The best Call of Duty Zombies maps of all time

Call of Duty has released a total of 27 games since the original Call of Duty in 2003. The series is well-known for its innovative and engaging multiplayer modes, which have evolved with each installment. Every game offers something new to experience, but some stand out more than others as being particularly popular among gamers

The “Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Maps” is a list that ranks the best Call of Duty Zombies maps. They are ranked from worst to first.

Call of Duty Zombies began as a fun addition unlocked after completing the campaign in World AR War and has since grown into a fixture in the blockbuster franchise. Wave-based survival, combined with Call of Duty gunplay and complex storyline, has snatched up a devoted following that shows no signs of slowing down. While fans of Zombies may like them, certain maps are clearly more popular than others. Here are the finest Call of Duty Zombies maps, whether it’s due of a better premise, more enjoyable gameplay, or a better primary Easter Egg mission.

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All-time best Call of Duty Zombies maps

Shadows of Evil (#10)

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Shadows of Evil is the first map in Call of Duty black ops III, and it is set in Morg City, a purgatory. In this level, four individuals are being punished for previous wrongdoings and must get the Summoning Key in order to defeat the Shadowman, the primary enemy of Black Ops III Zombies.

The Lovecraftian Keepers and Apothicans were introduced on this map, and a new plotline centered on gathering souls to correct the chronology began. Heather Graham, Neal McDonough, Ron Perlman, and Jeff Goldblum all provide their voices to the film. It has certain distinctive features, such as the ability to transform into a Lovecraftian monster to offer power to places and speed about.

  • The Apothican Servant, which functions similarly to the Gersch Device from Ascension but in pistol form, is Shadows of Evil’s wonder weapon. It produces a black hole that attracts zombies before exploding after a brief time.

Firebase Z (number 9)

The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

The Mangler and the Mimic were two new adversaries added in Firebase Z, the second Zombies level from Black Ops Cold War. Both were significantly featured in the game’s subsequent maps. This was also our first encounter with the Orda, a colossal Dark Aether beast foreshadowed in Die Maschine.

The game begins with you in a little town with a Pack-a-Punch machine. You then teleport to an Omega facility, where you work to turn on three generators and rescue Samantha Maxis, who has been hurled into the Dark Aether by Dr. Peck.

  • The RAI K-84, an assault rifle that can launch a tiny energy mine that grows up when you shoot it with your main fire, is Firebase Z’s wonder weapon. If you get near enough, the subsequent explosion may wipe out an entire swarm of zombies.

8. Moon

1652430801_358_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

Moon was the original Black Ops’ last Zombies map. Its primary Easter Egg mission had major ramifications for the plot of Black Ops II until it was restarted on a new timeline. Outside, you’ll encounter low gravity and slower movement speeds, as well as one of the most expansive round-based maps in the history of Zombies.

The game begins on Earth, when you are ambushed by zombies in front of the Pack-a-Punch machine before being teleported to the Moon. This map is considered the most hardest for novices to Zombies, therefore bring someone who knows the game’s mechanics with you.

  • The Wave Gun is Moon’s wonder weapon. At the touch of a button, this weapon may transform into a single entity or dual-wield pistols. Its dual-wield version unleashes electric blasts of energy that do significant damage. The Wave Gun, when merged into one weapon, causes zombies to dance before floating into the air and exploding.

7. der Toten Kino

1652430802_764_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

The first Zombies map in the Black Ops game is Kino Der Toten. It’s set in a German theater and will expose you to Crawlers, zombies that walk about on all fours and burst in a cloud of noxious gas when slain. Our is about as vintage an experience as you can get on this list, due to its release so early in the Zombies development cycle. There was no big Easter egg quest in the initial release of this map, and there are no wild gimmicks. Simply fight for your survival in the surroundings you’ve been given.

  • Kino’s secret weapon is the Thundergun, which fires a powerful blast of air that knocks zombies back.

(6) The Machine

1652430803_444_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

Die Maschine is the first Zombies map in Black Ops Cold War and it marked the beginning of the mode. With this map, several new characteristics of zombies were added, demonstrating how far the franchise has progressed since World at War.

