The Best Apps to Find a Job on Iphone and Android

Looking for a job is rarely a pleasure. Whether you’re out of business, or simply looking for a new opportunity to boost your career, searching from a mobile device is probably the best way to avoid missing out on a golden opportunity. There are many Free mobile applications that allow you to find offers that meet your expectations, and in some cases, to apply for jobs with a single click.

All the major players in the job market offer their own dedicated application with, for each one, practical functions such as saving ads, push alerts when new offers corresponding to your expectations have been posted, or the possibility of applying by directly submitting your registered profile on social networks


As simple as it is effective, Indeed has established itself as the reference Search Engine in the field of employment. Indeed is a real job leboncoin, with hundreds of thousands of job offers. The offers indexed on Indeed come mostly from job boards, recruiters, etc.. Some ads allow you to apply directly from the application, which also has the merit of being efficient in terms of pure search for ads.

Using a simple keyword or the title of the position you are looking for, it is possible to display the results by limiting the search radius around a location or city, but also according to the type of contract. Ads can be sorted by relevance or by date, and the application takes care of sending you push notifications as soon as new offers have been posted. Finally, if you have an international vision of employment, you should be happy because Indeed is available in France, but also in many other countries around the world.

The + :

+ Sober interface

+ Ease of use

+ Quantity of proposed results

The – :


Download Indeed for Android (Free)

Download Indeed for iPhone (Free)


Glassdoor is probably the application with the most tools for those looking for a new professional opportunity. The application is built around an intuitive interface that allows you to launch a search very easily. There are several possibilities since Glassdoor offers not only to look for a job, but also to look for information about companies and the interviews and salaries that are generally practised there.

All searches made in Glassdoor can be saved so that you can view them again at your convenience. In addition to detailed job offers, the application offers candidates the opportunity to better target their search. For each ad consulted, it is indeed possible to access detailed information on the recruiter, to obtain a range of salaries practiced there (information provided by former employees), but also and above all, to consult the employees’ criticisms.

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Glassdoor obviously allows you to apply for an offer from within the application and even offers you the opportunity to closely follow the companies that interest you. You can also consult all the job offers published by the same company, and benefit from suggestions of new companies to follow, related to your requests.

The + :

+ Intuitive interface and operation

+ Accessibility to a wide range of company information

+ Possibility to import a CV (PDF, word, etc.)

The – :

– Not enough filters for searches

– No follow-up on applications

– No profile import from a professional social network

Download Glassdoor for Android (Free)

Download Glassdoor for iPhone (Free)

If you don’t already have a profile on LinkedIn, a professional social network the LinkedIn Job Search application may be the perfect solution. And for good reason, the latter not only allows you to search for job offers, but also and above all to apply in a few seconds to the ads you’ve found. The application is directly linked to your LinkedIn profile on which you have filled in your experiences, thus freeing you from the tedious task of creating and formatting a classic CV, especially if your creative skills are limited.

LinkedIn Job Search obviously allows you to save the advertisements that interest you, but it also displays the word “seen” next to the offers you have already consulted and keeps a history of the applications that have already been sent.

The + :

+ Possibility to apply directly with your LinkedIn profile

+ Advertisement presentation interface

+ History of searches, ads seen and applications sent

The – :

– Insufficient filtering options (e.g. cannot filter by contract)

Download LinkedIn Job Search for Android (Free)

Download LinkedIn Job Search for iPhone (Free)

My Jobs Pôle Emploi offers

While the pôle emploi does not always have a good reputation for its efficiency, the new application dedicated to job search, Mes Offres Pôle Emploi (there is another one to manage access to your personal space) is a real success The application is not limited to ads posted on the Pôle emploi website and also displays the offers available on partner websites. The use of the application is trivial and allows you to perform a search with advanced parameters, as on the site. You can launch a search by directly entering a keyword, the title of a position, but also the ROME code.

Searches can be launched on several locations at the same time and it is possible to filter the results according to the type of contract desired. The ads that catch your attention the most can of course be saved, as can your various searches. A good point to quickly consult the latest available ads.

The + :

+ Clear interface

+ Numerous search options

+ Possibility or not to display partners’ job offers

The – :

– Impossibility to apply by submitting a CV registered on the Pôle Emploi website.

Download My Jobs Pole Jobs for Android (Free)

Download My Jobs Pole Job Offers for iPhone (Free)


If at first glance one is more likely to use Leboncoin to sell the unused car seat of one’s offspring than to look for a job, the site specialized in classified ads is also one of the most used to look for a job locally.

The application has the merit of an ultra simple interface that most users already master perfectly since all searches are done in the same way. With each search Leboncoin adapts the available filters. To search for job offers, it is possible, in addition to entering keywords, to choose the type of contract, the sector of activity, the function, the level of experience, the level of education, and the desired working time.

Excluding the functions for creating a profile or importing a CV, Leboncoin goes straight to the point and offers what the user is looking for: job advertisements. Ads that caught your attention can be saved, but it is not possible to apply directly to an offer as is done on other platforms.

The + :

+ Great ease of use of the application

+ Ultra-localized search

The – :

– No application possible since applicationDownload Leboncoin for Android (Free)

Download Leboncoin for iPhone (Free)


Like Indeed, JobiJoba is a Search Engine that indexes thousands of job offers posted on various sites. The main positive point of the application is its simple interface that goes straight to the point: job title and location. However, it is possible to deepen your search by adding more criteria such as the type of contract desired, the age of the ad, or the maximum search perimeter.

