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The Kingdom Hearts games are a fantastic series, and the franchise is so massive that it encompasses a number of games and spin-offs. There’s Kingdom Hearts, there’s Final Mix, there’s Re:Chain of Memories, there’s Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and there’s Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts II was the first game in the series to introduce worlds in the game, where you can battle and level up in specific worlds. They’re a big part of the game’s challenge and encourage fans to replay the game again and again.

Kingdom Hearts 2 has a variety of different worlds to explore, and while some are easy to miss, others are a bit more obvious. For instance, the world of Halloween Town is likely one of the more recognizable worlds in the game, but you may not know that it’s one of the best.

of the main attractions of Kingdom Hearts is the regular quest where you travel from world to world to discover the plot. Each world, whether based on a Disney property or an original idea, is a completely new and unique experience. It’s just fun to play with your favorite characters, experience their stories, and explore worlds you’d never visit otherwise. That’s where the real magic of Kingdom Hearts lies. So join me on a World Tour of all Kingdom Hearts 2 worlds and mark our favorites in this incredible journey to find Riku and the King.

15. Port Royal

Yo-ho-ho, a pirate’s life for me! At least I would if Port Royal was a Nice Place Unfortunately, you can’t find riches in this world by traveling, because it’s rather boring. On paper it sounds like a great pastime to meet Jack Sparrow and turn him into a swordsman, but alas….. Pirates of the Caribbean, as a live-action franchise, just doesn’t fit with Kingdom Hearts’ existing characters and graphics. The drab grey and almost lifeless environment is no match for the extremely colourful palette of Sora, Goofy, Donald and Pete; it stands out like a sore thumb. Not only does the world itself look and feel dull as you walk between rocks and old buildings, but the combat is also dull. It’s not just the heartless, it’s also those pesky pirates who get in Sora’s way. They can only be damaged in the moonlight, which leads to long and rather boring battles in the world. Luckily, if you’re a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you can expect them in Kingdom Hearts 3. The KH3 version of this world is much better.

14. Atlantica

word-image-11146 Welcome to perhaps the most controversial world in the Kingdom Hearts community. That’s right, the Atlantic Ocean is back in KH2. But it’s not the same as the original, no, no. This time it’s an extra rhythmic mini-game! Many people loathe the minigames, the songs, and the general atmosphere of the world. On the other hand, many people find them charming and somewhat entertaining. Personally, I love spending time in the Atlantic Ocean. The songs are a bit stereotypical and cheesy at times. But as someone who really loves rhythm games, I can’t complain. You can’t have a classic Disney movie without a few good old-fashioned singing moments. If you’re not into rhythm games or melancholy children’s songs, I still recommend coming here, if only for the rewards. You’ll find puzzle pieces, a shiny new knife, a brand new spell, and even Orihalk+. If you want the immense power of Ultima’s weapons, you don’t want to miss this world, no matter how boring you find it.

13. 100-acre forest

word-image-11147 Did you think we were done with optional mini-game worlds? Oh, how wrong you were – there are two more. Our next stop takes us to the wonderful friendly world of Winnie the Pooh. Sora can find all his old friends in the Hundred Acre Wood and help them by playing random mini-games. Again, this game will likely alienate many people with its semi-complex mini-game mechanics and childish behavior. But if you want to experience the joys of childhood, look forward to the various pages torn from your path. Each page opens a new chapter in the book and offers new mini-games and rewards. Like Atlantica: Even if you despise this world, it is worth taking the time to search it to find the fabulous treasures it contains. Most notable are the new blade and space ring, which will no doubt help you in your quest. If you don’t want to participate, remember that there’s no shame in having fun with your favorite Disney characters, no matter your age.

12. Disney Castle

word-image-11148 In KH2, we finally get to enter the home world of Donald, Goofy and King. And it matches the colored spot we saw in KH1. If you dreamed of exploring a Disneyland castle as a child, now you have the chance to make that dream come true. Explore the courtyards, grand corridors, library and many other rooms of Her Majesty’s royal quarters. Unfortunately, the world itself is quite small and consists of several rooms and corridors. It compensates for the limited space by serving as a bridge to the timeless river. What you get, however, should satisfy any Disney fan’s desire for pure, classic Disney magic. But the big drawback of this world is the field music. The extremely catchy melody of Mickey Mouse’s march can drive anyone crazy in just an hour. If you already know the words to this song, be prepared that they will haunt your mind and you will unconsciously hum them over and over again as the terror of never being able to stop slowly consumes you through endless nights…..

11. Dragonland

word-image-11149 The next stop on our journey to rubber is ancient China. If you’re unaware of the historical implications of Sora and his crew’s visit to our world, Dragon Land is a fun but somewhat bland start to our hero’s return. If you’re a big fan of Mulan, you’ll definitely love this world. It has some great moments related to the movie, especially with Mushu and the members of the army. But the setting and the world itself leave a lot to be desired, as it’s mostly hiking through mountains and grassy plains. When you reach the ancient temple, it’s mostly open space, which can be a bit frustrating. Not the best Disney world, but certainly not the worst.

