“When many a head will tumble down beneath your ruthless sword.. Those who watch will lose their cool and dread the fatal stroke.. But we will stand undeterred despite the threat you hold.. Others might crouch and cringe before your menacing pose.. Blow us if you like to shreds, we will be firm and bold.” – Bahadur Shah Zafar

These have been the favorite strains of this strongest scholar chief of unbiased India, who was additionally a Physics analysis scholar par excellence those days and a rebel extraordinaire of his occasions.

Nevertheless, the lifetime of this maverick scholar leader was abruptly minimize brief when he was brutally stabbed thirty two occasions, all over his tender 25-year previous body, by a couple of ruthless goons belonging to the Akhil Bharatiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Jan Sangh (earlier identify of Bharateeya Janata Celebration – BJP) parties, forty 4 years in the past, on the 14th of April, 1972.

This ghastly homicide was dedicated in broad daylight, that day, within the premises of the Osmania College School Of Engineering Hostel 1 in Hyderabad.

All the scholars, all the employees members and all of the inmates of that well-known Hostel, have remained watching with worry, on that day, the brutal homicide of probably the most admired and in addition the preferred scholar of their university, from behind the home windows of their rooms.

All of the policemen on obligation, that day, have just remained unmoved in their positions as they have been instructed to stay so.. All the things on that the majority eventful day in the historical past of the celebrated Osmania University had gone in line with the scheming of the goons. ruling the College those days.

In a diabolic recreation of great betrayal played on that day, by which two of this most innocent scholar chief’s personal associates too have been involved, everybody – right from those who designed it and in addition those who executed it- have played their roles to perfection.

In consequence..

Unbiased India’s biggest scholar leader..

The ever agile..

The ever sensible..

The ever caring..

The ever energetic..

The ever friendly..

The ever loving..

The ever protecting..



The ever polemicist..

Physics analysis scholar..

Referred to as George Reddy..

Was mercilessly knocked out from this world.

The Subsequent Day After That Brutal Murder,

The lovely Osmania College campus, which is all the time within the information for all of the mistaken reasons, even immediately, just remained shell shocked and heart damaged.. Each dwelling being, residing in that campus, those days, wept inconsolably that day.

All the universities and all the scholar hostels, in the extensively spread Osmania campus, have been indefinitely shut down.. All the continued exams too have been indefinitely postponed.. College students have been forcibly shunted out of the campus..

Police barricades have been put up at each strategic point of the college..

Police did every thing they might, that day, to revive peace in the campus.. Surprisingly so, additionally they did all that they might, that day, the identical they need to have finished much before the homicide of George Reddy.. PERIOD

They clamped indefinite curfew everywhere in the Osmania University campus and in addition in all the main and minor areas of the 400 – yr previous Hyderabad metropolis.. Life in all places in the metropolis had come to a standstill, that day.. Police have literally taken over each inch of area in Hyderabad.

Still not sure of the grave state of affairs in his capital metropolis, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, P V Narasimha Rao, had positioned an instantaneous order for marching of the para army troops into Hyderabad city.

And in no time the troops have entered.. Life to say the least had grow to be ugly for the Hyderabadis.. Worry was gripping the whole peace loving metropolis, that day..

Besides the special bulletins from the Radio units, that have been repeatedly reporting the homicide of George Reddy, no different sound was audible from any corner of the town, that day.

Individuals have been even afraid to breath loudly..

All the faculties, all the universities, all of the state and central government workplaces, all of the outlets and establishments too have been asked to shut down immediately, till further notice.

Individuals have been warned to not enter the streets..

Heavy para army vans have started going all around the town..

There was an uneasy silence in Hyderabad that day..

All the 5 parts of Nature too went into a surprising silence after witnessing the ugly murder of their most favorite baby, George Reddy.

Nevertheless and nevertheless certainly, not one of the above talked about stringent measures nor the police warnings might forestall hundreds of students and die onerous followers of George Reddy, in Hyderabad metropolis, from getting into the curfew clamped streets that day.

