The best Minions in Final Fantasy XIV Online

When it comes to FFXIV, Minions are some of the most popular characters you can take on in any of the field jobs. They each have their own unique skills and will often generate the most damage per minute and most gold per minute of anyone on the battlefield. Which is why I have decided to take a look at my favorite minions and rank them in order from best to worst.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the fantasy world of Final Fantasy. It was released for the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 on June 23, 2010, and for the PC on October 28, 2011. Based on the Final Fantasy series, the game is set in the fictional world of Eorzea, which consists of six regions, each representing a different continent. The continent of Eorzea is home to the city of Ishgard, which is protected by the last surviving dragon, Bahamut. The player can choose to journey alone, or join a group of up to eight other players in what is called “raid content.”

can follow you throughout your adventures in Final Fantasy XIV Online. They typically don’t do too much to impact your gameplay directly, but they’re extremely beneficial to be a reliable companion you can have by your side. There are numerous minions you can pick from to take with you, and these are some of the best ones you can choose to take with you and how to obtain them.

Bacon Bits

Image via Square Enix

Bacon Bits is a loyal companion that uses its massive ears to fly around you, following you on your adventures. When you interact with Bacon Bits, such as feeding him and poking him, has Bacon Bits performing several special animations that you can do while you’re waiting for your dungeon group to go on their next rotation. Plus, he’s absolutely adorable.


Image via Square Enix

If Bacon Bits is not your preference, then the Bluebird is another alternative animal to have flying around you while you run around partaking in events and complete the latest quest. The Bluebird also has specific interactions with your emote while you’re using it, such as moving in front of you when you clap or eating from your hand when you use handover. It’s a tiny little bird, and not many may see it, but it’s your reliable companion that will never be too far away.

Dolphin Calf

If you’ve always wanted to have a little Dolphin Calf with you to take on your adventures, now is your chance with the Dolphin Calf minion. It does not require any water, so you don’t need to make sure it’s swimming through anything but the air. It’s a small creature that flies through the air and follows you throughout your adventure, and it’s precisely what you’d imagine from a baby Dolphin, but even more adorable.

Little Leafman

For those who would rather have a magical companion rather than a small creature fluttering nearby you, the Little Leafman is a suitable option. It has a few leaves on itself to distinguish itself as a leafman, but mostly, it’s a small green creature that looks like the much larger ones roam around Mheg. While not as adorable as the previous choices, the Leafman lets you pet it, and it performs a unique animation. Because of that, the Little Leafman rises to the top as one of the best companions.


Image via Square Enix

You won’t see this little minion roaming the world too much, but it’s an adorable addition to your collection, and you can have Littlefoot following you around. When you pet the creature, it will pound its chest, almost as if daring you to challenge it. Although Littlefoot does not win when it comes to being the most adorable, the fire in its heart and the ferocious nature of its chest-pounding can win your heart over.

Nana Bear

Image via Square Enix

What can be more adorable than a cuddly bear with a handkerchief wrapped around its neck, following you around, wagging its tail as if it were a dog? Nearly nothing can beat it, and the Nana Bear is something we highly recommend anyone adds to their collection, especially if you enjoy taking a seat to give your companion some attention while you’re hanging out with your friends. If you poke the Nan Bear, it will sit down on its back legs, looking up at you with its full attention.

Silver Dasher

Image via Square Enix

Returning to the theme of birds and flying companions, the Silver Dasher is another option if you’d like a bird following you around. While it may look like a simple silver bird, its back had a distinct dark brown coloration that settles right in against the sharp grays and blacks of the Silver Dasher’s feathers. If you keep the Silver Dasher out while you’re playing and you walk away, eventually, it decides to rest on your shoulder and cuddle up next to you.

The Major-General

Image via Square-Enix

The Major-General is reporting for duty and is a tiny shark with beautiful dark eyes and adorably sharp teeth. The big difference for the Major-General is that it has tiny legs so that it won’t swim in the air next to you. Instead, it’s going to be running right next to you while it follows you around. If you pet it, the Major-General will jump down on its stomach and swim around in a circle on the ground right in front of you.


The next minion we want to discuss as one of the best choices in Final Fantasy XIV Online is Trike. The small triceratops has green skin, will cuddle up right next to you while you’re sitting down. If you pet Trike, it will sit down and look up at you while you’re petting it, showing how much love it truly has for you to take it around with you. Much like the Major-General, it’s making a reasonable large creature into a much smaller one, turning it into the perfect minion.

Wind-up Warrior of Light

A much more common minion for players to have will be the Wind-up Warrior of Light. While it doesn’t have the same level of adorable as the many animals featured in this section, or the unique creatures, the Wind-up Warrior of Light is a companion that is covered in armor and carries a distinct sword over its shoulder while it follows you around.

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