The Best Tips to Buy a Cheap Android Smartphone

Smartphone medium or high-end, thanks to the good deals and the amazing variety of manufacturers and devices under Android (Samsung, Google, LG, but also OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Lenovo/Motorola, Meizu), there is really something for every taste and every budget! It’s enough to satisfy both those who are looking for a smartphone with no great pretensions just to phone, text and occasionally go online, and others who want the best in photo, video, AMOLED screen, SoC Exynos, Snapdragon, internal storage space and want smartphones with extensive update support, and running Android 8.0 Oreo.

If you’ve stumbled upon this Phonandroid page, it’s because you’re looking for the best deals to buy a smartphone at the best price.

Cheap smartphone: the best deals and promotions

All year round, Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Darty, Rue du Commerce, Boulanger offer periods during which smartphone prices drop sharply. Whether it’s the summer or winter sales or BLACK FRIDAY Cyber Monday we are always on the lookout for the best deals, both for major established manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Lenovo / Motorola, as well as for lesser known Chinese smartphone brands: Huawei, Oppo, Meizu, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Leagoo, etc.

Android smartphones are indeed seeing their prices broken in the months following their release. Price cuts can be in the 10% range for Apple smartphones, but can be as fast as 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and even more during certain times of the year for competing manufacturers. As we know, the life of bargain hunters isn’t always easy, and that’s why we dedicate time and resources to gathering the best and cheapest smartphone deals of the moment.

We also follow very closely all the opportunities to make the best deals in partnership with our specialized site In addition to these one-off promotions, we are also on the alert for all flash sales, whether on e-commerce sites such as Gearbest, where there are many low-cost smartphones. This makes it easy to buy an unlocked smartphone without going through Orange, SFR-Altice, Free mobile or Bouygues.

Good smartphone plans: take advantage of ODRs (refund offers)

In addition to these promotions it is possible to benefit from additional discounts thanks to the famous ODR (refund offer). These are set up temporarily directly by the manufacturers. In order to take advantage of this, you usually have to print and fill out an entry form and send it as soon as possible to the address indicated. The refunded amount, which can be quite substantial, is then transferred to your Bank Account within the time limits indicated on the form.

Samsung, like other manufacturers, often resorts to this ploy. RDAs should be closely monitored especially during periods of promotions. Sometimes you can accumulate a balance or an additional discount via a discount code with an ODR, turning a good plan that seems unattractive into the deal of your dreams. We try to put in our articles all these ways to reduce the price, to get you a little smile during the payment.

Of course, if by any chance you come across a good map that we haven’t found yet (this is usually quite rare), we recommend that you mention in the comments the best possible prices. We will quickly update the right plan so that everyone can benefit from it. So, you ready to save some money? This is where it’s happening!

Excellent Huawei P30 goes under €410 at Amazon

The high-end Huawei P30 smartphone is currently being promoted on the Amazon France website. Posted at 429 €, it increases to 409 € thanks to a coupon…

Smartphone 09/02/2020

Big price drop on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GB!

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone in its high-end variant with 1TB of internal storage memory and 8GB of RAM is the subject of a promotion….

Smartphone 09/02/2020

Discounted Smartphones: eBay sales continue!

Here’s a selection of great deals available on eBay until February 5th to extend this sale period. Attention some products are in limited quantity. The first to arrive will be the…

Smartphone 30/01/2020

Big price drop on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: it goes down to €798

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the GALAXY NOTE 10+ is the subject of a very interesting promotion on the Cdiscount website The variant with 256 GB of internal storage memory…

Smartphone 27/01/2020

The Honor 20 Lite in its 128 GB version is at a good price: 199€

You intend to buy the Honor 20 Lite? On the Boulanger online store you’ll find a good deal on a smartphone. It is indeed sold to the…

Smartphone 24/01/2020

Good deal of the day: the iPhone 11 (128 GB) is urgently needed at a good price

The Apple iPhone 11 in its 128GB version is the subject of a great deal on the Cdiscount site. It is possible to buy the smartphone of the brand at the…

Smartphone 24/01/2020

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ becomes more affordable with this coupon code

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ in its 128 GB variant is the subject of a promotion on the Cdiscount site. Displayed at 749 euros, a coupon code allows you to get an immediate discount…

Smartphone 24/01/2020

Galaxy Note 9: big price drop it finally becomes affordable!

The Orange operator offers a good plan on its online shop to acquire the top-of-the-range smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 under the 500 euro mark, for more…

Smartphone 23/01/2020

Big price drop on iPhone X (256 GB) at Orange

Here’s a Great deal for those looking for the iPhone X in promotion! The famous smartphone of the apple brand proposed in its new version…

Smartphone 23/01/2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM drops in price to €699

Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10, is the subject of a good map on the Cdiscount online store’s website. Its variant carrying 256 GB…

Smartphone 22/01/2020

Samsung Galaxy A50 goes under €300 on Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy A50 mid-range smartphone is currently being priced lower on Amazon. It is possible to have it at 269 euros. Pretty good when you…

Smartphone 17/01/2020

For sales, Cdiscount breaks the price of the iPhone XS: it’s €679!

Great deal alert at Cdiscount! The French brand allows its customers to buy the sublime iPhone XS at a 39% discount. With this shed, it goes under the…

Smartphone 15/01/2020

2020 smartphone sales: top offers without ODR this winter

Avalanche of good deals on smartphones during the 2020 winter sales! Whether it’s high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ or other models just as…

Smartphone 15/01/2020

The excellent Samsung Galaxy S10 is at a good price on Rue du Commerce

Are you planning to buy the Galaxy S10 soon for the sales? Take advantage of this good smartphone plan at Rue du Commerce where the shopping site offers an immediate discount…

Smartphone 13/01/2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is priced at 759.05 € with coupon code

Samsung’s premium smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10+, is being promoted on the Top Achat website. The latter is offered in its variant with 256 GB of storage space and…

Smartphone 13/01/2020

The excellent iPhone XR becomes more accessible and goes for €593.99 on Amazon

Amazon offers a discount on the iPhone XR in its 64GB internal storage variant. It is possible to buy it in yellow for 593.99 euros,…

Smartphone 13/01/2020

The iPhone 11 at a bargain price thanks to a coupon code on Cdiscount

Great deal alert at Cdiscount! The famous French merchant site breaks the price of the apple iphone 11 in this period of sales. Through a…

Smartphone 09/01/2020

A Red by SFR voucher that allows you to get the Honor 20 Pro for €349

Would you like to buy the Honor 20 Pro on special offer or on sale? The Red SFR shop allows its customers to acquire the high-end smartphone at exactly the right price….

Smartphone 09/01/2020

Winter 2020 balances: Xiaomi Mix 2S + wireless charger at 199€ via ODR on Rue Du Commerce

During the winter sales in 2020, the Rue du Commerce storefront is offering a special offer on the Xiaomi Mix 2S with a wireless induction charger at a price of 249 euros per person….

Smartphone 08/01/2020

The Huawei P20 smartphone is on sale for €229 at Bouygues

The high-end Huawei P20 smartphone is currently offered at a lower price, below 300 euros on the Bouygues Telecom website. He’s, uh…

Smartphone 08/01/2020

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