The Boys: Season 2 Promises to Be More Intense and Even Crazier!

The Boys is Amazon’s new event series. Currently broadcast on the exclusive Amazon Prime Video service, the feedback on the first season is extremely positive. Obviously, like any good series, season 2 is particularly expected. Amazon Studios is already working on season 2 and the ambitions are very high! The producers have already had the opportunity to see the first episode of this new season and they give us their first impressions.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see the season 1 trailer of The Boys , here is the trailer in VOSTFR of the Amazon series.

A bigger budget, for even more shows!

The producers of Amazon Studios have just confided in Collider regarding season 2 of The Boys. Unfortunately, they did not go as far as to comment on a possible release date so you’ll have to be patient.

Nevertheless, they have already announced that they have more resources at their disposal than for the first season. They promise to add more characters to give more scope to the series. They had the opportunity to watch the first episode of season 2. Seth Rogen is particularly enthusiastic about the future of the series:

It’s much better than I could have hoped for.

Here’s how Evan Goldberg is even announcing this season 2:

Clearly better than the first season.

Kind of reassuring, isn’t it?

Eric Kriple, the executive producer wishes a more intense, crazy, heartbreaking season 2 and even more character-driven. In short, season 2 is already very promising and fans of the surprise violence of this series should be seduced by the future that is already predicted.

Will they go so far as to let more trashy scenes such as the one deleted in season 1 go by? We’ll see!

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