The Count is Good: the Unusual Figures on the Lord of the Rings

As every Wednesday, here is a selection of unusual numbers about a particular universe. Today, the count is good, with the trilogy of films from Lord of the Rings. A series of three films whose gigantism will obviously be felt in the selected figures.

1 meter 20

That’s the average size of a hobbit. Elves are usually over six feet tall One can understand Peter Jackson’s difficulty in making these differences in size real.


This is the first publication of Lord of the Rings. J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic trilogy is therefore not new.


17 Oscars for the three films combined. An impressive performance that testifies to the triumphant world reception.

3 and a half years

This is the length of time the latex ovens ran non-stop to create all the masks and prostheses of the trilogy.


This is the total number of extras for all cities. For comparison, Bercy can accommodate a maximum of 18,000 people.

12 000 000

The number of rings laid by hand to make chainmail. Some people were hired only for that and worked all the way through the shoot on this task.


Nose prostheses fitted to Ian McKellen for his role as Gandalf.


915,000 metres

If you put all the films together, the whole thing measures 915,000 metres, or 915 kilometres. To give you an idea of how gigantic this thing is, it’s about the distance between Paris and Marseille…



This is the number of prosthetic feet to dress the little feet of our dear Hobbits. 



A record number of eggs served in a single breakfast to feed the whole team. Not bad!

Lord of the Rings


Sizes for the One Ring: small size for hobbit linings, normal size, giant size for large linings, 10 cm ring for very close-ups. It is also the number of models per sword: a close-up version, a hobbit or human scale version, a light aluminium version, a rubber version for stunts.



The script pages of the three films together.



That’s the number of months between Frodo leaving and returning to the Shire.


This is the total end-to-end duration of all the films in the long version.


Impossible not to do so, as this sentence gives shivers to every viewing:

One ring, to rule them all

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