The best plug-ins for OBS Studio

plug-ins for OBS Studio you can add effects and features to your workflow relatively easily. Integrated tools can add functionality and extend usability beyond what competing software – Streamlabs OBS and Twitch Studio – can keep up with. If you really want to get the most out of your feed, OBS Studio is the software for you.

But with the increasing number of plugins in the suite, it can be daunting to find the one that will improve your feed the most. This is not necessary, as there are a number of plugins that you should consider necessary for your streaming. Here we will highlight those that should be included in your feed.

That’s what it looks like: Installing plug-ins in OBS Studio

Keep in mind that adding certain elements to your feed may increase the resources used by your system. Some blur effects require, for example. B. your computer needs more power to maintain the effects used. If you’re worried about the power of your setup, it’s advisable to install one plugin at a time and test your feed with it, completing registration first to make sure you can handle it.

StreamFX is one of the most important plugins if you want to spice up your stream, offering a range of outstanding visual effects to transform your sources and scenes. With the ability to manipulate sources in a 3D object, add shaders and gradients to elements, and even the ability to add custom features to certain elements, StreamFX is a must for anyone looking to add a creative touch to their show.

The transitions that come with OBS are pretty standard and typical of what you would expect from video production software. Cut, Fade and Shuffle are the basic settings available, and you will need a custom video file if you want to insert a transition point that cuts another scene during video playback. Luckily, Motion Transition is one of the smoothest plugins out there to give your transitions a little shine.

Add a new transition in the Move box, and you can configure it to move resources on the screen as you wish, removing items from the view that are not relevant to the new scene. You can create multiple versions if you want to make elements disappear in different directions and at different speeds. This is more of a professional installation than a permanent cut, and it works well with the default settings. You have to see it to see how smooth it is.

One of the best supports in OBS are the VST plug-ins. Typically, they enable the implementation of audio controls and effects using an engine that drives digital audio workstations. This means you can make powerful audio adjustments from the OBS itself. There are several options, but probably you will benefit most from the VST plugins of Reaper.

It contains almost all the options you want for sound settings. OBS has some built in, but they are nothing more than sliders that don’t give you a visual idea of where your current sound levels are. It means blindly obeying. Reaper plug-ins provide a spectrum analyzer of current levels to help you set up.

These range from equalizers to adjust the bass, midrange and treble of your audio and microphone, to noise gates that prevent soft sounds, such as computer beeps, from entering your stream. Compression and delay functions are also available if required, which is particularly useful for streaming music.

This installation differs from your default plugin installation because they are usually put directly on your hard drive and OBS communicates with them through this installation.

For many people, the idea of using more than one type of transition is unnecessary. If you have a good stinger to use, or if you’re happy with the global option, you probably don’t need this plugin. However, with the transition matrix or transition table, you can add a touch of professionalism to your production values by customizing your transitions from one scene to the next.

The transition matrix may seem complicated, but it can be a powerful tool. The rows represent the scene you are moving from, and the columns the scene you are moving to. Once you get the hang of the interface, it’s much easier to set up transition structures.

However, if you are looking for a simpler solution, the transition table from Exceldro, the manufacturer of OBS plug-ins, offers a simpler interface that can produce results similar to the transition matrix. Simply add to and from the scenes for which you want to define a specific transition, then define the desired transition. It is still very powerful, and you should try both versions of the transition converter to see which one you are most comfortable with.

The plugin that probably unleashes the most creative energy, Shaderfilter, allows you to add multiple filters and effects to your stream. They can be added to either a single source or an entire scene, and they come with a number of cool effects that are easy to apply and can be adjusted to different levels.

What makes the quality of Shaderfilter is that its library of shaders and effects is easily extensible. Many new filters are constantly being downloaded that can be easily implemented into your plugin installation. Shaderfilter is a great addition to any OBS setup, if only to try out some of the coolest effects.

That’s where plugins can come in handy, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile to figure out what you can do with your Twitch broadcast, OBS Websocket will be an important tool to bring your vision to life.

OBS Websocket connects the remote server function to OBS, which means you can connect other applications to OBS for management. The practical application can be expanded, but an example of what can be implemented is integration with Streamdeck software such as TouchPortal. It can manage elements of your OBS, such as. B. Change the set for you, overlap multiple filters, and even add custom channel points that your viewers can run if you’re a streaming partner.

While it probably won’t be the most useful plugin for you, OBS Websocket opens up a lot of possibilities, so it’s worth adding it in the future.

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