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The Gravekeeper’s are a new clan of Gravekeepers, who have a different look than the standard Gravekeeper, with a black circle in the middle of their chest. They have also been known to include a small clock in their art, with the hours corresponding to their name.

Gravekeepers are a fun and competitive sub-type of CCG (Collectible Card Game) that’s not too difficult to learn, but still has a nice complexity. In a Gravekeepers game, players are in charge of a cemetery filled with necromancers and vampires, and have to do the job of a Cemetery Keeper: manage the graves and have a certain amount of respect from other players.

have been a popular choice against the metagame since their appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh in Spell Ruler. Your main strategy is to prevent your opponent from entering the graveyard with Necrovalley, while manipulating the graveyard at will. And after 10 years of playing this game, I only now realize it’s because they’re literally grave keepers…). One small note: To really understand the Tomb Keepers’ strategy and get the most out of this list, you need to know what the Necropolis is for. This is what Necrovalley does: All Tomb Guard monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF. Cards in a graveyard cannot be banished. Cancels any card effect that moves the card to another location in the graveyard. Cancels any card effect that changes types or attributes in the graveyard. If you want to diversify your deck with a few Dimpled monsters or make a full-fledged anti-meta Dimpled deck, this list will show you the way.

10. Gravedigger’s offspring

Gravekeeper’s Descendant is a fantastic removal tool. If you claim another Gravedigger monster, you can take and destroy a card your opponent controls. That is, you can use spells, traps, monsters, the list is long. A good Yu-Gi-Oh deck usually has cards that eliminate these threats one by one. This means you have effects that remove monsters (something like Man-Eater Beetle or Noble of Crossout), and effects that remove spells and traps (Mystic Space Typhoon, Harpies Feather Dust, all those cards you know and love!). This card combines them into one, leaving room in the deck for more powerful strategies and monsters.

9. Gravedigger Priestess

word-image-4303 Necrovalley is a terrain spell for Gravekeepers that prevents your opponent from moving cards in and out of your graveyard. This is practically a win condition for this deck, as it allows you to specifically summon a certain number of graveyard monsters while your opponent cannot! Unfortunately, many other games also have excellent field spells. And as such, the main field spell-seeking cards (Terraforming and Metaverse) were limited to one each. This makes finding field spells almost impossible. But as long as the Gravedigger Priestess is on the field, the field is still considered Necroval. This means you are effectively using 6 copies of Necrovalley in your deck, or 8 total if you use Terraforming and Metaverse!

8. Main cemetery

word-image-4304 Of course, attacking 500 doesn’t mean I’m a powerful monster. But the Gravedigger Leader has a fantastic effect, making it worthy of inclusion in any Gravedigger strategy! When Summoned (by Special Summon or Normal Summon), you can Special Summon a Level 4 Grave Killer monster from your Graveyard, with a face-up attack or face-down defense. This effect is not affected by Necrovalley, which normally prevents cards from entering and leaving the graveyard. This means that with this card you can go on the attack and get some strong attacking players, or you can build a good defensive wall.

7. Gravedigger Raid

word-image-4305 A monster with 0 defense may not seem like the best card to put up in a defensive position. After all, anyone can beat him in a fight, right? The Grave Digger’s ambush is best used when destroyed in combat! When he comes to the graveyard after he is revealed, you may put a copy of Necrovalley from your graveyard in your hand. It’s perfect for maintaining a Necrovalley strategy. Many Yu-Gi-Oh players know exactly how powerful a Gravekeeper deck can be, and will try to destroy Necrovalley as quickly as possible. With Gravekeeper’s Ambusher, this is no longer a problem. And you can lock your opponent in the graveyard forever.

6. Cemetery Commander

word-image-4306 Speaking of maps, looking for Necrovalley: You can discard this card from your hand to find a copy of Necrovalley in your deck. It looks good. With him it’s even easier to find a field spell, plus he’s a powerful monster. This monster is one of the best attackers in the Tomb Guard strategy. At level 4 he has 1600 attacks, and while that doesn’t sound very impressive, Necrovalley gives all your graveyard monsters a 500 attack boost. This makes Tomb Guard Commander a normal summoner with a 2100 attack, which is insane for a monster that doesn’t need tributes to be summoned.

5. Noble Gravedigger

word-image-4307 Gravekeeper’s Nobleman is an excellent defensive card in the Gravekeeper’s strategy. If it is destroyed in combat, you can put a Gravedigger monster from your deck in a face-down defensive position. Not only are there excellent gravediggers with a reverse effect (see the cards at the top of this list), but this effect also ensures that you are not defenseless when your opponent goes on the warpath. You know what they say: A good defense is a great offense!

