The Best Free Racing Games on Android

Racing game enthusiasts and owners of a smartphone or Android tablet you’re in for a treat. You are entitled to a plethora of Free mobile titles, the best of which offer impressive quality for such a platform. Here is a selection of those you should not miss.

The Google Play Store is full of car games and racing games in general. As a result, it’s hard to make a choice among the huge number of titles available on the Android App Store And since you don’t necessarily have the time to install and try dozens of games to find the one(s) that suits you best, we’ve decided to offer you a selection of the ones that caught our eye.

For accessibility reasons, we have decided to focus on games that are available for free, and to refer you directly to the Play Store and not to download an APK file from a third party site.

Asphalt 9 : Legends

Asphalt is certainly the reference license for racing games on Android. Over the years, Gameloft has improved its recipe for staying on top and this ninth opus is no exception. The graphics are very nice, but don’t require a war machine to play in good conditions, and the gameplay is pleasant with intuitive controls.

With dozens of vehicles, a large customization dimension and the presence of 60 seasons and 800 races in career mode (solo), the game is very complete and does not suffer from any major shortcomings. It is of course possible to play against opponents in multiplayer. But in this second case be careful, it will take you a long time to reach the level of the best if you don’t intend to go to the checkout to accelerate your progress.

Note that the old Asphalt are still very good tracks that you also have the possibility to try.

Real Racing 3

Electronic Arts has been successful in the mobile car gaming sector with Real Racing, which has the advantage of licensing the rights to Formula 1, including the official vehicles and circuits. With over 250 cars, 40 tracks and 19 real world sites, there’s plenty of content to choose from. The game is playable both solo and multiplayer.

The cockpit view reinforces the feeling of immersion, the only thing missing is the steering wheel in hand to really believe it. The driving sensations are really good, but beware: this title is certainly a little more demanding than many of its arcade-oriented competitors.

Need for Speed: No Limits

The NFS saga is coming to mobile phones and the studio in charge of the development of Real Racing 3 is at the controls. It’s hard to do better as a guarantee of quality. Racing sensations and handling are obviously there, even in third-person view, with the camera located behind the vehicle and not inside the passenger compartment.

Of course, the gameplay and customization options make it much less simulated than a Real Racing 3, but that’s what many players are looking for: the ability to start a race without having to take the lead or make adjustments. And for that, this first Need for Speed designed exclusively for smartphone and tablet is perfect. And the quality of the graphics adds even more cachet to the title. After a very disappointing Need for Speed Heat, what if the future of the license was more on mobile than on other media now?

Download Need for Speed: No Limits

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo entered the mobile gaming market late, but this is not detrimental to it. The publisher earns astronomical sums of money with its titles on smartphone and tablet, and Mario Kart Tour contributes to this.

The principle of the game remains identical to the console versions: eight players per race, the possibility of taking shortcuts, and above all objects to pick up allowing you to take a definite advantage if you use them well: a banana to slow down the progress of an opponent behind you, a red shell to throw at a competitor in front, a mushroom to boost speed…

Each character also has its own peculiarities, which allows you to vary the gameplay a little bit and optimize your races: Mario may be the best on one track, but Yoshi is more likely to win another. The choice of go-karts and sails is also of great importance in order to accumulate points.

Funny, however, the game can be criticized for the fact that you have to pay a Season Pass to get the best rewards and access the multiplayer mode. But if you want to play solo without necessarily wanting to achieve the best scores, you can still have a good time.

Drag Racing

Clearly not a game that can rely on its name like many of the titles in this selection, Drag Racing is nevertheless a very good title for those who love racing. It is distinguished by a gameplay different from what we are used to since it was designed exclusively for one type of race: drag, the discipline of driving as fast as possible on a straight line.

A system of indicator lights helps you shift gears at the right time. If you wait too long, you won’t be fast enough, if you anticipate too much, your engine will spin: you have to find the balance, it’s all a question of timing. With a little experience, you can then ignore the visual aids to establish your own strategy – a necessary step to progress.

At the beginning of the game, races against the AI are used for training and to build up a nest egg to buy cars and upgrades. You can then test your skills as a multiplayer pilot online and why not join the Pro League to be part of the elite.

