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With the release of the Skyrim Creation Kit, there are now a plethora of mods that allow players to experience Sword Art Online in its entirety. Though many have been disappointing, these Games Show how successful gameplay modifications can be for both video games and anime series – providing a way to bridge decades old gaps between mediums.

The “skyrim Sword art online mod xbox one” is a list of the best Sword art Online mods for Skyrim. The list includes mods that are compatible with Xbox One and PC.

Sword Art Online’s full-immersion technology is still a long way off for humanity.

However, we’re on the right track when it comes to creating massive and complex fictional worlds.

Back in 2011, Skyrim seemed groundbreaking. Oblivion was obviously a massive game, but Skyrim seemed far bigger.

It’s not only the map’s immensity that gives us a feeling of scale; it’s also the detailed storylines woven into it, as well as the prospect of a thousand different experiences.

That same year, Sword Art Online was released. And watching a program about living within a similar game while playing the finest open-world RPG I’d ever played was amazing.

If you’re looking for a way to combine these magical realms, these SAO-themed modifications are for you.


SAO Menu Replacer is a program that replaces the menus on your computer.

SAO Menu Replacer Skyrim mod

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It’s similar to signing into SAO when you start Skyrim… sans the total immersion VR technology and the risk of having your brain fried.

This SAO Menu Replacer by Drag0nHunter3r55 is a terrific asset if you want to feel even more like you’re ready to dive into the floating castle of Aincrad when you start up The Elder Scrolls V.

It not only changes the backdrop picture to a SAO-related one, but it also changes the soundtrack.

It’s a little but fun mod, and it’s much better when used in conjunction with the SAO Font Replacer.


2. Sun Replacer SAO

SAO Sun Replacer mod for Skyrim

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Here’s a fantastic, though strange, mod.

Rather than altering people or locales to make Skyrim more like to the world of Sword Art Online, modder Tenma’s Sun Replacer injects a healthy dose of anime into Nirn’s closest companion.

The sun has a halo and cool beams of light radiating in all cardinal directions, rather as a drab old ball.

It n’t change the way the environment looks, but it will make for some incredible screenshots.

You’ll appreciate having such a gorgeous sun to enjoy while dusting yourself off and heading to your next adventure after a night of slaying Draugr within an old Nord temple.


3. Kirito Preset (Kirito Preset) (LE)

Kirito Preset (LE) Skyrim mod

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Because it’s the most current and widely-adopted version of the game, I normally concentrate on Skyrim Special Edition modifications — but the Legendary Edition has a wider mod library, and some of them are too excellent to pass up.

This authentic Kirito setting developed by modder Emtana is a wonderful example.

Any effort to create Kirito in vanilla Skyrim would fail terribly, since Skyrim’s burly, gruff, and rugged males can’t be given a baby face.

Mods, on the other hand, are exempt from the regulations.


4. Weapons Pack for SAO (LE)

SAO Weapons Pack (LE) mod for Skyrim

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You’ll need to buy Kirito some weapons after you’ve got him wandering throughout Skyrim.

Even with his amazing swordsmanship, he won’t go very far with just any steel blade.

The SAO Weaponry Pack, which includes six new weapons based on Kirito’s Elucidator, is one of my favorite alternatives.

This black sword has been his hallmark weapon for the most of the story, and it will now aid the Dragonborn.

There’s also a dagger, a greatsword, a mace, a war axe, and a battle-axe, all of which have similar design elements such as the jet black hue and ornate white crosses.


5. Elucidator & Dark Repulser (LE)

Elucidator & Dark Repulser (LE) Skyrim mod

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If you don’t care so much about weapon variety and would prefer to make your character as close to Kirito as possible, then Mr. Flopsie’s Elucidator & Dark Repulser pack is for you.

These blades are an excellent choice for any warrior who wields two swords.

The creator nailed the color of the Dark Repulser, and both the Elucidator and Dark Repulser are expertly sculpted.


Excalibur, the Holy Sword (LE)

Holy Sword Excalibur (LE) mod for Skyrim

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Kirito’s finest weapons throughout his time stuck in SAO were the Elucidator and Dark Repulser, but when it came to rescuing Asuna in Alfheim Online, he needed to level up.

The answer would be located deep inside Jötunheimr’s frigid domain, guarded by giants and fearsome monsters.

But don’t worry; all you have to do now is download it.

Excalibur, the Holy Sword, bestows invincible strength on the possessor.

Because the Dragonborn often kills old primordial animals, this BasaraStyle mod feels like a natural match.


Asuna Follower is number seven on the list.

Asuna Follower Skyrim mod

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Whether you’re playing as Kirito or not, I’m confident you’ll enjoy the chance to roam the world with Asuna Yuu, Sword Art Online’s second greatest badass.

It’s simple to understand why Kirito decides to remain with Asuna despite the fact that every new arc of the anime introduces a new female to him. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and behaves like a regular adult — something that most anime characters fail to do.

Furthermore, she is a deadly rapier wielder, which will come in useful throughout her stay in Skyrim.


8. SAO Sword Techniques

SAO Sword Skills mod for Skyrim

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I’ve never been more jealous of an anime character as when I witnessed Kirito use his newfound dual-wielding talents to take out The Gleam Eyes.

Is it really permitted to dress like that?

Starburst Stream is the name of the technique, and it can be found (along with others) in Kagutou’s SAO Sword Skill Pack.

In Skyrim, skills are little more than an aura and some gorgeous lights.

However, Vorpal Strike, Deadly Sins and Starburst Stream seem to be straight out of a JRPG, which is exactly how they should be.

They’re also very strong, allowing you to approach Kirito’s level of strength.

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The “skyrim kirito mod ” is a mod that allows Players to play as the protagonist from Sword Art Online. The mod includes a new set of armor, weapons, and quests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in Sword Art Online?

A: The strongest weapon in Sword Art Online is the sword Excalibur.

What is the best weapon mod in Skyrim?

A: I have not yet played Skyrim, so this will be an impossible question for me to answer.

What is the biggest mod for Skyrim?

A: The biggest mod for skyrim is the Creation kit from Bethesda. It allows users to alter nearly every aspect of Skyrim in any way they see fit, including adding new quests and storylines, changing armor layouts and textures, creating entirely new creatures with their own behavior sets etc.

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