The Castle in the Sky Really Exists!

What if the famous Castle in the Sky of Miyazaki really existed? This is probably what many Chinese must have thought when faced with a strange phenomenon that took place above the village of Foshan in Guangdong province. See for yourself with the video below. 

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In the images above, it is as if a city and its skyscrapers were rising out of the clouds and literally floating in the air. While many theories, all stranger than the others, have been put forward to try to explain this phenomenon, only one seems to hold water. 


Fata morgana

Behind this strange name is actually a phenomenon of the order of a mirage (yes, like when you see an oasis in the middle of the desert). Scientists who have analysed the Chinese television images speak of a fata morgana. What do you mean? This rather rare phenomenon occurs when a layer of cold air at ground level is surmounted by a layer of warmer air. This is a very rare position since usually the warm air currents are below the cold air currents. As a result, the light is curved which causes optical illusions. In the video, the buildings appear much larger than they actually are and seem to come out of the clouds. The city does exist, but it is on earth. It’s the fata morgana that makes her appear above the clouds. Moreover, the further away you are from the phenomenon, the more accentuated it is. Several kilometres away, it really feels like a flying city. Sorry for the Miyazaki fans, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to go for a ride in the Castle in the Sky. 

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