They all just got here out operating with anger, with ache, with agony, with tears, with their damaged hearts and in addition with their indefatigable love for his or her beloved chief, George Reddy – who had lighted the eternal lamp of knowledge of their lives.. PERIOD

On That Eventful Day,

More than six thousand absolutely agitated students have audaciously walked by way of the streets of Hyderabad city, elevating slogans like “George Reddy Amar Rahe” “Long Live George Reddy”..

All of them marched in a procession, carrying on their shoulders the absolutely wounded lifeless body of George Reddy, in the direction of the Narayan Guda cemetery, that is still there in the present day, adjacent to the favored New Science School in Hyderabad.

The streets of Hyderabad, that day, have been filled with agitated college students and weeping women.. The whole environment within the historic city was risky.. Unstoppable violence had out of the blue broken down at many places.

Normal life in the metropolis was utterly paralyzed.. In a couple of minutes, the state of affairs had gone utterly out of the control of police and para army forces, guarding the town that day..

After about an hour, hundreds of scholars, who have been all getting into a rally with the lifeless body of their chief, George Reddy, couldn’t control their anger while passing via the “Keshava Nilayam” constructing, situated within the Barkatpura space of Hyderabad.

This building, right from those days to till this present day, is the nucleus of all the Sangh parivar actions in Hyderabad.

All those students, carrying George Reddy’s body in procession that day know nicely that the three entrance line activists of the RSS and Congress – Lakhan Singh, Surdas Reddy and Narayan Das – have been the culprits who killed George Reddy.

So, they turned violent taking a look at that RSS workplace constructing on their means and have started pelting stones at it, raising slogans towards these three goons..

Police swung into fast motion and have brought the complete state of affairs underneath their control, within no time, and drove away the students from that building.

Later, the procession reached the Narayan Guda Cemetery the place George Reddy’s last rites have been quietly carried out by his relations.

Pathetically so,

In just some hours of time,

The intrepid voice of George Reddy- that had audaciously questioned each misdeed and each brutal act of injustice dedicated by those unscrupulous forces hanging across the Osmania College, these days – had gone perpetually silent.

The daring arms that may have rocked the entire world, immediately, have been sadly confined to a coffin box, that day..

A brilliant lamp that might have burned eternally, displaying mild to all those groping in the darkness of ignorance, these days, was postpone mercilessly by these highly effective winds of a diabolic nature, that day.

All in all, the mortal stays of an amazing scholar leader referred to as, George Reddy, who might have been the face of India at this time, have been tragically laid to relaxation ceaselessly, that day..

And what remained with us as we speak are George Reddy’s painful reminiscences and his blurred pictures showing shadily to our eyes in a monochrome tone.


Life was not straightforward for a lot of of George Reddy’s associates as George, without any prior discover, had all of a sudden departed from their lives.. Lots of his shut buddies just could not deal with that trauma for a longtime.. The truth is, lots of them couldn’t come to phrases with life again, thereafter.

Right here’s an emotional instance from the lifetime of a woman by identify, Mala Mirchandani.. Mala was a member of George Reddy’s pals group, those days, within the Arts School of Osmania University, and was an enormous admirer of this nice scholar leader..

She could not – nonetheless after forty 4 years of his dying – accept the reality that George Reddy isn’t any more among us immediately.. Even at this time, at the age of sixty 5, Mala Mirchandani, now more popularly generally known as the aristocratic Ms. Mala Pasha, ceaselessly visits the Narayan Guda Cemetery and lights a couple of candles at George’s memorial.

Comparable is the situation of lots of George Reddy’s associates, right now, wherever they are all dwelling around the globe.. This is the influence George still has on the minds of all those who had intently moved with him throughout his temporary educational stint on the Osmania University.

Right here’s One Necessary Incident

That tells you concerning the influence of George Reddy on the lives of his pals..

At some point, several years after George Reddy had departed from this world, Cyril Reddy – George Reddy’s youthful brother – was passing via a busy road in Hyderabad.. He all of a sudden noticed George Reddy’s close good friend, Dr.Marri Vijay Arjun Patel, standing in a metropolis bus stop and waiting for a bus.

