The best gear mods in Outriders

features tons of different equipment, and that’s one of the many things that make this puppet shooter unique. You can find class-specific mods and mods for the entire class, which offer a wide range of benefits to your damage, armor, and other attributes. Gearboxes play an important role in survival during the highest world levels and endgame expedition challenges. Here’s a look at some of the best gear mods in Outriders, so you can figure out how to optimize your gear build for your specific class.

One thing to look out for are Cool Gear mods. Each skill class has five to seven first-level mods, divided by skill. Depending on your specific build, you should focus on mods for your primary damage skill. The health of your opponent has a big impact on the end of the game, so your performance and survivability are the two most important parameters to consider. We’re not going to rank the best mods by class or rank mods by level, as this is largely an ad hoc process. You can check out our Technomancer, Trickster, Pyromancer or Devastator models to see what fits each class.

Best retarders in sleeves

Here’s a list of the best ways to transfer damage and survival in Outriders.

Damage stands

Here are some of the best damage mods in Outriders:

  • Bloodlust: Lethal shots increase firepower by a fixed number, stack up to three times, and expire every ten seconds.
  • Ammunition with ammunition: Shotgun damage has been increased by 10%.
  • Captain Hunter: Increases your damage against elites by 25%.
  • Kritstack: Critical shots cause a five second summation effect that gives you anomaly power and firepower bonuses that add up to five times.
  • Stupid bullets: Increases damage to the attack weapon by 10%.
  • Speedballs: Damage from sniper weapons is increased by 10%.
  • Kingslayer: Increases your firepower when you take a critical sniper shot.
  • Resistance to ammunition : If your health drops below 30%, your firepower is increased by a fixed number for five seconds.
  • Personal space: Gives you a 15% bonus on melee weapon damage.
  • A sharp eye: If you kill enemies by aiming downwards, you get twenty seconds of flat firepower, which adds up to three times.
  • Cider specialist: Increases handgun damage by 10%.
  • Look in the barrel: Increases your firepower up to five times for each enemy in melee battles.

For weapon-specific modifiers, choose one for the weapon you primarily use to inflict damage. For example, choose Buckshot Shells and maybe Personal Space if you use shotguns.

If you play special status effect constructs like B. Blood, freeze, etc., you should consider mods like ash enhancement, blood enhancement, freeze enhancement, toxic lead, bullet ignition, and radiation therapy. There are also three variants of these mods that you can try as you unlock them.

Survival modes

Here are some of the best ways to survive in Outriders:

  • Schade Absorber: Increase armor by a fixed amount and resistance by 10%.
  • The door of death: Doubles armor when health drops below 35%.
  • Emergency position: Take advantage of the golem’s protection effect for four seconds if your health drops below 30%.
  • Ice Trap: Every time your health drops below 30%, the freeze hits enemies within a 10 meter radius.
  • The relief of death: Killing enemies while aiming down will give you ten seconds of extra armor, which adds up to three.
  • Bloodlust: Killing enemies with a weapon while covered in blood increases weapon leech by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Vampiric Mode: Fatal shots at bleeding enemies replenish 50% of the ammo in your warehouse.
  • Wire puller: Critical blows make enemies bleed.

If you play a class that needs a lot of ammo, you can combine Vein Ripper and Vampire mod with Bloodlust. The other options in this list are good for overall survival.

FAQ Socket changes

To change the output transmission

The equipment can be replaced by a visit to Dr Zahedi at a camp in one of the Outriders regions. Talk to Dr. Zahedi and choose the option I need to upgrade my equipment. A creation window opens where you can change the equipment, update the rarity or increase the attributes of the equipment.

How do you unlock new mods in Outriders?

To unlock new mods in Outriders, you need to disassemble devices with a mod you don’t already know. The game does a good job of telling you which mods you already have. Look for the icon with the four squares to the right of each mod when you hover over the item. If you see the icon there, it means you have already unlocked the mod. Be sure to visit the merchants in the game, as they have a wide variety of items for sale and it’s a great way to find items with unknown designs.

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