GT Racing 2 : The Real Car Exp

Gameloft doesn’t just have Asphalt in its catalog of mobile motorsports games. There is also a certain GT Racing 2 : The Real Car Exp, which is getting a little older and therefore less followed than at the time, but which continues to be updated.

71 cars, 13 tracks, a dozen game modes (single and multiplayer), there’s plenty to do if you plan to play in “casu”. One of the most valuable features is the choice of view: four angles are available, including the cockpit view for complete immersion (but not the easiest to manage).

For beginners, you can play easily with the cornering and braking assistance. For the more experienced, there are many customization and optimization options to consider in order to continuously improve and gain an advantage over adversity. This is a simulation-oriented game rather than an arcade game.

Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

CarX Drift Racing 2

We liked the first opus, here is the second episode! As its name suggests, the title focuses on drift, those controlled skids that make the tires squeal but allow you to take tight turns without losing too much speed. Of particular note is the Tandem mode, which consists of doing a race in two stages: a first time trying to do your best, then a second time following your own ghost, which allows you to learn from your mistakes and better understand the circuits.

Vehicle customization is of course part of the process, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. The single-player mode allows you to train and collect rewards for tuning your car. Then you can go online to play against other players.

Hill Climb Racing 2

We change the mood with Hill Climb Racing 2, which relies on cartoon graphics that are very pleasing to the eye rather than taking our retina off with breathtaking scenes. The 2D angle of view also clashes with the competition’s proposals.

The game has the merit of offering a very different experience from the other titles presented in this selection. Here, we’re not looking for realism or immersion, just fun. On the other hand, there are many elements common to racing games: single- and multiplayer modes, online competitions, customization of the vehicle for design, choice of improvements…

Download Hill Climb Racing 2

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift

We have drag games, we have drift games, and now we have a game that does both at the same time! Nitro Nation Drag & Drift offers to drive more than 150 official cars of the world’s biggest brands that you can improve as you wish. In this game, a small overboosted Golf GTI can kick the ass of a big Jaguar, and it’s really fun.

On the graphics side, we’ve seen better, but the rendering is still very correct. And this can allow players with not necessarily very powerful devices to run the game. With only drag and drift available, and not a multitude of available tracks, the game is primarily interesting for casual players who only want to throw a game once in a while. The learning period is quite short, so you won’t be lost.

Download Nitro Nation Drag & Drift

Beach Buggy Racing 2

We’re back to cartoon racing with Beach Buggy Racing 2, a go-kart racing game that manages to stand out with its fun gameplay and power-up system, exceptional skills that will make your opponents’ lives miserable. A bit like Mario Kart, but with even more impressive powers. You also have the choice of these power-ups, which you can upgrade, adding a dimension of strategy and preparation.

Several drivers and more than 40 karts are available to vary the pleasures, all of which can be customized. The diversity of the game modes means that you won’t get bored too quickly. Recommendable if you are not looking for a simulation, but for a really well thought-out little mobile game.

M.U.D. Rally Racing

It’s not the kind of game that is most represented when it comes to racing games, on all platforms. But there are many interesting titles dedicated to rallying, and M.U.D. Rally Racing is proof of that. You find yourself on muddy roads inspired by real-life environments, from the drought of Mexico to the snowy paths of the Alps.

The interest of the rally is of course the existing relationship between the driver and the co-driver. A dimension that has not been forgotten by the game, where other titles overlook the importance of communication between the two individuals present inside the cabin.

As for the gameplay, you can’t just run like a horse, you’ll have to measure your speed to avoid crashing into the curves. M.U.D. Rally Racing is really recommended for fans of the sport of Sebastien Loeb and Sebastien Ogier, others will no doubt prefer to turn to other alternatives described in this comparison.

Download M.U.D. Rally Racing

Here we go! We tried to mix the genres a little bit to suit all tastes. Of course, this selection is by no means exhaustive, and we invite you to share in the comments your suggestions of racing games you like on Android. And if you’re more of a shooter, check out our dossier on the best shooting games (FPS and TPS) available for free on Android.

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