The Best Applications to Manage Your Shopping Lists

Forget the post-it, today using your smartphone is much more convenient. Here is our selection of the best applications to manage a shopping list, and eventually share it.

Writing a shopping list can easily save money by avoiding temptation and reducing the time spent wandering through the aisles. So it’s a good habit to get into that saves time and money. Nowadays, the smartphone is the ideal companion for this task: it allows you to avoid wasting ink and paper, to easily reuse lists and above all to be able to share them to complete them with several people.

Bring! The Favourite

The Bring application is quite simply the editor’s favorite! It goes a little further than a simple shopping list, since it also allows you to see the offers of several brands such as Auchan, Franprix or Picard. It is also a good application to easily create lists and share them with household members or colleagues at work.

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Bring is also able to manage recurring lists, or to directly propose recipes, whose ingredients can easily be added to the list. It is therefore a free and very complete application that Bring offers.


The Listonic application goes straight to the point. Lists are created and products are added, either manually or among suggestions, and the essentials are there: milk, bread, tomatoes, toilet paper, etc. When you start shopping, simply tick each item added to the shopping cart. It is also possible to indicate the price of each item to estimate a total.

The use of an account is not mandatory unless you intend to share your lists with other accounts. The application is free, but displays ads. It is possible to pay a subscription to delete them.

A simple note-taking application

You may not want to have an application completely dedicated to shopping lists. In this case, the simplest way is to use a note-taking application.

Google Keep

Google Keep has been designed to easily replace the famous post-it to the point of taking back the famous yellow color. The service is therefore particularly suitable for drawing up a shopping list. The service is available on mobile and on the web, and allows easy sharing between friends.


If you want to manage a shopping list very easily, using a free, easy to use and totally open sourceapplication, then SimpleNote is for you. This application goes to the essentials, is available both on Android and iOS, but also on Windows, Linux and macOS.

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