The Best Multifunction Printers of February 2020 Less Than 100

(maj 06/02/2020) Need a printer quickly, without spending too much money? Discover our selection of multifunction printers for less than 100 €.

  • Thursday 06 February 2020 at 15:40

Update of 06 February 2020 : The two old Epson models at the end of their life have been replaced by the new XP-2100 model which has everything to please with its full features such as Wifi connectivity, a mobile application and separate ink cartridges for each colour.

Administrative procedures, children’s homework at school, students’ revisions, printing tickets: in many situations, it now seems difficult to move forward without having your own printer. If you don’t want this purchase to impact your budget too much, take a look at these affordable entry-level alternatives, available in stores for less than €100.

1. Canon Pixma TS6250: the best in print quality at -100€

This small model of Canon Pixma TS6250 printer impresses with its compact design. Although it is clearly an entry-level product, it has a few good surprises in store for you to try. This printer will be the best entry-level solution for all those who regularly edit illustrated files, or even photographs. As a recognized brand of cameras, Canon couldn’t afford to simply meet the basic requirements on its printers: you’ll be truly amazed at how sharp the results are and how accurate the colours are. Be careful, however, with multi-page folders that you need very quickly: the printer imposes a drying time when it is used too intensively. On a presentation of several dozen sheets, you will have to be patient if you choose this model.

2. HP DeskJet 3639: the best in compact size

It’s easy to buy it at a very low price: the HP DeskJet 3639 Printer, self-proclaimed 3-in-1, builds on modest claims to appeal to customers who are looking for cost-effective equipment that gets the job done. For a student equipping his studio, the compact design will undoubtedly appeal: it is easy to put it on a desk, even when you finally have little space. The design, on the other hand, is both sober and neat. Including WiFi connectivity and even a mobile application that allows you to print remotely, this printer is quiet and energy efficient.

3. HP OfficeJet 3831: the best with Fax function

With the HP Office Jet 3831, you get excellent print or copy speed, but it’s slightly slower on colour documents. A little extra, this model has a touch screen that is very easy to use. On the other hand, keep in mind that consumables can be a little more expensive, especially because you have to change all three colours simultaneously. Finally, unlike the other multifunction printers presented here, often 3in1 (copy, scan and print), this one has another feature, since it can also fax documents.

4. Epson Expression Home XP-2100: the best for Epson fans

Are you looking for a multifunction that is compact, attractive, easy to use and saves you money? Go for the XP-2100. This compact model prints crisp documents with vivid colors. With Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Epson mobile applications, it allows you to print all your documents remotely.

These cameras may not necessarily impress you with their speed or sharpness when compared to high-end references. On the other hand, they meet all the basic requirements of a small, inexpensive printer, which will be used on an ad hoc basis. Of course, all the models we have chosen for you include several functions: you will be able to photocopy, scan and print without any difficulty.

Even on a small budget, you can easily find a printer that suits your practices. You don’t necessarily have to expect impressive speed or exceptional rendering, but by knowing the main strengths of each model and identifying your needs, you can determine which one suits you best.

Our advice on how to choose

Ink cartridges

Conventional inkjet printers use 3 colour cartridges (cyan, magenta and yellow) and one black cartridge. Some entry-level models use a single cartridge that combines all 3 colours. The big disadvantage is that if one of the colours runs out, the cartridge will have to be replaced, which is not very economical. Ideally, therefore, it is best to opt for a separate cartridge printer, which can then be replaced independently. Some more advanced models use additional colors such as cyan or pale magenta to improve color reproduction for photo printing and other applications.

Printing speed

Print speed is measured in pages per minute or ppm. The speeds given by the manufacturers are often misleading because they do not take into account the processing time. This is the time that elapses between the moment you click on the “print” button and the moment the printer will start working. If you print short documents, long processing times can be inconvenient. The speed is not constant with an inkjet printer. It varies depending on the quality settings you choose and whether you print in monochrome or color.

A high-resolution image appears sharper on a computer screen and the same is true for a printout. With a printer, the resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi). The higher the dpi number, the greater the fineness of reproduction. In general, the resolution varies depending on whether you are printing in monochrome or colour. Monochrome text and graphics do not need the same level of detail as a photo. For example, a printer may offer a monochrome resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and a colour resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi. If you plan to print a lot of photos, select a template with a high resolution.

Wireless technology

The vast majority of printers connect via USB. But some newer models do include WiFi. A WiFi printer may be more convenient because you can place it anywhere in your office without having to connect it to the computer with a cable. WiFi printers also have the advantage that they can be shared between several users because they can be accessed from any computer on a home network Some printers also offer Bluetooth, which allows you to print photos from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones or some cameras.

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