The best Call of Duty Zombies maps of all time

The best Call of Duty Zombies maps of all time

Zombies has become the most popular game mode in Call of Duty and for a good reason. Call of Duty Zombies is a great game mode that has a very loyal fan base, and there are some great maps in the game that have become fan favorites. That being said, it can be difficult to choose which are the best, since there are so many great maps.

Zombies is a game mode that has been around for a long time but has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. It’s a lot of fun; the idea is to either run away from or kill a wave of zombies until they reach a safe distance. It’s also a fairly popular game mode for Call of Duty World at War , and the maps in it have become iconic. We thought we’d share our picks with players of the game, based on the maps that we’ve enjoyed the most.

Call of Duty Zombies is a series of first-person shooter games that pits players against hordes of zombies that come out of the woodwork for a chance to take you out. The franchise has had numerous iterations since the first installment was released on PC in 1998, each coming with a unique take on the game. From the more brain-dead traditional zombies, to the more fast-paced and frantic remakes of the first game, the series has seen a lot of iterations, but to be honest, they all play pretty much the same. Or do they?. Read more about black ops 1 zombies maps and let us know what you think.

of Duty Zombies started as a fun add-on that was unlocked after completing the World AR War campaign, but it has become a staple of the series. Survival in the waves mixed with Call of Duty weaponry and a complex storyline has garnered a loyal fan base that won’t quit. As much as fans love zombies, some maps are better received than others. Whether it’s because of a cooler idea, more interesting gameplay, or a better main quest with an Easter Egg here are the best Call of Duty Zombies maps

10. The Shadow of Evil

photo by Treyarch

Shadows of Evil is the first map in Call of Duty : Black Ops III and is set in a purgatory called Morgue City. In this map, four characters punished for their past misdeeds must obtain the summoning key to take out Shadowman, who will be the main antagonist of Black Ops III Zombies.

This card introduced Lovecraftian guards and Apoticans and launched a new scenario focused on capturing souls to restore the timeline. Also starring are Heather Graham, Neil McDonough, Ron Perlman and Jeff Goldblum. It has some unique elements, including turning into a Lovecraftian monster to power up areas and swipe through them.

The wonder weapon of Shadows of Evil is the Apothecary Servant, which works in a similar way to the Gersch device of Ascension, but as a weapon. A black hole forms, sucking in the zombies and exploding shortly after.

9. IX

photo by Treyarch

Under the number nine is a card called IX. This was the first and best map in the short history of Chaos in Black Ops IV. The game is set in a Roman gladiatorial arena and in addition to the traditional zombies, you’ll have to take on tigers, marauders and zombie destroyers.

The layout of this card is unique from other zombie cards. The starting location is divided into four different areas, which you will encounter again when you travel underground. There are several areas suitable for training a zombie horde, and the Easter Egg is quite fun, although the final boss is a bit too easy compared to other final bosses in the series.

Death of Orion’s Wonder Weapon is a unique and fun weapon that stuns and traps targets in a loop of electricity.

8. Moon

photo by Treyarch

Moon was the last zombie map in the first Black Ops. His main quest with the Easter Egg had a significant impact on the plot of Black Ops II, until the story was rebooted into another timeline. When you’re out and about, you have to deal with low gravity and slower movement speeds, as well as one of the largest circular maps in zombie history.

The game begins on Earth, where you are brutally attacked by zombies for a pack-a-punch machine, and then teleported to the moon. This map is probably the hardest for new zombies, so be sure to go over it with someone who knows the mechanics well.

The moon’s wonder weapon is the wave gun. This weapon can be changed from a single-barreled to a double-barreled gun with the push of a button. In its two-handed form, it fires electric shocks that do great damage. The wave gun, combined into one weapon, makes the zombies dance before they burst and explode.

7. Cinema of the Dead

photo by Treyarch

Cinema of the Dead is the first zombie map in the first Black Ops game. The setting is a German theater where you encounter crawlers, zombies that move on all fours and explode with a toxic gas when killed. Released at the very beginning of the zombie development cycle, this game is a classic that you’ll find on this list. In the original version this map didn’t have the main Easter Egg quest, and it doesn’t have any crazy tricks. Fight for your life on the terms you’ve been given.

Kino’s wonder weapon is the Thunderbolt, which unleashes a powerful blast of air that throws zombies backwards.

6. The machine

photo by Treyarch

The Machine is the first zombie map in Black Ops Cold War and is a game changer for this mode. This map introduced many new aspects to Zombies that show how far the series has come since World at War.