10. Proud Rock

word-image-11151 This is the world of KH2 with traffic tricks like the Atlantic in KH1. It’s really nice to see Donald’s magic adapting the comic to the world of The Lion King Each takes the form you expect: Donald becomes a complete bird, Sora turns into a lion and Goofy becomes a turtle (again, for some reason) to continue the Atlantica trend. We are not questioning that. Lion Sora’s motion controls are a little strange and take some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun! Sliding and swinging the blade, combined with flashy combos, can be a great way to pass the time. As in the Land of the Dragon, the landscapes can be a bit barren, but they are still very beautiful. The surroundings are what you would expect from an African savannah, with lush jungle and vast plains. In terms of plot it’s what you’d expect from a new world for the series, it’s just an original film with the added interactions of Sora and the gang. The greatest benefit of this world is overcoming the childhood trauma of seeing Mufasa die while piercing Scar’s head with a knife.

9. Agraba

word-image-11153 I hope you like sand. Because you have it in abundance now. The desert city of Agrabah comes back with a vengeance when Jafar threatens to return. Personally, I’m not a big fan of desert levels in video games But the characters and other set pieces make up for it. Since this is the second time we come to Agraba, everybody knows each other and there is already a good atmosphere. Aladdin plays a cool Big Brother to Sora, the Genie stops being a renegade to multiply his antics, and Iago longs for your forgiveness. All this creates an environment conducive to interaction. Cave of Wonders will also get a nice expansion. If your eyes are drawn to the alluring glow of the treasures hidden here, you will love this area. The flying carpet mechanics can be a bit annoying though, and if you’re not used to it, you’ll be in danger before the final boss. But beyond that, Agrabah is the perfect continuation of the tour – nothing amazing, but enough to make it enjoyable.

8. Olympus Coliseum

word-image-11155 It wouldn’t be a Kingdom Hearts game without a visit to the Olympus Coliseum. She is present in every game (except one) of the series. All of these visits create a familiar and wonderful chemistry between the characters. Without the need to extol the characters, the story of the world can be a unique story instead of repeating the plot of a movie, and that’s what I love about Kingdom Hearts. This time, we are no longer confined to the Coliseum. Instead, we explore the realm of Hades: Underworld. Underworld has an eerie atmosphere, funky music and skateboarding sounds. That’s a lot to process! If you miss the place after you leave, you can always come back and enjoy a lap or two in the Underdrome, which is a version of the Coliseum in KH2. For the role of Cloud from KH1, take Auron from FFX. And he’s here to be the puppet of Hades. Watching Auron is a wonderful reward for all Final Fantasy fans. And his interaction with Hades and the rest is a real dose of Kingdom Hearts magic not found anywhere else.

7. Animal lock

word-image-11157 I love the Victorian aesthetic and the haunting aesthetic. So our next stop is a great place for me. After first meeting the Beast in the finale of KH1, we finally meet him on his own turf. Silent, haunted hallways, gargoyles and chandeliers scattered throughout the room, and don’t get me started on the music. Waltz of the Damned is one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts compositions, and it fits the atmosphere of the game so well. Although all the action takes place in the same castle, the setting is fresh and different, from courtyards to dungeons to ballrooms. The story of this world is also one of my favorites, as it directly relates to a member of the organization with small snippets of the original story. It’s enough to satisfy those who love the original film, while still making the story their own. The chemistry between the characters is also very well played here. The Beast and Belle already know Sora and the group. So there is an emotional connection when the animal gets cranky and angry.

6. Space Paranoid

word-image-11159 Unlike Port Royale, this adaptation of the franchise in a live-action world is beautifully done. Sora and the rest of the gang adapt to their surroundings, making the mix much more natural and seamless. The story is much more integrated into the main plot of KH2 than the movie. Like I said, that’s what I like to see. All the heartlessness and weapons from Space Paranoids are techno-modified into a great 80s sci-fi show. Tron’s friendship with the group is also very fun to watch, as he grows into the world and feels like a true friend, just like Jiminy. The music of fields and battles should also keep your tunes flowing as you make your way through the digital world with hack, slash and real hacking. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be doing battle on a Lightcycle, which in itself is enough to get you excited about this world. The boss fights can be a bit boring. But they’re not so annoying that they completely ruin your stay here.

5. Timeless flow

word-image-11160 The timeless river is one of the most interesting and coolest world concepts in all of KH2. Traveling back in time through Cornerstone, Sora is transported to a time when Disney’s castle was still under construction. Everything is animated like a rubber hose, from character shapes to weapons to sound effects! Even the voices have been compressed to match the old technology. It’s very interesting to watch. Through numerous mini-games/challenges based on the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, you’ll learn about Pete’s history and how he became the villain he is today. Unfortunately, this world seems shorter than the rest. And you won’t get a second visit. So it’s best to take your time and enjoy all the little fun things scattered around here. But don’t waste too much time, because the main theme of the background music world (Monochrome Dreams) can get stuck in your head and drive you crazy.

