The Best Mobile Plans of February 2020

MAJ 04/02/2020 with the new package promo signed Orange / Sosh – Faced with the multiplication of promotions, it’s difficult to choose the best mobile package Whoever offers the unlimited (call and SMS), will cover the data (Internet) needs for France and abroad and the operator who will guarantee the best price and quality of service. Here is our comparison of the best mobile plans without commitment to make the right choice for this month of January.

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Comparison of the best promotional mobile plans updated on 4 February 2020 with new mobile offers – Below you will find our selection of the best mobile plans for February, a note on the evolution of the market offers this month and our tips / FAQs to help you choose your plan and operator.

1. Package Red by SFR 60 GB: always the best package on special offer

Red by SFR the steamroller of the promo keeps the hand in the beginning of 2020 and extends its60 GBoffer for 12 euros until February 10. In addition to this considerable data envelope for France and the additional 8 GB for Europe, this no obligation package is sold as valid for life, understand that the offer (and the price) will be offered until the subscriber terminates the contract. In details, this package includes :

If you manage to exceed the 60 GB envelope, there will be no limit to the throughput, but you will have to opt for refills charged at €2 per 100 MB, up to a limit of 4 refills. Then it’s blocked. This non-binding offer will be offereduntil 10 February.

RED by SFR 60 GB in detail >  

2. Sosh 50 GB package: the best mobile package for travellers

Orange intends to stay in the race by relaunching its promotion on the Sosh 50 GB package, which goes from €24.99 to € 9.99/month. This is a very solid proposal for travellers, but they should bear in mind that unlike SFR and Bouygues the Sosh promotion will only be valid for one year.

This offer, valid for 12 months, will be offereduntil 17 February.

3. La Poste Mobile 30 GB package: the best offer for less than 10 euros

While the market is structured around €12 offers, La Poste Mobile offers a very balanced package for less than €10. 30 GB in France and 10 in Europe (to be subtracted from the 30 GB envelope), this package at €9.99 instead of €14.99 is particularly engaging. Because here the proposal is valid for life, without time limit therefore. In details, this package includes :

Note in the subtleties of use that if you manage to exceed this beautiful envelope of 30 Gb, the flow will not be limited but blocked, you will have to opt for refills charged 2€ per 100 Mb, 500 Mb for 5€ or 2 Gb for 7€.

4. B&You 60 GB package: the other safe bet

Like its best enemy RED / SFR, Bouygues Telecom starts the year 2020 as it had finished 2019 with a flat rate at 11.99€ / month for 60 GB of Internet envelope in France metro and 6 GB for Europe (to be subtracted from the 60 GB envelope). Please note that this pricing will be valid with no time limit. Bouygues’ offer includes :

  • Unlimited fixed/mobile calls in France, in the French overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) and in Europe (3h maximum/call and 129 different recipients maximum/month)
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS in France and from the French Overseas Departments and Europe
  • 60 GB of data, in 4G, for Metropolitan France
  • of which 6 GB of data to be used in Europe and in the DOMs

After the very comfortable Internet envelope, the Mo will be charged 0.01 euros in France and 0.06 euros when you travel on the old continent. This offer will be offereduntil24 February.

B&You 60 GB in detail >

5. Cdiscount mobile 100 GB package: the package with the most data…for the hexagon

Cdiscount offers a 100 GB package at 9.99 euros / month. A rate rarely seen for such a data envelope which will be however proposed that 12 months, at the end of this period this package will find its usual rate of 20€.

  • Unlimited fixed/mobile calls in France, in the French Overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) and in Europe (3h maximum/call and 129 different recipients maximum/month)
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS in France and from the French overseas departments and Europe
  • 100 GB of data, in 4G, for Metropolitan France
  • of which 5 GB of data to be used in Europe and in the DOMs

Cdiscount relies on the Orange, Bouygues Telecom or SFR networks. Be aware that the network proposed natively will be that of SFR. The offer will end on February 4.

