox’s “Grease: Live”, and for his role as Ben on Freeform’s “Guilt”.. Read more about the flash and let us know what you think.

The CW releases new photo of Jordan Fisher as Impulse

TheC-an’t W-rite network remains impulsive in tokenizing DCcharacters.


When The CW announced it would be shooting a live-action television series of The Flash, fans of DC’s fastest man were ecstatic. Since John Wesley Shipp played Silver Age hero Barry Allen in 1991 (not counting Smallville), the iconic Scarlet Speedster has not been seen live. The new series comes on the heels of Arrow, another DC series on The CW that continues to do well for the network. The series had a fantastic start and the first two seasons were solid, but has since fallen out of favor with Flash fans and the general public. Fans of Flash Facts know that the series is known for its drastic changes of characters in the comic book universe. These changes ranged from changes in personality and color palette to the overuse and placement of ubiquitous characters (for more on the differences between Flash villains in the comics and in the show, click here). The final change is an insult to Flash fans who grew up in the 90s, and that is the addition of Bart Allen, aka Impulse. The CW has announced that multi-talented Jordan Fisher (Hamilton and The Secret Life of the American Teenager) will play the iconic young car of the future. This immediately alerted the fans. In true CW fashion, the network changed Bart Allen’s palette. Your excuse? They don’t really have much; narratively they can lean on the fact that Impulse is Barry and Iris’ son, but that’s only because the showrunners decided to symbolize Iris as well. At least this generational change is consistent. Nora West-Allen, aka XS, became the daughter of a couple from the future in season 5, though comic book fans know she’s their granddaughter. But even that excuse falls apart when you consider that the series’ showrunner, Eric Wallace, said in an interview with Insider that Fisher was the only actor he wanted for the role. word-image-4043 It makes you think about several things, including the argument that racial transformations of classic comic book characters happen by simply being the best person for the role. It doesn’t work that way. The casting directors don’t organize a big open competition, and whoever turns out to be the best gets the role, regardless of whether or not he fits the traditional look of the character. These changes can only be described as deliberate. Iris West is not and has never been anything other than a white woman with a strong character and red hair (some colorists lean more towards brown). With all due respect to Candice Patton, she is a beautiful young woman and a talented actress. However, she is nothing like Iris West, either in appearance or in character. We can expect the same from Jordan Fisher as we did from Bart Allen, and Eric Wallace confirmed this in an interview with Insider: It is his unique interpretation of the character of Impulse. In other words, he will be Impulse in name only and unrecognizable to fans of the character who debuted in The Flash #92 when Wally was the main character of the book. Several behind-the-scenes photos have been released showing that Impulse Fisher’s costume looks good to mediocre. However, in a witty attempt to bridge the gap between fans on the series’ 30th anniversary, The CW wanted to do just that. To bridge the gap between fans of the comic and fans of the TV series, a promotional illustration of the character was released. The photo, which is supposed to be a live-action rendering of Howard Porter’s illustration of Bart’s return to the DC Universe at the end of the Flash War storyline, looks like a Spy Kids 3-style image. word-image-10054 Fans of the Flash family should be no stranger to the gross misrepresentation of these characters, but that doesn’t make them any less disappointing. Zack Snyder gave us another Iris West token in his 4 hour episode of Justice League. A story about how he calls Barry Allen would take a long article. Clearly, transposing these iconic characters, our modern mythos, to the big or small screen is nothing more than a vanity project for Hollywood screenwriters. They don’t care at all about accurately portraying the characters we grew up with and followed for decades. All they care about is putting their own stamp on these characters, making them just names, over and over again – to hell with established continuity and characterization, and that’s a Flash fact.The CW recently released a new image of actor Jordan Fisher as the superhero, Impulse (Cisco Ramon) from the popular television series “The Flash”. (If you haven’t seen the show, Impulse has the ability to move at supersonic speeds). This new image reveals more of Jordan’s character, showing him in his Impulse costume. The CW recently released a new image of actor Jordan Fisher as the superhero, Impulse (Cisco Ramon) from the popular television series “The Flash”. (If you haven’t seen the show, Impulse has the ability to move at supersonic speeds). This new image reveals more of Jordan’s character, showing him in his Impulse costume. It also highlights a. Read more about the flash season 7 and let us know what you think.

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