‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Team Power Rankings Ep. 13


Another episode of the MTV Challenge: The double entendres are over, and our ratings have changed again.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for episode 10. The Challenge Walk: double agents If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further.

Episode 13 was epic for The Real World: Leroy, a Las Vegas alum, won the daily challenge with his partner Casey and Nani won the gold skull in the crater.

Nani defeated rookie Gabby at Ring of Spies to get his first knockout win in years. With the win, Nani drops his partner Kyle in favor of Fessie. Move left Aeneas and chose Kyle as his new partner, and Corey got his seventh pick of the season by teaming up with Rogue agent Big T.

Read on to see our updated rankings for the season:

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Difficult Challenge Team Score after episode #13

After episode 13, we compiled our rankings for the six remaining teams in the game. Heavy on The Challenge’s performance ratings are based on two factors:

1. Political and strategic positioning of the team in the house and its likelihood of reaching the final round. Having a golden skull helps your team move up the rankings.
2. Opportunity for the team to win the final tournament and the Challenge Championship.

*Our review is spoiler-free, meaning the review is based solely on what we’ve seen in the series so far.

Here’s the assessment:

Number one: Comb (Golden Skull) and CT (Golden Skull)

MTVCAM and CT by Challenge : Double agents.

Despite Cam’s poor performance in the food portion of the daily challenge, she and CT are still a well-oiled team. Kam also demonstrated his math skills by solving Leroy and Casey’s equation. We have already seen in the final mathematical equations that can be used in Kam and CT.

We don’t know yet how many eliminations there will be this season, and at this point it would be surprising if these two were thrown to Crater.

If they make the final, CT and Kam will be hard to beat.

Number two: Leroy (Golden Skull) and Casey (Golden Skull)

MTVLeroy and Casey from MTV Challenge: Double agents.

Casey and Leroy won their third Daily Challenge of the season, which is the most of any team. They are #2 on our list, but there is a very small gap between this team and our #1 duo.

As with Kam and Kyle, it’s unlikely we’ll see Casey and Leroy in Crater, as there don’t seem to be many exceptions and they’re well placed in the house.

Leroy is probably the hungriest player of the double agents for the championship, and it wouldn’t be shocking if Kam helps him out if they both make the finals and they can.

Number three: Darrell (Golden Skull) and Amber B (Golden Skull)

MTVDarrell and Amber B. from MTV Challenge: Double agents.

This episode n’t change much for Darrell and Amber B. They are in good shape politically, and if they make the finals, Darrell will become the most winning Challenger of the season with four championship wins so far.

Yet Amber B. is still a largely unknown celebrity. We don’t know how they will do in the finals, so 3rd place is the best place for this team.

№4 : Nany (Golden Skull) & Fessy (Golden Skull)

MTVNany and Fessy from the challenge: Double agents.

Episode 13 was an important episode for Nani and Fessie. Nani got his golden skull, and Fessie’s hopes of finding a new partner were finally realized.

They are a solid duo that can take on any other team, but as it stands, they were not the favorites to win a million dollars.

Fessy is a great athlete, but he was less impressive in the Total Madness finale. He finished fourth in men’s singles, behind the other two Double Ager players, Kyle and Corey.

No one has ever made it to the finals, and that was over six years ago when she finished second in free agents

This team has a lot of potential, but there is still a lot to see.

Number five: Aeneas (Golden Skull) and Kyle (Golden Skull)

MTVAneesa and Kyle of the Challenge: Double agents.

These two episodes have been difficult for Kyle. He sat sympathetically on Kam, his partner, and he was firmly in the lead in our standings. However, KT ruined the Englishman’s party by taking Kam on episode 12, which led to Kyle meeting Nani.

Then Nani chose Fessie as her partner, which prompted Aeneas to choose Kyle.

The chances of this partnership winning the final together are slim.

Number six: Cory and the Big T.

MTVBig T and Corey from the Challenge: Double agents.

Corey and Big T are the only two players in the game who don’t already have a gold skull. So there’s a good chance we’ll see her in the next episode of The Crater. Corey is 6-3 in his Challenge career with wins over sectionals. The Big T has only been shut out once, a loss against Georgia in the second half. World War II.

Corey did well in last season’s finals, coming in third in the men’s Total Insanity category. Still, he should book his ticket to the final and there will be no more forced breaks. Big T has never made the finals, and she doesn’t look as strong physically as some of the other women still in the running, like Kam and Casey.

It’s a tough road for Corey and Big T.

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