Since it is all the time a pleasure for anybody to greet good previous buddies, extra so someone who’s close to a deceased family member, Cyril Reddy too was excited that day and stopped his automotive and went operating to that bus cease, to greet Dr.Vijay.

After some preliminary discussions, Cyril asked Dr. Vijay, “Annaa.. As I heard from lots of our previous buddies, you’re a reputed physician.. So you have to be incomes nicely.. Then how is that you’re standing, with so many strange individuals in a bus stop, and waiting for a bus.. ??.. Don’t you’ve gotten a automotive..??.. “.

Bringing tears to Cyril’s eyes, this was what the illustrious Dr. Vijay Arjun Patel had informed Cyril Reddy,

“Cyril.. Am an in depth pal of George.. Even as we speak, after so many years of his demise, the highly effective influence George had imprinted on my mind and my life is indelible.. Whereas I was a scholar at the Osmania Medical School, I gave George a word that I might eternally lead a Physician’s life filled with simplicity, distant from corruption.

I should sustain that word, Cyril, as long as am alive.. Not as a result of it’s a phrase that I have given to probably the most influential individual of my life but as a result of it’s a word that I have given to the greatest human being I might never be meeting again in ten more lives to return.

My father has a automotive and my youngsters will purchase a automotive in future once they can afford one.. Subsequently, there’s no want for me, Cyril, to vary my life nor my outlook in the direction of life..”.. PERIOD

Later, as fate would have it, Dr.Vijay Arjun Patel, left this world and went in the hunt for his beloved good friend, George Reddy, to that undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler had ever returned.

Might the younger, courageous and the noble departed soul of George Reddy – the Nice – Rest In Peace.. AMEN

However Why In The First Case Was George Reddy Killed..???

The Ever Smiling George Reddy Whereas Learning At The Nizam School, Hyderabad


If alive as we speak.. George Reddy wouldn’t have allowed any a type of anti social parts, who performed with the lives of a variety of students of Osmania College, in those days, to reside and see this present day of their lives.

If alive right now.. George Reddy would have been a robust 68 – yr previous man and would have been probably the most sensible amongst all the sensible most scientists of India and in addition the greatest amongst all the greatest Indian leaders.

If alive at present.. George Reddy, for positive, would have been yet one more Nobel Laureate from India..

If alive at this time.. George Reddy would have made India an excellent energy and a corruption free nation.

If alive immediately.. George Reddy would have eliminated all the vandals and hooligans from this nation and wouldn’t have allowed Pakistan come this threateningly close to India.

If alive at this time.. George Reddy wouldn’t have allowed the Jihadi and different Islamic terrorist groups enter India.

If alive at this time.. George Reddy would have offered enough protection to all the ladies and youngsters of India and would have made them stroll free at at any time of the day or night time anyplace in India.

If alive immediately.. George Reddy would have had extra followers than what Narendra Modi has.

If alive at this time.. George Reddy wouldn’t have allowed exploitation within the identify of caste, creed, faith and sects.

If alive in the present day.. George Reddy would have had many extra accomplishments to his credit than all these I’ve talked about above..

Fortuitously for them and unfortunately for George Reddy, the forces that killed George have foreseen all the above mentioned achievements of George Reddy, many many years prematurely and subsequently have eradicated him that day.

Most significantly, additionally they have seen George as a possible menace to their supremacy in campus, these days; to their existence in the society, in their morrow; and to their goals and aspirations, of their future.

So, they didn’t need to take any possibilities with the good future they’ve been dreaming about for years.. Subsequently, they discussed their strategies with a number of elders in the society  who have been supporting them for numerous causes, these days.

The elders quietly nodded their heads and cleared your complete floor and stored it prepared for his or her boys to play their recreation of demise with George Reddy.. Everyone, from the centre to the periphery, was either bought or threatened by these elders.

Finally, the sport of dying was played to a full house on that day and George Reddy, whom the whole world would have recognized and appreciated immediately, was defeated in that unlawfully played recreation of demise, on the night of 14th April 1972, which was coincidentally the birthday of one other nice chief of plenty, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.. PAUSE

Please Click Here to learn “The Brutal Murder Story Of Osmania Student Leader George Reddy – Part One”

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