At first startup the application asks you to log in via a JobiJobaaccount, Facebook or LinkedIn so that you can keep your search preferences. It is a pity, however, that the CV JobiJoba (which can be entered from the site) is not directly filled in with your profile information. It is also regretted that the display of the various ads is done via a web browser that links directly to the partner site. A complete reformatting of the ad with a link to the source offer, as Indeed does, would probably have been more convenient for the user.

The + :

+ Quantity of offers

+ Simplicity of search

The – :

– You must be logged in to start a search

– Automatic redirection to partner sites to post an offer

Download JobiJoba for Android (Free)

Download JobiJoba for iPhone (Free)


A specialized application for non-management job search, CornerJob focuses on local job search. The application takes care of geolocating you in order to propose you offers close to your home, within a radius of 5 km. To use it, you must register and fill in your CV manually before you can access the job offers.

All ads are displayed as a scrolling list, with a quick summary of the recruiter’s search and an application button for each job found. However, once you have pressed the button, there is no turning back. Therefore, you cannot withdraw your application for a job if your finger has accidentally squeezed the “Apply” button.

CornerJob logs all the jobs you have applied for in a dedicated tab. An internal messaging system is also available to enable you to contact the companies directly to ask them for any details about their offers.

The + :

+ Ultra-localized search

+ Specialized in the search for non-managerial jobs

+ Simplicity of applications

+ Easy contact via internal messaging

The – :

– Cannot cancel an application

– No import of already existing CVs

Download CornerJob for Android (Free)

Download CornerJob for iPhone (Free)


Monster has significantly upgraded its job search application. Adopting a Tinder-style system, it offers to quickly apply for an offer by swiping to the right or to move on to the next ad by swiping to the left. To create your profile, Monster offers the ability to connect to a Facebook account or create an account manually. The first solution will import all the professional information entered in your profile, while the second will have to be done manually. However, the application allows you to import an existing CV that you could have stored on an online service. Too bad, importing a CV from a professional social network like LinkedIn or Viadeo is not planned.

Monster keeps a history of all applications made since the application. You can also follow their progress, and save interesting announcements to view again later. Finally, Monster integrates an instant messaging system that allows you to get in touch directly with the companies you’re applying to.

If Monster offers jobs based on your profile, it is unfortunate that the filtering options are not more extensive, as the application does not allow you to filter jobs based on contract type. On the downside, once the first ads that match your profile are posted, Monster suggests offers that are sometimes far from what you’re looking for. Finally, finding an offer that you would have mistakenly passed is a true path of the cross.

The + :

+ Easy to send an application

+ Possibility to import an existing CV

+ Ease of use

The – :

– Not enough search filters

– Unable to retrieve a past offer

– Lack of relevance of the results once the first ads have been posted

Download Monster for Android (Free)

Download Monster for iPhone (Free)

Employment Framework

The site specialized in job search for executives and managers has its own mobile application Cadremploi offers just over ten thousand job offers throughout France, aimed at a targeted audience. The integrated Search Engine not really practical to use, only allows you to fill in your search preferences based on the elements pre-registered in the app.

Fortunately, it is possible to refine your search by adding one or more keywords. The results can then be presented in the form of a list, or as a carousel where you scroll through the advertisements with the possibility, if an offer has caught your attention, to apply from within the application. 

The + :

+ Targeted offers

The – :

– Intuitive search

– Relatively few offers in the face of competition

Download Cadremploi for Android (Free)

Download Cadremploi for iPhone (Free)


Clearly playing the card of modernity, Kudoz offers you to consult job offers and to like them or pass them anonymously. A true Job Tinder, the application takes care of retrieving your complete CV from LinkedIn to which it asks you to connect. Once your profile is imported, the application allows you to fine-tune it by manually entering your information.

The quotations offered are displayed individually, and you must pass them manually to display the next ones. All actions performed (like, pass, apply, etc.) are kept in the “In progress” tab, allowing you to view again an offer that you have accidentally passed. Rejected offers are then stored in the archive dedicated to them. The more you use Kudoz, the more the job offers it offers are in adequacy with your research. The application uses a matching algorithm to ensure relevant results.

A tap on an offer allows you to view the details of the advertisement and, should you be interested, to apply quickly. And this is where Kudoz shows innovation. Just like a jobdating where you only have a few minutes to convince a recruiter, Kudoz offers you to send a short message to apply, and you will have to be concise to hope to convince recruiters via the 140 characters (only!) at your disposal.

The + :

+ CV import via LinkedIn

+ Ease of use

+ Easy application

The – :

– No possibility to display several offers on the same page

– Not enough offers available

Download Kudoz for Android (Free)

Download Kudoz for iPhone (Free)


The simplest and most convenient application to use for job search is undoubtedly Indeed. We appreciate the simplicity of the interface and the great ease of use of the service, which is reminiscent of the model adopted by Leboncoin, but also its ability to bring together very diverse offers. Searches are automatically kept in a history displaying the number of new offers available for each of them. Couple this with the ability to share your CV on the site but also the opportunity to access job offers abroad, and you get the essential application for your job search.

You can add a string to your bow with Glassdoor. Offering a wide range of job offers, the application allows you to see exactly where you are about to set foot by providing access to information about companies that you wouldn’t find elsewhere: employee reviews and reviews, average salaries and detailed company information that allows you to make a first opinion before sending a possible application.

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