The Account is Good: Breaking Bad

This week we tackle a series that has been hailed by critics and viewers alike. Breaking Bad !


8.6 average on IMDb and the series reaches the record score of 9.4 for the last season with a peak of 10 out of 10 for the episode “Ozymanias”. 


This is the number of Bitch pronounced by Jesse Pinkman between season 1 and season 5.


That’s the highest score ever on Metacritic. As a result, Breaking Bad now sits atop the Guinness Book of Records.

10.3 million

The final of the series drew 10.3 million people in front of their television screens. Record also for downloads since 500,000 were counted, 12 hours after the episode was posted on the web.

9000 %

If there are some to whom the final of the series benefited it is the Badfinger group with their title Baby Blue. The song has been booming on Spotify. The site recorded a streaming gain of 9000% for the title following the broadcast of the episode.

80 000 000

Walter White’s estimated fortune This figure comes from a bonus video broadcast by the production that teaches us how to hide $80,000,000 in the desert. However, according to some fans, the figure is only 50,000,000.


One season alone is how long Jesse Pinkman should have been on the show. Indeed, the character played by Aaron Paul was due to appear at the end of the first season. It was the creator of the series, Vince Gilligan, who made the decision to save him, and luckily!


If you’re just at the beginning of the series, I suggest you move on to the next number. Seven is the number of characters murdered by Walter White over the course of the season. The drug dealer Emilio Koyama, Domingo Molina, aka Krazy 8, two dealers, two of Gus and Mike’s henchmen, shot in the stomach.


For the end of the series, Sony has set up an auction with different items. Among other things, Walter White’s underwear for $250. The pot of Los Pollos was on sale for $150 and the pink bear for $1,500.

$3 million

That’s the price of each episode to be produced.


We’re still in the money on Bryan Cranston’s salary per episode. As much to say that Malcolm’s former father is doing well, especially when we know that the show has 62 episodes. We’ll let you do the math.


Walter White had to change his windshield four times. No luck on his car. Fortunately, it is replaced by a big badass car later in the series.


This is the date on which Bryan Cranston should publish his memoirs on Breaking Bad certainly, but also on his entire acting career. We’re looking forward to it!

And for those who have been depressed since the end of the series, don’t forget that a spin-off is coming soon on the story of Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul).

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