4. Shaman guarding the graves

word-image-4308 One of the easiest ways for an opponent to block a Gravekeeper strategy is to destroy your copy of Necrovalli. If they do, they can be sent to the graveyard and all your Gravekeeper monsters lose a much-needed attack reinforcement. The Tomb Keeper Shaman offers excellent protection against this by preventing spells from being activated or destroyed. This monster also negates any effects that would trigger in a graveyard, unless they are Gravekeeper monsters. In a format absolutely dominated by hand traps (which usually go off in the graveyard after being discarded), this card is a powerful tool for keeping your monsters and their effects safe on the field.

3. Head Gravedigger

word-image-4309 The best thing Necrovalley can do with the graveyard is move it completely in one direction. The Gravekeeper Leader ensures that all your games are unaffected by Necrovalley, both for Gravekeepers and others. This card is definitely a must if you are considering a hybrid Gravedigger deck, or if you are using monster cards that are not of the Gravedigger archetype. This card allows you to summon them from the graveyard without restrictions. While an attack of 1900 is pretty weak for a monster with one Tribute, if you Tribute Summoned this guy, you can Special Summon another Gravekeeper monster from your Graveyard. This means you get a lot more attack power than normal for a single-tribute monster.

2. Gravedigger’s watch

word-image-4310 This card and our #1 are both by far the best tombstone cards. And this card is an essential part of the Yu-Gi-Oh GOAT format, a format that uses cards up to (and including) The Lost Millennium. This is how the card works: When revealed, you can return an opponent’s monster to your hand. The best target for this effect would be monsters specially summoned from an additional deck – then the opponent would have to keep spending their monsters to summon it again. The 1900 defense is decent, and this guy also has a pretty decent attack value that will stop most level 4 attackers in their tracks.

1. Gravedigger

word-image-4311 Tomb Guard Spy is without a doubt the best Tomb Guard card in Yu-Gi-Oh. This is a 2000 wall of protection that is very difficult to overcome, even in modern Yu-Gi-Oh. Often your opponent will either have to Tributary Summon a larger monster or Summon a larger monster from an additional deck, which is no easy task. When Gravedigger’s Spy is revealed, you can summon a Gravedigger’s Monster with an attack of 1500 or less from your deck at any position – whatever is best for your current game state! The most typical play with this card is to summon another Spy Gravedigger, doubling the high defense wall. And this card is a great way to make sure you have two level 4 monsters on the field at once, making it a great way to set up XYZ challenges from your extra deck.From the Top Gravekeeper’s Cards. Read more about gravekeeper deck 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gravekeepers good?

As a Gravekeeper, you’ve likely encountered a wide variety of traps, lock boxes, and other means to deter grave robbers. From the humble urn to the complicated and powerful locking devices, each of these obstacles will help keep your precious remains in good hands—but which ones are the best and which are the worst? There’s a new card game hitting the App Store and it’s called Gravekeeper’s. Gravekeeper’s is a very interesting card game and is a lot of fun to play. The objective of the game is to summon a Gravekeeper from your hand to be used as an attack. There are a total of 48 cards, with the Gravekeeper’s at the top of the deck. There are also 8 boss cards, that you can add to your deck. Each Gravekeeper has its own special attack, that you can use once per duel against your opponent. The game is very simple to play, but takes a moment to get used to. The cards are easy to understand and the rules are

How do you play gravekeeper deck?

Gravekeeper’s is one of the most popular archetypes in the game, and with good reason. It is a very strong deck, and it gets even stronger with cards like Gravekeeper’s Command. But there are definitely cards you should not play in this deck, and that are much better than these! Gravekeeper’s Descent into the Grave – this year’s set has been re-named “The New Graveyard”, and it is now the third edition of the graveyard-themed game set available for MTG players. The latest version of the set introduces the latest cards for Gravekeeper’s, the other two graveyard-themed clans in the game – Necro and Zombies.

What is the best Yugioh deck ever?

Cards are a very big part of Yugioh. Everyone knows that. But there is one card type that almost every single deck will include, and that is the grave. It is for this reason that Gravekeeper’s and Gravekeeper’s, the former being the earlier series and the latter, the more recent one, are both so popular. As a long time fan of the Yugioh card game, I was surprised to see that I was having a hard time finding the best Gravekeeper’s cards for my deck. After all, Gravekeeper’s were the key to my deck growing in popularity so I thought the deck would be top notch. After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that Gravekeeper’s are relatively good cards. But after reading a lot of different articles, I realized that decklists were quite different from each other.

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