The original Zombies map, Nacht Der Untoten, is included and has been greatly enlarged to include an underground Omega bunker that you will investigate and discover a passage to the Dark Aether. Plaguehounds make their appearance with the Megaton zombie, which when its health is exhausted splits into two atomic skeletons.

  • The D.I.E. Shockwave is a wonder weapon that acts like a vacuum, sucking up zombie souls for ammunition and releasing a flash of energy. On the map, there are four elemental enhancements that may be unlocked.

Der Riese (#5)

1652430804_570_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

Der Riese is the fourth map in World at War, and it is one of the most popular maps among Zombies fans since it is where the Pack-a-Punch machine first appeared. This is also the first Zombies map with teleporters, and there’s a fantastic spot to camp out and endure high rounds.

Der Riese is so famous that it was replicated as The Giant in Black Ops III, and many long-time Zombies gamers see it as the truest Zombies experience.

  • The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is Der Riese’s wonder weapon, capable of sending a chain of lightning across zombies, killing multiples in rapid succession.

4. The Iron Curtain

1652430805_148_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

The second primary map in Black Ops III is Der Eisendrache, which takes place in a decrepit castle. The story’s objective for being here was to track down Tank Dempsey’s soul for reasons that would be revealed later in the plot. Dragon marks may be found all around the landscape, with a dragon head that will spring out for you to feed zombies to.

Before the Panzersoldat became a loadout choice in Black Ops IV, you could build the Ragnarok DG-4 here, an item that acted like Gravity Spikes to slam the ground and send out a shockwave to knock nearby enemies down, or can be stuck into the ground to lift nearby enemies and give you a chance to revive a fallen teammate.

  • The Wrath of the Ancients, a bow that may be donned by all four players and modified with various parts that produce diverse effects, is Der Eisendrache’s wonder weapon.

3. Origins

1652430805_924_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

Origins was the last map in Black Ops II, and it marked the start of a new era for Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo, which continued into Black Ops III and IV. It is set on a World War II battlefield, and you must free Samantha Maxis from the domain of Agartha.

Giant robots stomp through the rain and snow-soaked trenches, paying no heed to you like the ant you are in comparison. The Panzersoldat made its début in Origins, armed with a flamethrower and posing a serious danger whenever it emerged on the battlefield.

  • The elemental staff is the wonder weapon, which, like the bows in Der Eisendrache, could be modified in four different ways and was intimately tied to the main Easter egg quest.

2. The Game of the Dead

1652430806_47_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

Call of the Dead is the first Black Ops game’s fourth major Zombies level and the first to have a celebrity cast. The map’s boss, the late George Romero, will pursue you and attempt to murder you. Sarah Michelle Gellar Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo are the playable characters, and they are making a zombie movie that is invaded by actual zombies.

The Ultimis team does emerge from behind a closed door. As they go through the level’s primary Easter egg quest, the playing party will gift them various things. The wrecked freight boat and lighthouse are the major characteristics of Call of the Dead; otherwise, it’s a frozen wasteland.

  • The V-R11 is the wonder weapon here. It transforms zombies into people, turning them as bait for other zombies until they flee into water and drown or are devoured.

1. The Deadly Mob

1652430806_752_The-best-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-maps-of-all-timeTreyarch provided this image.

Mob of the Dead, the third Black Ops II map, is the finest Call of Duty Zombies map ever. You play as four Alcatraz convicts who are trapped in a purgatory version of the jail, fighting for their life and reliving their time in the electric chair. The construction of a homemade aircraft that crashes into the Golden Gate Bridge is a crucial element in this map. When you’re still in the jail, you’ll have to deal with Brutus the Warden and shock yourself to death in order to transform into a ghostly entity and zap power into certain regions. Here are the first appearances of the Hell’s Retriever and Electric Cherry perks.

Mob of the Dead was such a popular map that it eventually became a pivotal component in the main Zombies plot, and it was reprised in Black Ops IV’s Blood of the Dead. It had the ideal mix of exciting gameplay, scary atmosphere, and a compelling primary Easter egg quest.

  • The Blundergat, the most powerful shotgun in Zombies history, is the wonder weapon for Mob of the Dead, and it may be upgraded into the Acid Gat.

The “cold war zombies maps ” are the best Call of Duty Zombies maps of all time. They are a mixture of old and new, but they still have that classic feel to them.

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