The Best Known Platforms Are Not the Best Rewarding Ones.

Streaming music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes or Deezer have become legion. If for music lovers these applications have revolutionized the way of listening tomusic, what about the main interested parties? Indeed, is really profitable for singers to propose their creations on these platforms? How are the revenues distributed?

First observation: Spotify, Deezer and other iTunes continue to grow in the global music market. But the question we can ask ourselves is whether an artist who offers his songs on these platforms can really make a living out of it? Thanks to a study carried out by the specialized website The Trichordist, we have an overview of the global revenues from the music streaming market in the United States. With this report, we can see what is really coming back into an artist’s pockets.

Thus, we can see that it is not the best known platforms that are the most generous. Indeed, while 47% of the listening is done on the streaming application Spotify, it is one of the platforms that pays the least to artists. In 2014, a singer received $0.00521 per listen, in 2016, the remuneration increased to to 0.00437 dollar to reach last year 0.00397 dollar. In three years, Spotify’s platform has reducedartist fees by 24%.

But Spotify isn’t the cheapest… Indeed, we can notice that YouTube is last in the top 10 of streaming platforms. It pays artists only $0.00074 per listen!

The most lucrative platform for singers was Groove Music. Yes, was, because with only 0.65% market share, Microsoft’s service closed on 31 December last. Thanks to Groove Music, artists could claim 0.02730 dollars perlisten.

Our colleagues at 01Net had fun transposing these numbers for the song Friday by Booba.  Thus, on Spotify, the French rapper would earn $35,155 (28,716 euros) with 9 million listenings cumulated. On YouTube, with 15 million views, he would receive only $11,100 or 9070 euros. If Groove Music still existed and assuming that it would have played as much as on Spotify, Booba could have claimed 252,562 dollars or 206,305 euros! You’ll see that this represents revenue divided by 22 between Groove Music and YouTube and revenue divided by 7 between Spotify and the old Microsoft platform.

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