6. Free mobile 50 GB plan: a nice package for less than 10 euros

Free Mobile is camping on its positions at the beginning of 2020 and proposes an identical offer to last year with a package benefiting from a package of 50 GBforat €9.99 against €19.99 usually. A nice offer thatwill be however valid 1 year, at the end of these 12 months the offer will find its usual price.

  • Unlimited Calls in France, French overseas departments and Europe (3h maximum/call and 129 different recipients maximum/month)
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS in France and from the French Overseas Departments and Europe
  • 50 GB of data, in 4G, for Metropolitan France
  • of which 4 GB of data to be used in Europe and in the DOMs

Free Mobile 50 GB in detail >   

The best mobile plans currently

Network coverage (voice and data) remains a determining factor in the choice of your operator, as does the quality of service, the duration of the promotion and the data envelope in France and abroad. On this mid-January here are the two mobile packages that we find the most interesting:

  • RED by SFR remains the most attractive and balanced option at present with its 60 GB offer at 12 euros whose pricing, valid for with noduration limit, will not change after one year. A proposal that ticks all the boxes on voice and roaming and presents an 8 GB data envelope that should cover the needs of the majority of overseas subscribers. In the case of longer trips, subscribers will still be able to play on the modularity of the package. 
  • Users who travel very regularly in Europe should consider Sosh’s offer of 50 GB at 9.99 euros for thesedestinations. However, it should be kept in mind that the promotional offer will only last for one year, after this period the package will increase to 24.99€ which is now less attractive in view of the competitive panorama.

Sosh 50 GB in detail >

This February 2020 follows the trend initiated at the end of 2019 with a “move upmarket” of the best mobile offers on promotion. Exit the 30 or 40 Gb proposals for 10 euros, the new front opened by the tauliers of the good package plan is now around 50 Gb and more for about 12 euros. A bidding war for data in the metro in France and abroad that logically benefits users with more balanced packages that will cover all uses, including those who travel regularly. In this price bracket, the core of the market, the quartet SFR (RED), Free Mobile Bouygues (B&You) and Orange (Sosh) have got into the habit of pulling out all the stops with proposals enriched with service and/or benefiting from promotional rates.

It is not always easy to see clearly in the scorched earth strategy that the operators are pursuing together. Between the data-rich packages sold at the same price and the “limited” (but often extended several times) promotions offered by operators, it’s time for subscribers to change tack and try out these offers without commitment.

Subscribers have the hand

The no-commitment option has now become well established in uses that lead to customer volatility and the need for operators to offer increasingly aggressive discounts to capture them.  A price and service war that benefits subscribers, these non-binding offers allow them to easily switch from one operator to another at the whim of promotions or the data envelope.

Keeping your number

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping your phone number you will need to get your RIO by dialling 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of your number portability.

Mobile Internet

In this age of Netflix, audio streaming and mobile-only Internet browsing, the 4G data envelope is one of the first things to watch out for. If 20 GB covers most of the basic needs, it is preferable to opt for 40 or even 50 GB, especially since the shared connection mode (4G modem) is often included in the subscription.


All the mobile offers that we recommend present at least calls and SMS from Europe/DOM to metropolitan France/Europe (and sometimes DOM). In addition to voice, the Internet envelope for foreigners should also be monitored. A holidaymaker will be satisfied with 6 GB, a regular traveller will need more.

The network

For voice, mobile operators have identical coverage, 99% of the territory and between 94% and 96% of the population. In terms of 4G coverage, the three historical leaders stand in a tight corner, with Orange remaining the leader at 87%, followed by Bouygues and SFR, often tied at 83%. Only Free is still a little off at 73%.


Flow rates will be strongly conditioned by your area of use. In urban and rural areas, flows can vary greatly. Some operators are significantly better in the countryside, others in public transport. According to the latest ARCEP survey, Orange is at 57 Mbs in downloads (13 Mbs sent), Bouygues at 45 Mbs and 10 Mbs, SFR at 42 Mbs and 13 Mbs and Free at 34 Mbs and 7 Mbs.

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