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Many people claim that the most powerful dragon-types in Pokémon HG & SS were Gligar, Bronzong and Victini. Others say Salamence is better than all three of them because it has great stats with high attack power and a move which can hit both enemies at once.

“The Best Dragon-Types in Pokémon HG & SS (Ranked)” is a list of the best dragon-type Pokemon from competitive play in the games Pokémon HG & SS. It’s ranked by usage, with the most popular being first.

Before the arrival of the Fairy-type, Dragons were widely regarded as the most powerful Pokémon.

Whether it’s for their resistances to all 3 starter-types, or their sky-high stats, Dragon is a revered typing – and that’s just as true in Heartgold & SoulSilver.

So, if you’re seeking for advice on which Dragon-type ace would be best for your squad, here are my ideas.


Altaria, number three

Altaria Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold screenshot

Altaria is a unique Dragon-type with a large movepool, although her attack numbers are poor.

That isn’t to say that Altaria isn’t worth bringing on board.

It has amazing abilities and is the game’s most approachable fully developed Dragon-type.

Altaria’s entire moveset will be made up of TMs, HMs, and move tutor moves, with Dragon-type STAB moves being passed up in favor of a diverse set of coverage attacks.

We’ll start with Ominous Wind, which we learnt from the Frontier Front’s move instructors.

Altaria will get everything it needs from Ominous Wind to face up against Sabrina’s Saffron City Gym team and Will’s Elite Four rematch squad.

The next move is Flamethrower, which compensates for Altaria’s x4 Ice-type vulnerability while also tagging her into the fight against Erika’s Celadon Gym squad.

The classic coverage TM is Earthquake. And we’ll be employing it here to compensate for Altaria’s Rock-type weakness, as well as to inflict big blows to Koga in the tough Elite Four rematch.

Finally, we’ll give Altaria Fly for some Flying-type STAB, as well as to help us navigate the game more quickly.

Altaria’s vast variety of coverage choices, paired with its ability to erase status conditions with Natural Cure, may provide a surprising amount of longevity despite its low basic numbers.

Professor Oak will upgrade your Pokédex into the National Pokédex when you beat the Pokémon League for the first time. Following that, the Professor’s PokéGear channel “Pokémon Talk” will begin broadcasting unusual Pokémon locations once a day.

Swablu has been seen on Route 45, the Professor will eventually disclose. Catch a Swablu there and develop it into Altaria at level 35.

Professor Oak’s Pokémon announcements are unpredictable, and Swablu might take a long time to appear. So go ahead and change the date on your DS till he eventually mentions Swablu.


Kingdra is number two.

Kingdra Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold screenshot

Kingdra is a capable all-arounder with few flaws and a surprising amount of versatility.

Because Kingdra is a genuine mixed attacker, we may teach both physical and special techniques to it.

We should teach Kingdra Surf or Waterfall (or both!) in the spirit of overworld usefulness and massive STAB damage.

Let’s focus on powering up these high-damage techniques now that we’ve covered both special and physical water-type STAB.

Kingdra’s Attack and Speed stats are buffed by Dragon Dance, making it one of the finest status moves in the game.

This should provide it with the necessary speed boost to transform into a makeshift sweeper capable of one-shotting anything with a Water or Dragon vulnerability.

Dragon Dance is learnt naturally at level 48, which is a bit late to make it to the Pokémon League for the first time.

To ensure that Kingdra can utilize that move slot as soon as possible, we’ll teach it Ice Beam, which it may employ against Will’s Psychic-type Elite Four squad. Ice Beam (TM13) may be found at the Goldenrod City Game Corner.

Finally, we’ll use Dragon-type STAB on Kingdra. This will also address Kingdra’s sole flaw: other Dragon-type Pokémon.

Dragon Pulse is a powerful move that can be used early in the game, making it an ideal choice for Kingdra’s main STAB move. It will be given to you once you beat the Blackthorn City Gym.

How to capture a Seadra: Surf at B2F of the Whirl Islands to catch a Seadra. Then return to Mt. Mortar and equip Seadra with the Dragon Scale.

If you trade the Seadra while it still has the Dragon Scale, it will develop into Kingdra. Return it to your squad and enjoy your new ace.


1. The mineral dragonite

Dragonite Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold screenshot

Dragonite is probably the most iconic dragon available before HeartGold & SoulSilver’s postgame.

With near-legendary stats and a powerful move pool, the arduous trip to develop Dragonair is well worth it.

We can teach it Dragon Dance to give Dragonite a big bonus before using Dragon Pulse to one-shot all but the most difficult adversaries.

These two abilities are critical to Dragonite’s success as your MVP. So preserve the Dragon Pulse TM from Blackthorn City and stick in there until Dragonair reaches level 53 and learns Dragon Dance.

Next, we may utilize the Earthquake TM to provide Dragonite with the ammo it needs to pierce the defenses of Steel-type Pokémon, who are the only ones immune to a Dragon Pulse.

Victory Road and the Battle Frontier Market both have Earthquake’s TM26.

Dragonite has an unpleasant x4 vulnerability to Ice, in addition to the Dragon-own type’s weakness. As a result, we’ll need to cover it with another move slot.

The easiest approach to deal with any Ice-type Pokémon here is to use Flamethrower.

It may also be used to deliver super-effective damage against Steel-type enemies.

This move (TM35) may be found on Route 28 or in the Goldenrod City Game Corner.

To capture a Dratini at level 20, use the Good Rod in the Dragon’s Den (Blackthorn City). At level 30, it will evolve into Dragonair, and at level 55, it will evolve into Dragonite.

The “best dragon-type pokémon sword ” is a type of Pokémon that is usually found in the Dragon Type. The best dragon-types are found in the games Pokémon HG & SS. They include Salamence, Garchomp, and Hydreigon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Dragon type Pokémon?

A: There is no best type of dragon Pokémon.

What is the best Dragon type Pokémon team?

A: There are many different types of Dragon type Pokémon, so there is no specific best one. What would be best for you will depend on what other Pokémon you have in your party and how well they do against the base moveset that a particular Dragon type has.

What is the best Pokémon in Pokemon HeartGold?

A: The best Pokémon in Pokemon HeartGold would have to be either the Ralts or Kirlia.

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