4. Halloween Town

word-image-11162 This may be a personal and biased opinion, but I still find the Nightmare Before Christmas portions of the Kingdom Hearts games the most interesting and entertaining. The world is as interesting as ever to explore and discover. It was so in KH1 and it is so in KH2. Not only have we had the pleasure of visiting Halloween Town in all its spooky, haunted glory, but now we have the chance to visit Christmas Town! New weapon mods and all sorts of scary and fun activities await you. Once again, Jack takes Sora and the rest of the group on his merry Christmas adventure, leading to some fun interactions. Sora, Donald and Goofy are wearing their wonderful Halloween costumes and now, as a bonus, they also have a Christmas Town costume! The boss fights can be a bit boring and tedious, despite the excellent design. And the landscapes, while incredibly beautiful, can be more direct than others (if that bothers you). These minor flaws aside, this is a world of holiday cheer.

3. Twilight City

word-image-11163 Take a break from the chaos of the outside world in this quiet neighborhood. Maybe take the time to get a job and help your neighbors. Listen to the soft and pleasant melodies of Lazy Afternoons as you stroll through the city streets. And don’t worry about sudden random failures, those are normal. People in black coats and a girl in a white dress need not worry either. Have fun! Twilight City is one of the most peaceful and tranquil worlds in the original Kingdom Hearts game. Twilight Town, which replaces Traverse Town, is little more than an ordinary town, at least to Sora. During Roxas, things can become chaotic and threatening instead of calm. And if you like the atmosphere here, you’re in luck! Twilight City will be a recurring world in the rest of the series, so your summer vacation isn’t over when you leave it in KH2.

2. The world that never was

word-image-11164 As the end of your journey approaches, you find yourself in a strange and confusing world. Skyscrapers appear in random places, neon lights illuminate the streets and a looming castle looms above us. Kingdom Hearts looks to the heavens, or at least the version of Xemnas. Nothing could be more appropriate to end your long adventure. This is where it all ends. For starters, the city looks like a cyberpunk version of Traverse Town – with countless lights and very tall skyscrapers that may or may not be cut in half. The area may be small, but it is a place for all ages. Outside the city is the castle that never existed, where each neighborhood has a name funnier than the last. However, it wouldn’t be a Kingdom Hearts game without a little twist. Prepare to face one final boss after another, conquering your way to the top to eventually take on Xemnas. The aesthetic of the castle even matches the Person design found throughout the game. The white and grey spikes, the symbol – all this creates a unique area. As a final world, it contains countless emotional scenes full of history. So get ready to grab your drinks and tissues.

1. Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

word-image-11165 The final world of Kingdom Hearts 1 makes an unexpected return in the form of one of the coolest returns in the series’ history. The once devastated and destroyed kingdom has begun to regain its lost magic through the efforts of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee! The people of Traverse Town we remember, who lost their home world, are now working together to restore that world to its former glory. Radiant Garden is one of the most important worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series in terms of plot and story. I won’t go into detail, because many of them contain spoilers for the next games. But the continued profitability of this world has a good reason. The magical, steampunk atmosphere found here gives this area a unique and awesome look. The old Hollow Bastion songs have been remixed to give them a more upbeat and hopeful melody. A real gift for the ears. You’ll visit this world often throughout the history of KH2, so get ready to discover more and more of this bright place. How can you not like it? You can spend time with your favorite Final Fantasy heroes and fight against the heartless to restore peace to the land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kingdom Hearts have best worlds?

A fun way to start off this blog is to look at the world in Kingdom Hearts, and ask which worlds are the best. Many of these worlds will be very popular with readers, but some may not be so familiar with them. Kingdom Hearts is a series of action RPG games, where all the characters are Disney characters. In this article, I will be talking about the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 2 in order of their quality, starting from the worst and ending with the best. You can check out the “The Best Worlds in Kingdom Hearts” article for the list of worlds in order of quality.

Is Kingdom Hearts 2 the best?

In the last blog post I ranked every world from best to worst in Kingdom Hearts II (I bet you didn’t expect that, huh?). Now, I’m ranking every world from best to worst in Kingdom Hearts II and comparing them to the other worlds so you can see which worlds are the best in the series – and which worlds are the worst. Kingdom Hearts 2 is one of the most beloved games in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. With the series’ most recent release, Kingdom Hearts 3, still a ways off, fans are looking for ways to fill the void and while Final Fantasy 15 and Monster Hunter World have been the focus of the KH franchise recently, there have been rumors of a new addition to the series, an HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 1.5. It was recently announced that the HD remaster will include the entire Kingdom Hearts 1 world and will be released on the Playstation 3.

What are the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 2?

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