The very first Zombies map, Night of the Undead, is present and has been expanded to include the underground Omega bunker, which you must explore and find a portal to travel to the Dark Aether. Plague Hounds debuts with the zombie Megatonne, who disintegrates into two atomic skeletons when his health runs out.

The miraculous weapon – D.I.E. Shockwave – works like a vacuum cleaner sucking up zombie souls as ammunition and releasing an energy blast. There are four elemental upgrades that can be unlocked on the map.

5. The Giant

photo by Treyarch

The Giant is the fourth map in World at War and one of the most popular maps in zombie history, as the Pack-a-Punch machine got its start there. It’s also the first zombie map to include teleporters, and there’s a great place to camp and survive the high towers.

The Giant is such a popular game that a remake of it was made in Black Ops III, and many long-time players remember it as the purest zombie gaming experience.

The wonder weapon in The Giant is the DG-2 wonder weapon, which sends a series of lightning bolts through the zombies to kill several in quick succession.

4. The Iron Dragon

photo by Treyarch

The Iron Dragon is the second main map in Black Ops III, set in a castle ruin. The narrative reason for their presence here is to search for Tank Dempsey’s soul for purposes that will be revealed later in the story. At various places on the map hang dragon pendants with a dragon’s head sticking out, which you can feed to the zombies.

Panzer Soldier came back from Origins with new power attacks, and before they became an equipment choice in Black Ops IV, here you could collect the DG-4 Ragnarok, an item that works like gravity spikes, smashing into the ground and sending out a shockwave to take down nearby enemies, or that you can plant in the ground to lift nearby enemies and allow you to revive a fallen teammate.

The Iron Dragon’s wonder weapon is Wrath of the Ancients, a bow that can be equipped by all four players and can be upgraded with different items that give different effects.

3. origin

photo by Treyarch

Origins is the last map released in Black Ops II. It marks a new beginning for Richthofen, Dempsey, Nicholas and Takeo, which will continue in Black Ops III and IV. The game is set on the battlefield of World War II, where you must free Samantha Maxis from the kingdom called Agartha.

In the rain and snow soaked trenches you see giant robots stomping around that you don’t notice, like the ant you are in comparison to them. The tank soldier made his debut in Origins equipped with a flamethrower and was a real threat whenever he appeared on the field.

The Wonder Weapon was an elemental staff that could be upgraded in four different ways, like the bows in The Iron Dragon, and was closely tied to the Osteregg’s main mission.

2. Call of the Dead

photo by Treyarch

Call of the Dead is the fourth major zombie map in the first Black Ops and the first to feature celebrities. The late George Romero plays the boss of the map and will hunt you down and try to kill you. The playable characters – Sarah Michelle Gellar Robert Englund, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo – are shooting a zombie movie with real zombies on set.

The Ultimis team shows up at the door. The game group will provide them with certain items if they complete the main task of the Easter Egg level. The main features of Call of the Dead are a wrecked freighter and a lighthouse; otherwise, it’s a wasteland of tundra.

The wonder weapon here is the V-R11. It turns zombies into humans who become bait for other zombies until they reach the water and freeze to death or get eaten.

1. Dead mosquitoes

photo by Treyarch

The best map in Call of Duty Zombies is Mob of the Dead, the third map in Black Ops II. They play four inmates of Alcatraz prison who are trapped in purgatory, where they constantly fight for their lives and fear the electric chair. A key factor in this map is the construction of a homemade plane that crashes into the Golden Gate Bridge. In the prison, you must take on the guard Brutus and constantly shock yourself to death to take on the form of a ghostly creature to bring energy to certain areas. Hell Retriever and Electric Cherry Perks started here.

The Mob of the Dead map was so popular that it later became a central part of the main zombie story and was given a new treatment in Black Ops IV – Blood of the Dead. It offered the perfect balance of addictive gameplay, scary environments, and an intriguing main quest with an Easter egg.

The wonder weapon of Mob of the Dead is the Blunderhole, the most powerful shotgun in zombie history, which can be upgraded in Acid Gat.This text is sensitive Try generating new copy.. Read more about call of duty: black ops 3 zombies maps and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best zombies map of all time?

The best zombies map of all time is probably the map “Shangri-La” from Call of Duty Black Ops.

Which Black Ops Zombies map is best?

The best Black Ops Zombies map is the one that you enjoy playing.

What is the most hated cod zombies map?

The most hated cod zombies map is the map called “Nacht der Untoten”.

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