The best builds for the Elementalist in Guild Wars 2

The elementalist has a wide range of builds, but it is difficult to find the best build for your playstyle. The following section will give you some different builds that might be helpful to you.

The “guild wars 2 elementalist best element” is a build that has been used by many players. It features the best skills for an Elementalist in Guild Wars 2.

In Guild Wars 2, the Elementalist is a spellcasting class that enables players to use the elements to their advantage. With four separate elemental casting ranges and the potential to deliver large amounts of damage or play as a support class, the Elementalist is a terrific all-around choice for gamers. Elementalists, on the other hand, are prone to being knocked out by powerful winds and can only utilize a single weapon during battle. If you want to optimize your Elementalist’s abilities, you’ll need to make sure you have the right runes, weapons, and Traits.


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  • Smothering Auras – Flame Expulsion – Fire – Burning Precision
  • Flame Burst – Arcane – Renewing Stamina – Elemental Lockdown
  • Master’s Fortitude – Lesser Stone Resonance – Invigorating Strikes. Weaver – Master’s Fortitude – Lesser Stone Resonance – Invigorating Strikes.

Skills that are useful:

  • The Air Signet
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Primordial Position
  • Self-Weaving

Healing Ability:

Equipment for PvP

For your weapons, use the Sigils of Cleansing and Energy, as well as the Rune of Orr and the Sage Amulet.

Support Raid Build

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  • Soothing Power – Water – Soothing Ice – Flow Like Water
  • Geyser – Flame Burst – Arcane – Renewing Stamina
  • Elemental Bastion – Tempest – Latent Stamina – Invigorating Torrents

Skills that are useful:

  • Embrace the Heat!
  • Flash-Freeze!
  • Aftershock!
  • Rebound!

Healing Ability:

Get Rid of the Pain!


All items should be of the Ascended tier. You’ll want to make Hronk’s armor and make sure you have the necessary Magi stats. Backpieces and amulets, for example, should all have Precision, Vitality, and Healing.

Superior Rune of the Monk, with its support power and Healing +9 Agony Infusion, should be equipped to all of your Ascended gear and accessories.

DPS Raid Build

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  • Fire – Burning Precision – Overwhelming Power – Endless Flames
  • Bolt to the Heart – Air – Furious Winds – Raging Storm
  • Elements of Rage – Weaver – Superior Elements – Swift Revenge

Useful Skill:

  • Primordial Position
  • Storm Glyph Glyph Glyph Glyph Glyph
  • Blast of Arcane
  • Fiery Greatsword may be summoned.

Healing Ability:

Elemental Harmony Glyph


All of your armour should be from Zojja’s Ascended line, including your head, chest, and legs. Saphir’s Ascended line should be used for shoulder, hand, and foot armour. The Berserker stats, particularly Power, Precision, and Ferocity, should be applied to all accessories and backpieces. Your weapons should be a Sword and an offhand Dagger, both of which should be encrusted with the Superior Sigils of Force and Impact. For your armor and accessories, you’ll also need the Rune of the Scholar and Mighty 9+ Agony Infusions.


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  • Persisting Flames – Burning Precision – Burning Rage
  • Earth – Serrated Stones – Stone Strength – Stone Writing
  • Unstable Conduit – Harmonious Conduit – Transcendent Tempest – Tempest – Tempest – Tempest – Tempest – Tempest – Tempest – Tempest – Tempest

Skills that are useful:

In PvE, the Utility Skills are very interchangeable; you may utilize whatever makes the most sense to you, but these are the best.

  • The Fire Signet.
  • Embrace the Heat!
  • Elemental Power Glyph.
  • Elemental Glyph is a glyph that represents the elements.

Healing Ability:

Resoration Signet.


If you can’t achieve Legendary levels in a game, having Ascended gear is always the best choice, although it’s not required for PvE. You can also get by with the Exotic tier. Power, Precision, Condition Damage, and Expertise are the main things you’re looking for. A dagger and a warhorn, as well as a scepter warhorn with the Superior Sigils listed below, should be your weapons. Superior Sigils of Bursting and Smoldering are two superior sigils. Superior Rune of the Elementalist should be your runes.

The “guild wars 2 elementalist stats ” is a build that has been used in the game for quite some time. The build is very good, and has been known to be one of the best builds for the class.

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